A Vine Grove cat has an unusual hobby — riding horses.

Lora Corbit said her cat, Pixie, has been riding horses on the family farm, with or without a saddle, for a couple of months.

Pixie is about a year old.

“She’s just the sweetest-natured cat and loves attention,” Corbit said. “Pixie is just so happy all the time.”

Corbit noticed Pixie’s love for horses after placing her on a pony. When Pixie sits on anything resembling a horse she’ll just happily lie and rubs her paws on the back of the horse in a kneading motion.

“Even if it’s just a saddle sitting on a saddle rack, she lies down and starts purring instantly.”

Not long ago, the cat was on a horse and Corbit walked off to help with a cow. When Corbit came back, the cat still was happily lying on the horse.

Pixie will ride around on the horse, sometimes with a rider, sometimes by herself.

At times, Pixie would rather stay under the porch. Thursday night, Pixie, in typical cat style, didn’t feel like riding and decided to stay underneath the porch instead of coming out in the cold drizzle.

Most of Corbit’s pets are rescues. The farm has horses, cows, goats, pigs, a miniature horse, a donkey, dogs and cats.

Somehow, Corbit said, the family winds up with rescued cats and they’ll fix them and care for them, she said.

“We didn’t mean to do rescue work and we don’t mean to do rescue work, but many animals are rescues,” she said.

There’s a wooden play structure in the backyard originally intended for children, but the cats use it as a massive cat tower, she said.

Pixie isn’t the only animal on the farm with a unique skill or hobby. There are pigs trained to sit, a pug that likes to ride a four-wheeler and another dog that gets on a float to move around the pool.

Since Corbit often has animals with human-like traits, a cat that rides a horse wasn’t strange.

“It’s pretty normal compared to what some of our other animals do,” she said.

When she tells people about her cat riding horses, she said they don’t seem surprised because of stories she’s told about other animals. Most are more surprised the pigs are trained to sit, she said.

She put photos and videos of the cat riding on social media for those who may not believe her.

“All of our animals are quirky like us,” she said. “All of our animals are unique and we like it that way.”

Becca Owsley can be reached at 270-505-1740 or bowsley@thenewsenterprise.com.

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