The following property transfers are listed on deeds filed at the Hardin County Clerk’s Office in Elizabethtown. FMV means fair market value and typically is based upon assessed taxable value.

Terry L. and Lisa D. Huff to James Eugene Mattingly Jr. and Lisa Denise Mattingly, Section II, Lot 16, Stoneridge Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $40,000.

Gobind P. and Meena G. Lalchandani to Property Sense LLC, property off Church Street, Vine Grove, $96,000.

Sarah and Sean C. Jurgens to PennyMac Loan Services LLC, 730 Andra Drive, Radcliff, nominal consideration. FMV: $130,807.74.

Ruby Jane Stubbs to Christopher Barbour, Kulayah Barbour, Nathaniel Barbour and Mechonda Goodman Barbour, 1003 Skyline Drive, Elizabethtown, $11,000.

Dewayne H. Hinkle and Shirley Myers to Jennifer L. Foster and Danielle A. Foster, Tract 5, Bent Tree Estates, Vine Grove, $335,000.

Bok Soon Rinck to Christopher J. and Sayzanna Salisbury, Lot 91, Pearman Manor Subdivision, Radcliff, $170,000.

Kurtis H. and Samantha T.M. Perkins to Alexia B. Chascsa and Adam R. Paducha, Section 6, Lot 133, Freeman Meadows Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $238,152.

Brian and Kelly Emerine to Joseph and Vicki Prewitt, 427 College St., Elizabethtown, $155,000.

Ryan Joseph Smolenski and Lauren Smolenski to Aaron Tyler Skaggs, 215 Deerbrook Lane, Elizabethtown, $490,000.

Robert J. Oda to Bryson Starks-Cobb and Amber Eitutis, Section 5, Lot 99, Elizabethtown, $190,000.

Estate of Fletcher H. Beard to Tamberly Beard, Tract 1, Section 3, Parcel C, Beard Subdivision, St. John Road, Cecilia, fulfilling terms of will. FMV: $11,000.

Joshua T. and Courtney B. Sanders to Anthony Wayne French, Section 1, Lot 9B, Brentwood Estates, Elizabethtown, $550,000.

Joseph K. and Margery E. Cross to Margery and Joseph K. Cross Living Trust, Section 2, Lot 22, Huntington Ridge Subdivision, Elizabethtown, nominal consideration. FMV: $187,900.

Joseph K. and Margery E. Cross to Margery and Joseph K. Cross Living Trust, Section 5, Lot 123, Four Seasons Estates, Elizabethtown, nominal consideration. FMV: $352,000.

Michael W. Youravich and Carolyn Elaine Youravich to Marlin Shea Youravich, 7.4 acres at 8510 Rineyville Road, Rineyville, love and affection. FMV: $86,900.

Hardin Rental Properties LLC to Brianna Adara Stice, property off Scott Drive, Vine Grove, $180,000.

Petina Duncan to Sherry Gayhart, Unit 33, Colonial Heights Subdivision, Radcliff, $78,000.

Sonya Burton to Jeremy Marshall Simpson and Kelly Elizabeth Simpson, Section 3, Lot 94, Country Side Terrace Subdivision, Vine Grove, $320,000.

Lauren Helton, Zachary Helton and Ben Sylvester to Jacob and Courtney G. Kerr, Section 2, Lot 111 Stoneybrook Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $210,000.

Carolina Touch Inc. to Felicia L. McPhail-Evans and Julius Q. Evans, property off Deepwood Drive, Radcliff, transfer from wholly owned corporation to self. FMV: $118,000.

Kenneth L. and Sharon L. Turner to Edward L. Yates Jr. and Mellisa Yates, Section 1, Lot 42, Royal Acres Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $243,700.

Andrew and Adriana D’Amelio to Jennifer Gruber and Michael S. Nethers, Section 1, Lot 5A, Sandy Springs Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $251,000.

Brian C. and April A. Sankey to Shobhnaben and Anupam Patel, Section 2, Lot 44, Stone Creek Estates, Elizabethtown, $515,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Marieta Justo, Section 8, Lot 29, Indian Hills Subdivision, Radcliff, $120,000.

Vera J. Davenport to Davenport Family Trust, 238 W. French St., Elizabethtown, valuable consideration. FMV: $115,700.

Mickey W. and Rebecca Brangers to Justin and Briana M. Brangers, Section 2, Lot 7, Aultman Acres Subdivision, Cecilia, $400,000.

Coleman England Jr. and Rebecca England to Samuel H. Bates, Section 3, Lot 26, Oak Valley Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $220,000.

Jesse L. and Erin Kinkad to Tommie R. and Anthony D. Burks, Lot 62, Vineland Park Subdivision, Vine Grove, $303,000.

Jason and Andrea Beals to Thomas Randall Harper and Stacie Lynn Harper, Section 3, Lot 276, Vineland Park Subdivision, Vine Grove, $285,000.

Francis Aaron Tongate to Sherri and Doug Alvey, Lots 23 and 24, Sportsman Lake, Elizabethtown, $78,000.

Jeffrey Lee Fitzgerald and Jennifer L.S. Fitzgerald to Myrna Byrd, Section 5, Lot 39, Tall Pine Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $430,000.

Eric L. and Melissa Miller to Jesse Paul Sodam and Linsey Mae Sodam, Section 2, Lot 70A, Cottonwood Estates, Rineyville, $350,000.

Steven Michael Fischer to Dylan C. Knear, Lot 4, Longview Estates, Elizabethtown, $140,000.

Maribel and Dwayne Owens to Habibou O. and Coura Dia, Section 10, Lot 188, Hilltop Terrace Subdivision, Radcliff, $198,000.

Robert G. and Donna Richardson to Youjong Kwon and Young Ae Kim, 605 Clifford Drive, Elizabethtown, $276,000.

Anna Louise Davis and William L. Davis to Savanah Campbell and Anthony McGrew, 120 acres in Washington Fife Homestead, Eastview, $270,000.

J&D Realty Inc. to Stacy Brantley, Phase II, Lot 104A-1, Highland Springs Subdivision, Vine Grove, $160,000.

Heartland Group LLC to Matthew A. and Jessica B. Prahl, Block 6, Lots 5-7, Alameda Manor Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $134,000.

Ronald A. and Theresa S. Searcy to Brian Pankey, Lot 5, The Greens at Pine Valley Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $375,000.

Anthony and Heather Pasley to Michael A. Sneed and Velolinga Eteaki-Sneed, Lot 7, Paragon Orchards Subdivision, Vine Grove, $270,000.

Kevin C. and Deirtre L. Clark to Brandon Shane Walden and Ashton Walden, 508 Alta St., Vine Grove, $147,000.

Ronald and Rita Seagraves to Ricky K. and Glenda Goodman, 1766 Howevalley Road, Cecilia, $8,000.

Brian M. St. John and Joan Elaine St. John to Ashley Marie Fletcher and Derrick Lynn Morris, Section 1, Lot 63, Stoneybrook Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $196,000.

Elizabethtown Rentals LLC to PNI LLC, 209 Churchill Court, Elizabethtown, $180,000.

John M. and Kim Carolan to Sean and Susanna Williams, Section 2, Lot 42, Terrace Hills Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $249,900.

William and Elizabeth Handel to Crystal and Stacey McElfresh, 83 Deer Run Way, Elizabethtown, $430,000.

Jerry D. and Bonnie J. French to Joshua T. and Courtney B. Sanders, 1179 Overall Phillips Road, Elizabethtown, $550,000.

Jerry D. and Bonnie J. French to Joshua T. and Courtney B. Sanders, Lot 2B, Dean Subdivision, Overall Phillips Road, Elizabethtown, $75,000.

116 Commerce Drive LLC to Integribilt LLC, 116 Commerce Drive, Radcliff, $500,000.

Mark Abell to UNCP LLC, Lot 47, Scenic Acres, Radcliff, $72,500.

Juanita J. Randle to Samantha Sue Miller and Steven Joseph Miller, 606 Peaceful Drive, Elizabethtown, $319,000.

Estate of Ralph Muse to Elaine M. Mink, 35 acres off North Long Grove Road, Elizabethtown, $350,000.

Last Wishes Family Trust to William Thomas Properties LLC, 70 Madden Drive, Elizabethtown, $245,000.

Keith R. and Tracy N. Schreurs to Tawanda and Phillip Harris, Section 2, Lot 25, Woodsbend Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $480,000.

Kimberly A. Crumley, Karen Wiseman, Kevin Wiseman, Dennis V. Crumley and Cara Jennifer Crumley to Kimberly A. Crumley, Section 3, Lot 60, Deerfield Hills Subdivision, Elizabethtown, nominal consideration. FMV: $247,100.

Fred M. Drolick II and Karla Lorena Drolick to Patience and Steven Glasgow, Section 2, Lot 76, Meadow Lake Subdivision, Radcliff, $175,000.

David and Tamara Lee Ohler to Stuart T. Ohler and Leah M. Forget, Section 9, Lot 47, Meadow Lake Subdivision, Radcliff, $170,000.

James R. and Crystal M. Allen to Mauricio and Cynthia Flores, Lot 2, Slinker Acres, Elizabethtown, $240,000.

Sheritha Bradley to Neil Scott Porath, Lots 18A and 18B, Franklin Heights Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $139,900.

Atchley Home Designs LLC to Tara Jo and Cameron Skirvin, 470 Brookwood Drive, Radcliff, $170,000.

Master Commissioner to Epoch Properties LLC, 2715 S. Wilson Road, Radcliff, $80,000.

Joseph F. and Kathleen Anderson to JL Radcliff 1569 LLC, Lot 1C, Plaza Subdivision, 220 N. Dixie Blvd., Radcliff, $450,000.

Eddie N. Dube and Meaghen Christine Paterson to Kevin S. Robinson and Elysha Kristine Robinson, Section 2, Lot 17, Bright Side Estates, Elizabethtown, $320,000.

James McMillen Dick, Amy Dick and Julie Kathryn Hayes to the Estate of Mary M. Dick, Lot 1, Lincoln Heights Subdivision, Milton Avenue, Elizabethtown, no monetary consideration to settle estate. FMV: $76,100.

Estate of Mary M. Dick to James McMillen Dick and Julie Kathryn Hayes, 24 Milton Ave., Elizabethtown, no monetary consideration to settle estate. FMV: $114,600.

Harry M. and Janet Barrow to Hardin County Habitat for Humanity Inc., Section 1, Lot 2, Henry Subdivision, East Southland Drive, Radcliff, $13,900.

Joseph Lewis Durall to Luwanna K. Stultz, property off West Rhudes Creek Road, Glendale, $60,000.

Timothy and Lori Gilkey to Randall M. and Kathy L. Cullen, Lot 1, Gilkey Place, Givens Lane, Eastview, $330,000.

Matthew and Melissa Kenney to Aaron N. Young, Block B, Lot 6, Williams Addition, Elizabethtown. $123,600.

Christopher G. and Katina C. Hossfeld to Bryant T. and Rosalyn M. Cozart, Lot 35, Covington Ridge Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $396,000.

Neal Horton to Sally Whiteside, property off Mat Stewart Road near Colesburg, $5,000.

Deb Rae Kenney and Darrel W. Helm to Deb Rae Kenney and Jauqelyene R. Kenney, 22221 Sonora-Hardin Springs Road, Big Clifty, love and affection. FMV: $95,400.

Estate of Gregory K. Williams to Diana L. Williams, one-half undivided interest in Lot 5, Classic Acres Estates, Elizabethtown, fulfilling terms of will. FMV: $7,500.

Herbert L. and Betty J. Wheeler Trust to Frank D. and Martha V. Brown, Lot 2 and portion of Lot 3, Straight Row Farm Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $100,000.

Peggy Borchert and Robert Borchert II to Anthony A. Folena, Section 1, Lots 21 and 22, Twin Oaks Subdivision, Radcliff, $10,500.

Walter Terstegge Living Trust to Joseph R. Pounds, Section 3, Lot 86, Lexington Hills Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $198,000.

Mary T. Heady to Theodore S. Crume, Lot 4A, Chambers Hill Estates, $24,000.

Louis Stephen Steck, Barbara Steck, Keith Eugene Steck, Glenn Marshall Jones, Kermit Edward Steck, Mary Steck and Keil Dwight Steck to Kermit Edward Steck and Mary Steck, Section 2, Lots 38-40, Longview Estates Subdivision, Elizabethtown, settlement of estate, no monetary consideration. FMV: $9,000.

Deneen Properties LLC to Lisa E. and Stanley Kimbrell, 218 N. Mantle Ave., Elizabethtown, $120,000.

Timothy Randall Pike, Timothy W. Pike and Lorraine Pike to James Watkins and Lisa Panzer-Watkins, Section 1, Lot 1A, Grove Hill Farms Subdivision, $125,000.