The following property transfers are listed on deeds filed at the Hardin County Clerk’s Office in Elizabethtown. FMV means fair market value and typically is based upon assessed taxable value.

Walter Jaggers to Kayla Kittinger, Vickie Kittinger and Kurtis Kittinger, Section 6, Lot 213, Ashton Park Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $250,000.

Brooks Collins to Seth and Jessica Knotts, 6.461 acres known as Lot 4, Cricket Run Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $425,000.

Taylor Revocable Living Trust to JSM Inc., property off West Vine Street, Radcliff, $47,900.

Jason and Alisha Duncan to Kenneth Spangenberger, Lot 10, Battle Heights Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $31,000.

Richard Dale Carnes and Maria D. Carnes to Good Faith Properties LLC, 125 Vineland Parkway, Vine Grove, $212,000.

Kerry J. and Cheryl E. Motes to Jeffrey Carson, Section 5, Lot 111, Freeman Meadows Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $227,000.

Bourbon City Investment Group LLC to Bryan Joseph Smith and Siena Rose Smith, Lot 31, Deborah Estates, Glendale, $269,999.

Estate of Beulah Atterberry to Derek L. and Jesica Taul, Section 1, Lot 1A, Lynnwood Estates, Elizabethtown, $220,000.

Joyce Augustine to Paul and Carla Chambliss, 14153 St. John Road, Rineyville, $165,000.

Estate of Gerald G. Howard to Austin Gage Wilson, 384 Carriewood Drive, Cecilia, $127,000.

Ruth and William Goodman to Jeremy B. and Donna Goodman, 29 acres at 807 Tunnel Hill Road, Elizabethtown, love and affection. FMV: $232,400.

Michael L. and Melissa Davis to Donald P. French and Shaundtay Cusack French, 413 S. Mill St., Vine Grove, $146,000.

David G. and Connie Thomas to Property Sense LLC, Section 2, Lot 249, Grandview Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $87,500.

Latitude Builders LLC to Austin S. and Jennifer L. Wright, 201 Marian Court, Elizabethtown, $360,000.

Larry Long to Robert Swann Jr. and Jean Ann Hardin, 412 Locust St., Vine Grove, $70,000.

Mark Harris Construction Inc. to David C. Lai, Section 1, Lot 80, The Landings Subdivision, Vine Grove, $301,000.

Hardin County Properties Inc. to Pike and Tucker LLC, 641 Westport Road, Elizabethtown, $575,000.

Brent T. and Mollie M. Thompson to Reginald F. Thomas and Jeanette Alexandria Martin, 507 Richmond Court, Elizabethtown, $349,900.

David F. Schofield Sr. and Phyllis D. Masterson to Michael Cody Alvey and Devin Layne Alvey, 18.82 acres at 9264 Battle Training Road, Elizabethtown, $325,000.

Travis McMillen to Christina McMillen, property of Ky. 447 at DeNada Lane, $50,000.

DuPlessis Properties LLC to Kate E. DuPlessis, 606 Dogwood Drive, Elizabethtown, $159,500.

Richard Kennus Preston and Marjorie Alane Preston to Jayson and Leslie P. Meredith, 77.217 acres off Monin Lane, Glendale, $424,600.

Country Crossroads Investments LLC to Titus L. and Jessica M. Pierce, 523 Georgetown Road, Elizabethtown, $149,900.

Estate of Luther P. Mitchell to Linda C. Gonzalez, 3028 Garry Court, Radcliff, $144,000.

Patrick and Benesia A. Magill to Christopher S. Tate and Anthony J. Piaskowy, Lot 6B, Applewood Subdivision, Radcliff, $170,000.

Citizen Union Bank of Shelbyville Inc. to SRPG Elizabethtown LLC, 2.1922 acres off U.S. 62 and Black Branch Road, $450,000.

Stephanie and Joshua Marshall to Deborah Sue Renneisen, Section 2, Lot 167, Grandview Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $136,776.

TC Construction LLC to Britton Michael Elmore and Rebecca L. Elmore, 12366 Salt River Road, Eastview, $206,000.

Estate of Eleonore Musick to Ross S. Corbett, Section 2, Lot 22, Plantation Park, Elizabethtown, $17,050.

J&C Eaton LLC to Nicholas Hall, 20 Trooper Hill Road, Rineyville, $129,800.

Keith R. and Hyunhee J. Kruelski to Ernest J. and Latina M. Barrowes, Section 6, Lot 226, Lavista Estates, Rineyville, $315,000.

Will Harris Homes LLC to Ryan T. Walker, Lot 6, Still Meadows Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $109,000.

Estate of Don L. Riggs to Randall C. Ward Jr., undivided one-half interest in 302 Riggs Lane, Upton, $16,000.

Donya Leeann Walters to Randall C. Ward Jr., undivided one-half interest in 302 Riggs Lane, Upton, $16,000.

Gregory E. and Drendy S. Summers to Michael and Jeanne Gibson, Section 1, Lot 5, Deer Field Estates, Elizabethtown, $272,500.

Teddy W. and Kimberly N. Darnall to John G. and Brittany Loyall, Section 5, Lot 125, Freeman Meadows Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $250,000.

Carl H. and Wanda J. Edwards to Charley and Karen House, 0.57 acres off Ky. 86, Cecilia, $25,000.

Mary Karen Fentress-Riggs and Danny Howard Riggs to Robert L. Estrada, Lot 11, Windsor Forest Subdivision, Radcliff, $65,000.

Dorothy L. Rayls to Harvey H. Rayls Jr., 716 Knox Ave., Vine Grove, love and affection. FMV: $81,900.

Thu Thuy T. Dang, Doan Trang T. Dang, Hien X. Pham and Khoi Minh Hoang to Redhawk 131 LLC, 131 Red Hawk Drive, Vine Grove, $130,500.

Estate of Mark Allen to Charles R. and Lena M. Paskovics, Unit 24C, Country Club Golf Homes, Elizabethtown, $310,000.

Jeremy K. and Nicole M. Wiggins to Archie T. Groves Jr. and Shannon R. Groves, Section 1, Lot 4, Rolling Oaks Subdivision, Radcliff, $154,900.

Estate of Laura Kathleen McCamish to Dominic and Yvette D. McCamish, 1534 Rogers St., Radcliff, $121,000.

Mik Sook Farrar and Albert Farrar to Francis and Crystal Lynn Miller, Lot 12, Rainbow Village Subdivision, Radcliff, $157,000.

Judy D. Sims and Sherri Thompson Alvey, Section 1, Lot 54, Norwood Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $130,000.

Robert Douglas Wheelhouse and Peggy Cynthia Wheelhouse to Donald J. and Meagan Holl, Section 2, Lot 30, Fernwood Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $475,000.

Wayman D. and Betty J. Cowherd Family Living Trust to Steven Christopher Brown and Cynthia Brown, Lot 24, Forest Springs Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $495,000.

Lewis C. Sloan to Thomas and Andrea Clements Living Trust, Section 2, Lots 4 and 5, Sloan Subdivision, Radcliff, $168,000.

Patsy L. Nugent to John H. Powell Jr., approximately four acres off Salt River Road, Big Clifty, no monetary consideration. FMV: $5,000.

Brittany Brashear to Tristan S. and Marissa Higgie, Section 1, Lot 24, Lexington Hills Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $183,000.

Karl J. and Jayne S. Crum to Edward Lee Taylor and Allison D. Taylor, 399 Ridgeway Drive West, Elizabethtown, $319,000.

Estate of Norman Edgar Bair to Brittany Brashear, Lot 38, Presidential Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $235,000.

Jeannette and Donald Gray to David and Laura Setters, Section 3, Lot 14, Pearman Manor, Radcliff, $154,000.

Christopher W. and Megan L. Arnold to Roger A. Mahoney, property off Elizabethtown-Glendale Road, $129,500.

Travis A. Goodwin, Rebecca Goodwin and Adam M. Perry to Chrisa Lynn Perry, three tracts off U.S. 31W, $195,000.

William E. and Linda F. Hall to Jane P. Tabacchi, 24B Golf View Court, Elizabethtown, $262,500.

Kimberly Denice Thompson to Susan Hernandez Deida, Section 2, Lot 67, Heatherfield Estates, Radcliff, $166,000.

W. Russell and Paula E. Strange to Benjamin S. and Catherine L. Riggs, Lots 32, 35 Fernwood Subdivision and adjacent acreage, Elizabethtown, $185,000.

Michael W. Davidson to Derrick and Bethany Board, Section 2, Lots 132-134, Heatherfield Estates, Rineyville, $75,000.

Matthew Patrick O’Neill and Rachel O’Neill to Little Red Hen Enterprises LLC, 417 Deer Lake Road, Elizabethtown, $400,000.

Adrian Jose Cano and Liezl Tero Cano to Carolyn Sue Alkinani and Asaad Abdulrazak Alkinani, Lot 11, Forbes Place, Elizabethtown, $335,000.

Anna Marie Keen to Williams Raymond Ward Jr., 2.68 acres off Duvall Lane, Cecilia, $7,000.

Stanley and Lisa Kimbrell to Justin and Catherine Marie McVaney, Section 2, Lot 11, Avantgarde Estates, Elizabethtown, $260,000.

Jerone and Brenda Hayes to Jerone Hayes, 1148 Sherwood Drive, Radcliff, nominal consideration. FMV: $257,500.

Greenwell Real Estate LLC to Josh Brooks and Olivia Day Brooks, 409 N. Miles St., Elizabethtown, $270,000.

Alan Wesley Belfiore and Margaret R. Belfiore to Jerry McCoy, Tract 5, Mays Run Subdivision, Meredith Road, Rineyville, $30,000.

Estate of Freddie Lamar Vowels to Martha Vowels, Section 3, Lot 26, Park Place Estates, Vine Grove, $160,000.

James Lloyd Newton and Melissa Ann Newton to Jordan Leffler, Lot 77, Airview Estates, Elizabethtown, $100,000.

Roman Catholic Bishop of Louisville Corp. to Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Parcel 29, Tract A, North Miles Street and West Poplar Street, Elizabethtown, $11,500.

Abby M. Modrowski, Amy Ballard and Russell Ballard to Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, easement deed, Parcel 31, Tract A, North Miles Street at East Poplar Street, Elizabethtown, $1,500.

Walter William Keen Jr. and Genevieve Keen to Sean Schlachter, 508 Conroe Drive, Radcliff, $165,000.

Dawn and Danniel Shelby to Cherline Jeanty, Section 3, Lots 12A-B, Woods Hollow Subdivision, Radcliff, $205,000.

Double B Properties LLC to Dawn and Danniel Shelby, Section 3, Lot 44, Creek Vale Subdivision, Vine Grove, $30,000.

Lawrence and Betty French Revocable Living Trust to T&S Simmons Inc., 1527 Yorkshire Drive, Elizabethtown, $335,000.

Paige S. Strader and Dillon C. Swank to Sanchez A. Hughes, 385 Tunnel Hill Road, Elizabethtown, $170,500.

Earl E. Hart to Earl E. Hart Property Trust, two tracts totaling 42.46 acres off Leitchfield Road, valuable consideration. FMV: $300,000.

Richard and Deborah Lynn Gray to Melanie H. Mathis, Lot 2, Ashton Village, Radcliff, $200,000.

Scott R. Shantal and Martha E. Carter to Kevin Cruz, 208 Scarlet Ave., Radcliff, $220,900.

Dennis Lee Conner and Jin Conner to Deron L. Bell, Lot 1A, Applewood Subdivision, Radcliff, $165,000.

Steve L. and Roberta Gibson to PCM Properties LLC, Lot 5D-8A Lincoln Parkway Industrial Center, Elizabethtown, $290,000.

Master Commissioner to Kentucky Housing Corp., 6959 Valley Creek Road, Elizabethtown, $82,519.

Mena Ghali Mekaiel and Marwa Khalil to SFR3 030 LLC, 306 Central Ave., Elizabethtown, $114,000.

Jennifer S. Ford to Joshua R. and Shelby L. Armstrong, 123 Innsbrooke Court North, Elizabethtown, $270,000.

Theresa Julia Reesor to James Jacob Lucas Jr., Section 1, Lot 40, Blackburn Estates, Rineyville, love and affection. FMV: $11.500.

Josephine P. Plant to Bradley Alan Plants, 400 Lakeshore Drive, Elizabethtown, love and affection. FMV: $85,500.

John Elmer Peeler and Diane T. Peeler to Julian Gonzalez-Flores and Eugenia Canales-Morcos, 103 Chicory Place, Radcliff, $110,000.

Alberto Moreno to IAM Rentals LLC, Unit 61, Colonial Heights Development, Radcliff, no monetary consideration. FMV: $63,000.

Alberto Moreno to IAM Rentals LLC, Lots 5, 5A, 6, 6A, 7, 7A, 8 and 8A, Rogers Subdivision, Radcliff, no monetary consideration. FMV: $176,000.

Mary Allard to Myles Uhey, Tract 2, Lot 45, Helmwood Heights Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $215,000.

Lawrence M. and Sherry L. Byrnes to Vicki Lynn Schraub, Block 5, Lots 1-4, Skyline Heights Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $160,000.

Julian Gonzales-Flores and Eugenia Canales-Morcos to Eureka Ventures LLC, 253 University Drive, Radcliff, formation of business. FMV: $320,000.

John and Tammy Buckman to Christopher S. and Edna J. Allen, property off Church Street, Vine Grove, $4,000.

Suzette Hatcher to Tammy Crewz, Lot 1, God’s Little Acre Subdivision, $25,000.

Estate of Ashton Demone Fitzgerald to Angel Arnaldo Alvarez and Melinda D. Alvarez, 100 and 102 S. Osprey Court, Vine Grove, $255,000.

Elam R. and Orpha F. Gingerich to Miranda and Johnathan Ritter, 1012 St. John Road, Elizabethtown, $240,000.

CCD Knox Properties LLC to Harold Dennis Sr., Lot 204, The Woods @ Atcher, Radcliff, $135,000.

Melissa Marie Lawlee and Timothy John Lawlee to Thomas M. Orlowski, Section 1, Lot 50, Heatherfield Estates, Radcliff, $152,000.

Mary Catherine McGuffey to Joe E. and Linda K. Pearman, property off Logsdon Parkway, Radcliff, $25,000.