The following property transfers are listed on deeds filed at the Hardin County Clerk’s Office in Eliza­beth­town. FMV means fair market value and typically is based upon assessed taxable value.

 Lonnie D. and Patricia C. Armstrong to Robert E. Borden, Section 11, Lot 163, Oak Valley Sub­di­vi­sion, Eliza­beth­town, $237,000.

 Philip Lafette Rich Jr. to Lonnie D. and Patricia C. Armstrong, Section 3, Lot 55A, Ashton Park Sub­di­vi­sion, Eliza­beth­town, $219,000.

 Carol Sue Farmer and Dennis C. Farmer to Julia Childress, Matt Childress, Charles T. Ryan and Suzanne Ryan, 3036 Bardstown Road, Eliza­beth­town, $243,000.

 Joyce Bennett to Bennett Works LLC, Section 2, Lot 22, Lincoln Hills Estates, Eliza­beth­town, $78,500.

 PCH Pro­per­ties Inc. to Kevin and Kimberly Whelan, property off south side of Brown Street, Vine Grove, $45,000.

 Richard and Sharon Hundley to SFR3-030 LLC, property off Vine Street, Rad­cliff, $68,500.

 Rin­ey­ville Mini Storage Inc. to Rin­ey­ville Mini Storage II LLC, 101 Sage Court, Rin­ey­ville, $320,000.

 Tanya S. and Rayfus Brady to Joshua Trinity Page and Kelly Marie Page, Section 1, Lot 19, University Estates, Eliza­beth­town, $165,000.

 News-Enterprise LLC to Landmark Community Newspapers LLC, multiple tracts in 400 block of West Dixie Avenue, Eliza­beth­town, no monetary consideration. FMV: $1.6 million. In subsequent transfers, property was deeded to LCN Holding LLC and later LCN Realty LLC.

 Kristal Marie Bracken and John Bracken to Makayla Storm Giles, Section 9, Lot 13B, Whispering Hills Sub­di­vi­sion, Rad­cliff, $90,000.

 Davy R. Chick and Sabrina Laiuppa-Chick to Connor R. and Cari A. Sanders, 84 Collinbrook Drive, Rin­ey­ville, $330,000.

 Kathryn Amanda Cleaver to Justin Rowe, Section 1, Lot 33, Woodlawn Acres, Rad­cliff, $159,900.

 Darrell and Peggy Ann Flowers to Scarlett R. and Birch Payton, Lots 1A and 1B, Hogue Acres, Eliza­beth­town, plus tract at intersection of Ky. 361 and Ky. 1600, Eliza­beth­town, $267,000.

 Murrell Homes LLC to Kenneth D. and Haeyon S. Wooldridge, 132 Carriage Hill Lane, Eliza­beth­town, $360,000.

 Will Harris Homes LLC to Jason Daniel Huber and Amber Therese Huber, Lot 39, Covington Ridge Sub­di­vi­sion, Eliza­beth­town, $319,000.

 Theodore and Marsha Senninger to Tracy A. and Stacey M. Wolfe, Section 2, Lot 26, Kendale Estates, Rad­cliff, $252,900.

 Premier Home Flips LLC to Matthew Garvin, Lot 33, Magnolia Point Development, Rad­cliff, $149,000.

 Mohammad J. Bolhassan and Olena Gavinska to Oscar Magana-Tamayo and Jessica Elizabeth Magana, 906 Chad Court, Rad­cliff, $185,000.

 Amanda K. and Marc Burd to William M. and Kristen Sloan, Lots 181 and 182, Oak Grove Manor Sub­di­vi­sion, Eliza­beth­town, $260,000.

 Fox Vista LLC to Fox KHI LLC, Section 9, Lot 302, Vineland Park Sub­di­vi­sion, Vine Grove, $40,500.

 Fox Vista LLC to Fox KHI LLC, Section 9, Lot 298, Vineland Park Sub­di­vi­sion, Vine Grove, $40,500.

 Fox Vista LLC to Fox KHI LLC, Section 9, Lot 300, Vineland Park Sub­di­vi­sion, Vine Grove, $40,500.

 Silver Gate Pro­per­ties LLC to CCP Eliza­beth­town 0787 LLC, Lot 1, Buford Farms Sub­di­vi­sion, $665,000.

 Allen G. and Rebecca Craig to S&R Homes LLC, 606 Oak Drive, Rad­cliff, $88,000.

 Will Harris Homes LLC to Theodore J. and Judith Dudek, 247B Harmony Way, Eliza­beth­town, $265,950.

 Audrey O. Boykin and Lisa J. Enriquez to Juston Pate, 29.537 acres off Red Mill Road, Eliza­beth­town, $615,000.

 Joseph Paul Moodt and Angela Patrice Moodt to Kyra L. and Christian A. Sharp, 110 Brook­side Court, Eliza­beth­town, $375,000.

 Larry Phillips, Linda Phillips and Will Harris Homes LLC to Lee and Kari Evans, Lot 14, Still Meadows Estates, Eliza­beth­town, $89,000.

 Jeffery and Susan C. Liv­ingston to Alexis Ann Marie Tomblin, 457 Smith St., Rad­­cliff, $154,000.

 Ryan Joseph Spann and Elizabeth Spann to Karanpreet Bajwa and Shaunak Vairagare, Section 1, Lot 6, Wexford Place Sub­di­vi­sion, Eliza­beth­town, $429,900.

 Reuben E. Owens to Reu­ben E. and Rebecca M. Owens, 2742 Glendale-Hod­gen­ville Road, Glendale, $126,200.

 Briney Pro­per­ties LLC to Blas Castro Inc., Section 1, Lot 75, Rolling Acres Sub­di­vi­sion, Vine Grove, $28,000.

 Green Enterprises of Ken­t­­ucky LLC to John and Orla Miller, Lot 1, UM Sub­di­vi­sion off Mason Road, $15,000.

 Douglas and Donna K. Reed to Ivie Me Lally, Section 1, Lot 12, Ranch Hollywood Sub­di­vi­sion, Cecilia, $25,000.

 Sean Cofer and Dana Redmond to Norman H. and Rebecca Bell, Lot 25, Crystal Ridge Sub­di­vi­sion, Rad­cliff, FMV: $280,000.

 O’Bryan and Associates LLC to Mark Harris Con­struc­tion Inc., 11 lots in Section 1, The Landings, Vine Grove, at $32,000 each. Total: $352,000.

 Alfonso Guillermo De La Garza and Laura De La Garza to Zenon and Jill Zacharyj, Section 2, Lot 26, Bridlegate Estates, Rin­ey­ville, $280,000.

 Joel R. and Diane M. Cushing to Matthew M. and Lori S. Beck, Section 6, Lot 449, Vineland Park Sub­di­vi­sion, Vine Grove, $375,000.

 Patrick W. Henn and Nicole Lebean to Stone Mark Enterprises LLC, Section 5, Lot 117, Shadow Creek Estates, Eliza­beth­town, $235,000.

 T.C. Construction LLC to Joseph D. and Mindy Curtis, Lot 55A, Ambrook Estates, Cecilia, $213,500.

 Virginia A. Drake to Kolette Harris and Robert Har­ris, undivided one-half interest in 25.2 acres off Salt River Road, Eastview, love and affection. FMV: $12,500.

 Daniel and Carollyne Moreno to Ellen Irene Lyn­inger, Section 1, Lot 52, Nic­ho­las Ridge Sub­di­vi­sion, Eliza­beth­town, $210,000.

 Rebecca Tonietti to An­drea Kathryn Tonietti, 407 Smith Mill Road, Glendale, $200,000.

 David H. Wise to Seth and Naomi Carter, Lot 3, David’s Way Estates, Versailles Drive, Rin­ey­ville, $110,000.

 Harley Ramsey Miller Trust to K&B Pro­per­ties E-town LLC, 112 Junell St., Eliza­­beth­town, $96,800.

 David A. and Christina M. Glascock to David and Cheryl D. Barbee, 7911 Rin­ey­ville Road, Rin­ey­ville, $315,000.

 Estate of Peggy A. Still­well to Wendy Erickson, Vel­vett Miller, Angela Stillwell Murphy, Dewey L. Stillwell Jr. and Debra Stillwell, 3.73 acres off U.S. 62, fulfilling terms of will. FMV: $52,000.

 David V. and Shelley D. Rose to Matthew Alan Sefcovic and Catherine Alexandra Sefcovic, Section 2, Lot 22, Monterey Sub­di­vi­sion, Eliza­beth­town, $35,000.

 Casey and Nathan Mit­chell to Vickie Aileen Harm and Jesse Waid Harp, 111 Front Nine Drive, Eliza­beth­town, $119,900.

 Todd N. and Sarah E. Vaughn to Carlos and Alena Perez, 117 Wakefield Drive, Eliza­beth­town, $340,000.

 Robert and Rose Newton to Justin Perez and Terri L. Routon, 365 N. Ridge Road, Eliza­beth­town, $235,000.

 Estate of Betty Jean Collins to Cynthia Ann Young, 1303 Elm St., West Point, fulfilling terms of will. FMV: $46,400.

 Estate of Betty Jean Col­lins to Cynthia Ann Young, 1301 Elm St., West Point, fulfilling terms of will. FMV: $13,600.

 Estate of Betty Jean Col­lins to Debra Lee Collins Higgins, 1410 Geoghegan St., West Point, fulfilling terms of will. FMV: $31,400.

 Estate of Betty Jean Collins to Donna Sue Collins Mahoney, 1115 Main St., West Point, fulfilling terms of will. FMV: $37,000.

 Estate of Betty Jean Col­lins to Wesley Dewayne Cook, 1404 Mulberry St., West Point, fulfilling terms of will. FMV: $12,700.

 Estate of Betty Jean Col­lins to John Scott Collins, 1406 Mulberry St., West Point, fulfilling terms of will. FMV: $11,700.

 Estate of Betty Jean Col­lins to John Scott Collins, 1408 Mulberry St., West Point, fulfilling terms of will. FMV: $9,400.

 Estate of Betty Jean Col­lins to Valerie Darlene Collins Harn, 1407 Geoghegan St., West Point, fulfilling terms of will. FMV: $39,900.

 Joe and Marlene Fales to Brian and Christina Fulton, 214 S. Miles St., Eliza­beth­town, $93,000.

 Justin Yates and Nancy Caroline Yates to Leah Deanne Sipes and Troy Lee Coogle, 3.75 acres off Coffman Road near Ky. 86, $175,000.

 Phillips Homes LLC to Julius W. Neely, Section 3, Lot 89, Summit Creek Sub­di­vi­sion, Eliza­beth­town, $314,312.15.

 Jeremy Mikesell, Amber Mikesell, Thomas Blocker and Belinda Blocker to David Bryan Borders, 101 W. War­field St., Eliza­beth­town, $35,000.

 Cowley Homes LLC to Sambriddhi Rimal Winkler and Christopher James Winkler, Section 3, Lot 54, Cowley Crossing, Churchill Terrace, Eliza­beth­town, $365,900.

 Gerald Richard Bie­lic­ki Jr. and Linsay Curtis Bie­lic­ki to Brandon and Lisa White­sell, 126 Boone Trace, Rad­cliff, $235,000.

 Phillip A. and Yasemin Lushin to Thomas E. and Cindra L. Wittman, Section 2, Lot 47, Chatsworth Estates, Eliza­beth­town, $625,000.

 Russell W. and Paul E. Strange to Billy Neagle Con­struction LLC, Section 3, Lot 39, Fernwood Sub­di­vi­sion, Eliza­­beth­town, $43,000.

 Akebono Brake Corp. and Ambrake Manufacturing Ltd. to Eliza­beth­town Building Group LLC, 4.08 acres at Sec­tion 4, Lot 1D, Hughes Commerce Center, Eliza­beth­town, $1.8 million.

 Allen L. and F. Delores Baugh Revocable Living Trust to Michael and Laura Highbaugh, Lot 1, Baugh Farm Estates, Sonora, $72,000.

 Ruby Moore Whalen to James S. Williams, Lots 15 and 16, Lincoln Addition, Eliza­beth­t­own, love and affection. FMV: $24,100.

 Robert Francis Walker Sr. to Emily Walker and Robert Francis Walker Sr., 360 Rin­ey­ville School Road, Rin­ey­ville, love and affection. FMV: $199,900.

 William David Boblitt and Brenda Boblitt to Joseph W. Sims, 303 Par Lane, Eliza­beth­town, $98,000.

 Dodd Caudill Jr. and Dawn Caudill to Sarah Flow­ers, 1059 Greenway Drive, Eliza­beth­town, $135,000.

 Tara L. and William W. Mahuron to Mary Britt, 220 Manley Ave., Vine Grove, $144,000.

 Robert Garlic to Ross S. Corbett, Section 2, Lot 47, Plantation Park, 2nd Street, Eliza­beth­town, $4,000.

 Christopher R. and Kassidy F. Casteel to Jarett M. Malone, 55 Gracie Mae Lane, Upton, $105,000.

 Robert M. and Jamie L. Reddick to Amanda Shackel­ford and Tyler Sallee, 1.67 acres off Star Mills-Eastview Road, Eastview, $195,000.

 Silver Gate Pro­per­ties LLC to Blue Ribbon De­velop­ment LLC, Section 5, Lots 170, 105 and 106, Ashton Park Sub­di­vi­sion, Eliza­beth­town, transfer from parent company to subsidiary, no monetary consideration.

 Blue Ribbon Develop­ment LLC to Phillips Homes LLC, Section 5, Lots 170, 105 and 106, Ashton Park Sub­di­vi­sion, Eliza­beth­town, $72,000.

 James and Mary E. Em­mert to Paul Lynn Schreiner, 233 Blossom Lane, Eliza­beth­town, $197,000.

 Tammy Perez Wrenn and William T. Wrenn to Nathan Barry Whitman and Rebecca Helen Whitman, Section 8, Lot 90, Hilltop Terrace Sub­di­vi­sion, Rad­cliff, $255,000.

 Alexander Justin Dean and Jessica Michelle Dean to Adam E. and Melissa M. Warrad, 305 Kay Drive, Eliza­beth­town, $162,000.

 Kenneth R. Foster Jr. and Candace S. Foster to Andrew Lee Howell and Mary Elizabeth Buchter, 1300 Bram­blett Blvd., Rad­cliff, $130,000.

 Larry Phillips, Linda Phillips and Will Harris Homes LLC to Butler Homes Inc., Lots 13 and 15, Still Mead­ows Estates, Eliza­beth­town, $150,000.

 Patricia K. Tucker to C.A. House Inc. and PCH Pro­per­ties Inc., 205 Emerson Drive, Eliza­beth­town, $255,000.

 Susie M. Bennett to Blake D. McGrew, Section 2, Lot 18, Pleasant Valley Manor, Eliza­beth­town, $155,000.

 Estate of Lloyd G. Pusey to Janelle Leah Cox, Lot 18, Plantation Acres, Rad­cliff, fulfilling terms of will. FMV: $89,100.

 Cannon Commercial Pro­per­ties LLC to 4th Generation Pro­per­ties LLC, Section 2, Lot 1, North Dixie Center, 5151 N. Dixie Highway, Eliza­beth­town, $700,000.

 Estate of Jesse C. Kilgus to William Glenn Slenker and Justin Slenker, 634 Wise Lane, Eliza­beth­town, $320,000.

 Sean T. Clark to Kristina M. Arnette, 3134 St. John Church Road, Rin­ey­ville, $122,000.

 Michael Lee Santana and Brenda Lee Santana to Marc A. Cummings, Section 2, Lot 2, Pearman Manor Sub­di­vi­sion, Rad­cliff, $210,000.

 Bluegrass Developers of Hardin County LLC to D&K Homes LLC, Section 4, Lot 94, Lakeshire Sub­di­vi­sion, Freeman Lake Road, Eliza­beth­town, $65,000.

 Joshua P. Kladifko, Jacqueline Kladifko and Crystal D. Kladifko to Johnny L. Jones and Carolyn Arnette Jones, Lot 11A, Crystal Ridge Sub­di­vi­sion, Rad­cliff, $180,000.

 TDA Pro­per­ties Inc. to Essex Builders LLC, Section 3, Lot 102, Summit Creek Sub­di­vi­sion, Eliza­beth­town, $46,500.

 Gregory D. and Jeannette Stephens to Brandon Mesa, Section 1, Lot 4, Twin Creek Estates, Vine Grove, $300,000.

 Harlan L. Williams Re­voc­able Trust to Altec In­dus­tries Inc., Section 10, Lot 41E, Hughes Commerce Center, Eliza­beth­town, $127,548.

 Wolf Investments LLC to James E. and Karen S. Welch, Section 5, Lot 121, Briarwood Forest Sub­di­vi­sion, Eliza­beth­town, $75,000.

 Wilburn Robert Sisco and Kathleen Sisco to Arialle M. and Brian K. Green, Sec­tion 1, Lot 2A, Heard Sub­di­vi­sion, Woodside Drive, Rad­cliff, $185,500.

 Esther Margaret Miron to Esther Miron, John Albert Miron II and Christina Jenette Miron, 2377 Horn Road, Ceci­l­ia, love and affection. FMV: $36,200.

 Larry Phillips, Linda Phil­lips and Will Harris Homes LLC to Brett and Bay­lee Lobb, Lot 10, Still Mea­dows Estates, Eliza­beth­town, $79,900.

 Kenneth and Marjorie Riggs to Jarret Riggs, Emily Riggs, Timothy Riggs and Shawn Riggs, 175 acres, Cope­lin Road, Sonora, $150,000.

 Tom Miller Construction Inc. to James C. and Melissa R. Jenkins, Section 3, Lot 105, Cardinal Creek Sub­di­vi­sion, Johnstown Road, Eliza­beth­town, $38,000.

 Equity Trust Co. to Pat­rick and April Meredith, 23.43 acres off Leitchfield Road, $46,860.

 Master Commissioner to Samantha Mattingly, 112 Wal­nut St., Vine Grove, $6,500.

 Crady Family Trust to Alyssa Kathleen McDonald and Michael Wayne McDon­ald, Section 1, Lot 66A, Stone Ridge Sub­di­vi­sion, Eliza­beth­town, $25,000.

 PM Pro­per­ties LLC to Twin Maple Pro­per­ties LLC, 915 Memorial Court, Eliza­beth­town, $400,000.

 Mark and Pamela Hin­ton to Twin Maple Pro­per­ties LLC, 1131 Crowne Pointe Drive, Eliza­beth­town, $420,000.

 PM Pro­per­ties LLC to Twin Maple Pro­per­ties LLC, 4979 N. Dixie Blvd., Eliza­beth­town, $785,000.

 Hilda Speck to Brian and Brittany Froedge, Section 1, Lot 9A, Fountainbleau Estates, Eliza­beth­town, $495,500.

 S&R Homes LLC to JRA Investments LLC, 606 Oak Drive, Rad­cliff, $99,750.

 TDA Pro­per­ties Inc. to Lola E. Gregory, Section 5, Lots 158, 159, 160 and 171 plus Section 6, Lot 210, Sum­mit Creek Sub­di­vi­sion, Eliza­beth­town, $214,500.

 Estate of Helen M. For­see to Jeffery D. Livingston and Robert E. Cummings, Lot 54 and part of Lot 55, Scenic Acres Sub­di­vi­sion, Rad­cliff, $144,100.

 Millennial Movement Investments LLC to Gary and Genesis Taylor, Lot 11, Pellman Sub­di­vi­sion, Ky. 61, Eliza­beth­town, $235,000.

 Randal B. Flowers to Chelsea Perez and Darwin Perez-Robledo, Section 1, Tract 82, Brentwood Estates, Eliza­beth­town, $317,750.

 Nathan Kenneth Fergu­son and Lisa Marie Ferguson to Risha Nicole Luyties and Robert D. Luyties, property off West Bryan Road and Tunnel Hill Road, Eliza­beth­town, $435,000.

 Susan Martinez to Johnathan and Mary Patten, Section 1, Lot 5B, Arbor View Sub­di­vi­sion, Eliza­beth­town, $412,500.

 Damon Barnes to Paul Sholar, Section 9, Lot 36, Freeman Meadows Sub­di­vi­sion, Eliza­beth­town, $249,900.

 Pin Oak Acquisitions LLC to Joshua Vasquez Sau­ceda and Nayily C. Villa­nue­va, Lot 12, Farmgate Estates, Eliza­beth­town, $168,000.

 Elizabeth A. Boitano to Judith Ann Schuler, Section 3, Lot 84, Lexington Hills Sub­di­vi­sion, Eliza­beth­town, $208,600.

 Mariah L. Romines to Catherine R. Fisk and Tilly A. Holloway, Section 3, Lot 78, Lexington Hills Sub­di­vi­sion, Eliza­beth­town, $143,500.

 Gregory P. Bibb to Wyze Capital Group LLC, Section 3, Lot 56, Happy Valley Sub­di­vi­sion, Rad­cliff, $61,000.

 Wayne and Kristina Graham to Karl D. German, 3.479 acres known as Lot 5, Remington Oaks Sub­di­vi­sion, Hansborough Road, Cecilia, $127,000.

 Jerranna Lestine Hensley to Matthew Archey, Section 2, Lot 36, Lincoln Hills Estates, Eliza­beth­town, $190,000.

 Estate of Jeffrey Scott Davis to Lisa Renee Davis, 606 Montgomery Ave., Eliza­beth­town, fulfilling terms of will. FMV: $251,900.

 Estate of Jeffrey Scott Davis to Lisa Renee Davis, 610 Montgomery Ave., Eliza­beth­town, fulfilling terms of will. FMV: $212,700.

 Megan and Earl Burgin to Shay Brooke Pro­per­ties LLC, Section 2, Lot 69, Heatherfield Estates, Rad­cliff, $110,000.

 Derek W. and Aleigha J. Cape to Francisco F. Muniz and Yazmin Chong, 520 St. Andrews Drive, Vine Grove, $378,000.

 Ford Real Estate Invest­ments LLC to TIGS Develop­ment Inc., 219 E. Brown St., Eliza­beth­town, $115,750. 

 Andrea Kathryn Tonietti to Christopher N. and Lori A. Burley, Section 5, Lot 148, Nicholas Ridge Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $321,000.

 Susan and William Men­doza to Craig Ryan Meyer, Lot 3, Boone Trace Subdivision, Rineyville, $1,000.

 Michael D. and Bronwyn C. Dasher to James Stuart Watts II and Amy Watts, Sec­tion 2, Lot 62, Lavista Estates, Rineyville, $295,000

 Charles Muss Jr. and Denise Muss to Ryan Washing­ton and Heather Hinceman, 123 and 125 S. 10th St., West Point, $15,000.

 John J. and Sandra P. Scott to Sandra P. Scott, 200 Logan Ave., Elizabethtown, love and affection. FMV: $340,900.

 Patrick V. O’Donnell to Patrick W. O’Donnell, 789 S. Atcher St., Radcliff, valuable consideration. FMV: $114,000.

 Gary Lynch to Terry R. and Martha P. Skaggs, Lot 26, Cardwell Addition, Vine Grove, $10,000.

 Marek and Teresa Hicks to Vanessa Rodriguez, Lot 1, Black Branch Estates, Eliza­bethtown, $189,000.

 Anilkumar and Dharma­istha Patel to Shobhanben B. Patel, Lot 1, Shell’s Cor­ner Subdivision, 5197 S. Wil­son Road, Elizabethtown, $950,000.

 TDA Properties to Juan Loubriel, Section 2, Lot 45, Summit Creek Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $43,000.

 Estate of Rena Cath­erine Ashley to Jessica Knickerbocker, 160 S. Forest Road, Radcliff, $170,000.

 Victorian Martin-Offner to Richard L. and Stacy M. Bickel, Section 3, Lot 41, Hunt­ington Ridge Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $263,500.