The following property transfers are listed on deeds filed at the Hardin County Clerk’s Office in Elizabethtown. FMV means fair market value and typically is based upon assessed taxable value.

 Greg L. and Cheri John­son to Harvey L. and Karen G. Johnson, undivided one-half interest in 9.854 acres off Sonora-Hardin Springs Road, Glendale, $20,000.

 Greg L. and Cheri John­son to Harvey L. and Karen G. Johnson, undivided one-half interest in 11.678 acres off Sonora-Hardin Springs Road, Glendale, $112,500.

 Anthony T. and Lauren B. Candela to Benjamin Clark Edwards, Section 2, Lot 40, Frank­lin Heights Subdivision, Eliza­bethtown, $120,000.

 Elisa C. Carrion to Mar­tin O. Carrion, 1899 Preston St., Radcliff, valuable consideration. FMV: $51,800.

 Sarah Leigh Howard and Gregory Shane Howard to Anthony Thomas Candela and Lauren Brooke Candela, Lot 2, Lakeview Estates, Eliza­beth­town, $300,000.

 Maurice H. Berger, Cyn­thia Ann Smith and Knuppen­burg Realty Kentucky LLC to C.A. House Inc., Lot 29, Air­view Subdivision, Eliza­beth­town, $130,000.

 Elizabethtown Rentals LLC to 5 Points Realty LLC, 530 Bellwood Drive, Elizabeth­town, $350,000.

 Randy Hart to Tony and Kelly Lawson, 95 Pence Lane, Big Clifty, $20,000.

 Patrick Wade Arnold and Tiffany Arnold to Robert J. Furrer III, 252 House Lane, Elizabethtown, $196,000.

 Robert J. Morris Jr. to Adam and Christina Schei­ter, Lot 2, Whistling Oaks Sub­division, Glendale, $34,000.

 Deborah Sue Warf and Lee Olus Warf to Warf Prop­erty Group LLC, transferring 0.2333 undivided interest in multiple parcels off Leitchfield Road, Old U.S. 62 and Black Branch Road to personally owned corporation, no monetary consideration. FMV: $1,106,821.86.

 Mark Stillwell to Moshito Romans LLC, 1044 N. Main St., Elizabethtown, $85,000.

 Jay Akins Properties LLC to BDLN Holdings Group LLC, approximately 162 acres off Cann School Lane, $450,000.

 Genesis Solutions Inc. to Hailey Hege, property off Cedarcrest Drive, Vine Grove, $135,000.

 TC Construction LLC to Adam S. and Casey N. Hobbs, Lot 2, Paul-Lee Acres, Cecilia, $199,900.

 Chelsea B. and Darwin A. Perez to Garret Scott Ferguson and Andrea Burdell Ferguson, Section 2, Lot 35, Stoneybrook Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $187,904.

 Fox KHI LLC to Calvin Arnell Hunter and Brynn Hunt­er, Section 8, Lot 406, Vine­­land Park Subdivision, Vine Grove, $336,400.

 William Henry Amburn and Christina Amburn to Hazel Marie Patrowicz, Lot 7 and portions of two adjoining lots, W. Joe Thomas Sub­divi­sion, South Wilson Road, Rad­cliff, $120,000.

 John Scott Collins to Deb­ra Lee Collins Higgins, 1406 Mulberry St., West Point, love and affection. FMV: $11,700.

 John Scott Collins to Debra Lee Collins Higgins, 1408 Mulberry St., West Point, love and affection. FMV: $9,400.

 Vanessa Henshaw to Allen Michael Fron and Adline Jean Fron, Section 6, Lot 194, Hilltop Terrace Subdivision, Rad­cliff, $162,900.

 Edgar I. and Cathleen Carlisle to Robert W. King, property off South Wilson Road, Elizabethtown, $34,000.

 Virginia Troll and Jack L. Bacon to Jonathan and Cara Owens, 1.5 acres off Upper Coles­burg Road, Eliza­bethtown, $279,500.

 Mark Skees to Shelly A. Reynolds, 681 Red Hill Road, Vine Grove, $88,000.

 Estate of Betty Cox to Shelly A. Reynolds, 741 Red Hill Road, Vine Grove, $12,000.

 Megan Renee Burgin and Earl Burgin to Bradley and Leena Skees, 1550 Willow Way, Radcliff, $105,000.

 Gordon and Bernett Board Trust to Tony R. and Kelly M. Lawson, Section 2, Lots 7 and 8, Kaleb Square Sub­division, Eastview, $20,000.

 Gordon and Bernett Board Trust to Tony R. and Kelly M. Lawson, Section 2, Lots 9 and 10, Kaleb Square Subdivision, Eastview, $27,500.

 Deneen Properties LLC to Samuel and Patricia Myers, 515 Churchill Court, Eliza­beth­town, $148,500.

 Melanie Boggs to JSM Inc., Lot 13, Montgomery Add­i­tion, Vine Grove, $50,000.

 PennyMac Loan Services LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 1510 Hill St., Radcliff, nominal consideration. FMV: $107,887.14.

 Kristopher P. Teague, Meg­an Elizabeth Teague, Paula C. Spilman and Docky K. Ousley to Kristopher P. Teague and Megan Elizabeth Teague, 108 Sawgrass Ave., Vine Grove, nominal consideration. FMV: $323,800.

 Stephen and Laura Rod­key to Matthew Bryant Mc­Grew and Sarah Brittany DeLoach, Lot 4, Cann School Estates, Eastview, $168,500.

 Roy Adams to Joseph Marcel Williams and Milena Inez Williams, Section 1, Lots 11 and 12, Crestview Sub­division, Radcliff, $201,600.

 Larry L. and Denise K. Whiteman to David and Mar­gareta Poorman, 351 Grace­land Trail, Elizabethtown, $355,000.

 Deborah R. Thomas to Xavier and Nicole Hunt, Sec­tion 4, Lot 24, Sunset Sub­division, Elizabethtown, love and affection. FMV: $25,000.

 Estate of Gregory Paul Shircliff to Jeff Miles, 408 Tric­ia Lane, Elizabethtown, $176,000.

 Teddi Denise Gray to Avara Pettis-Herns and Tavon Herns, Phase II, Lot 109A, Highland Springs Subdivision, Vine Grove, $175,000.

 Alicia Pinkham to Teresa Harris, Section 5, Lot 103, Lakewood Park Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $90,000.

 DocVo Enterprise LLC to Petina Duncan, Section 2, Lot 30, Dunraven Place, Riney­ville, $352,500.

 Master Commissioner to Centennial Enterprises LLC, 349 Vineland Park Drive, Vine Grove, $270,000.

 Kerry Edwards to Teresa and Marek Hicks, 26.11 acres off Locust Grove Road, Eliza­bethtown, $440,000.

 Estate of Robert R. Hod­ges Sr. and Robert R. Hodges Jr. to Kimberly Ann Hatfield, 1214 Williamsburg Drive, Eliza­bethtown, $55,000 for one-half value to complete terms of will.

 Estate of Lottie Sue O’Neil to Patrick W. O’Neil, Thomas H. O’Neil, Daniel J. O’Neil, Frank J. O’Neil Jr. and Michael G. O’Neil, one-fifth undivided interest in two tracts off Lambert Lane, settling of estate. FMV: $80,000.

 Walter Terstegge to Walter Terstegge Living Trust, 229 Alumni Drive, Elizabethtown, nominal consideration. FMV: $185,000.

 McDonald’s Corp. to Ken­tucky Transportation Cab­i­net, easement deed for property at Sycamore and West Pop­lar streets, Elizabethtown, $1,600.

 Thomas R. Clark, Shari B. Clark, Chad M. Clark and Carol M. Clark to Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, property at Sycamore and West Poplar streets, Elizabethtown, $9,900.

 Pattman LLC to Ken­tuc­ky Transportation Cabinet, easement deed for property at Executive Drive and Commerce Drive, Eliza­beth­town, $4,400.

 Felicia McPhail-Evans and Julius Evans to Brian T. and Tiffany Anne Rector, 1355 Wingard Drive, Radcliff, $338,900.

 Dalton B. Campbell to Next Level Homes of KY LLC, 645 N. Mulberry St., Elizabethtown, $142,500.

 Scott Goodman and Christina Gilpin to Tori Hope Martin, 206 Fairview Drive, Elizabethtown, $130,000.

 James S. Williams and Whitney McGimsey to Genesis Solutions Inc., 311 Hardin St., Elizabethtown, $26,500.

 Carter M. King and Joe T. King Jr. to Kyle and Julie Hoisington, Section 1, Lot 95C, The Landings Subdivision, Vine Grove, $342,500.

 Kenneth and Celeste R. Richardson to Clifford and Joyce Newton, Lot 1A, Elm Place Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $54,000.

 Joshua Dean Burris and Amanda Vuleta Burris to Kayle G. Schaffield and Nathan Allen Schaffield, Section 2, Lot 44, Dunraven Place, Rineyville, $479,900.

 Silver Gate Properties LLC to Blue Ribbon Properties LLC, Section 5, Lot 99A, Ash­ton Park Subdivision, Eliza­bethtown, transfer from parent company to subsidiary. FMV: $39,500.

 Blue Ribbon Properties LLC to Walter Jaggers, Section 5, Lot 99A, Ashton Park Sub­­­­­divi­sion, Elizabethtown, $39,500.

 Jason C. and Elizabeth Ann Chang to Brandon and Niara Eans, Section 3, Lot 80, Country Side Terrace Sub­­division, Vine Grove, $257,000.

 AW Investments LLC to William Allen Brown, Lot 1, Berry Hill Estates, $40,000.

 Grover K. and Adrienne A. Berry to Robert and Brenda C. Clopton, Lot 2, Berry Hill Estates, $20,000.

 Grover K. and Adrienne A. Berry to Robert and Brenda C. Clopton, Lot 3, Berry Hill Estates, $20,000.

 Bluegrass Developers of Hardin County LLC to Central Kentucky Homes Inc., Section 9, Lot 228, Nicholas Ridge Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $45,000.

 Bluegrass Developers of Hardin County LLC to E-town Homes Inc., Section 9, Lot 248, Nicholas Ridge Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $45,000.

 Janice M. Stanton and Candy L. Ott to Shawn David Mick and Cynthia L. Mick, Lots 60 and 61, Royal Acres Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $279,000.

 Monty Gene Hobbs and Bonnie Ann Hobbs to Lawrence Teja McKiernan and Christine S. McKiernan, Section 1, Lot 7A, Hartland Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $392,000.

 Charles D. and Rosalie B. Totten to Sara Miller, Lot 2, Totten’s Acres, Elizabethtown, love and affection. FMV: $40,000.

 Lucky Acquisitions LLC to Anthony G.D. Willems, 2 Rihn Court, Elizabethtown, $132,900.

 Mark Harris Construction Inc. to Wilkins Family Contracting LLC, Section 1, Lots 44, 45, 52, 59, 60, 61, 62, 74A and 75A, The Landings Subdivision, Vine Grove, $292,500.

 Ricky G. LeMarr to Durham’s Properties LLC, 22.63 acres at 9100 St. John Road, Cecilia, $343,200.

 C. Rebecca and Danny Byers to Tanner Martin Harp and Cecile I. Pierret, Lot 14, Huffer Farm Subdivision, Rineyville, $485,000.

 Brandon and Karin Humphries to Alice and Donovan Todd, Lot 7, Boone Trace Subdivision, Rineyville, $270,000.

 Jennie Kathryn Short to Holden Ray Short and Natasha Nicole Short, Section 4, Lot 56, Mill Station Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $187,000.

 Aulbach Pence LLC to Patriot Enterprises LLC, 1511 S. Dixie Blvd., Radcliff, $900,000.

 Estate of Joseph C. Brown to Karla Marie Hiser and Jeremy A. Hiser, two adjacent parcels in Pleasant View Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $229,000.

 Michael P. and Katie Kru­ger to Breanna Paige Phillips and Jacob Arthur Phillips, Lot 4A, C.H. Craig Farm, Glen­dale, $184,500.

 Estate of Gerald Masters to Tommy V. Skaggs Sr. and Carolyn A. Skaggs, 611 Margot Ave., Elizabethtown, $132,000.

 James K. and Rita C. Ray to Robert W. Chalfant, Lot 41, Magnolia Forest Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $540,000.