The following property transfers are listed on deeds filed at the Hardin County Clerk’s Office in Elizabethtown. FMV means fair market value and typically is based upon assessed taxable value.

Vincent and Angela Visconti to TC Construction LLC, Section 1, Lot 2A, Vinton Woods Estates, Cecilia, $70,000.

Jason Stephen White and Catherine Cotto, Section II, Lot 57, Rainbow Village Subdivision, Radcliff, $191,500.

Chris McGehee to Danny and Pamela D. Wright, 15.112 acres at Lot 7, Youngers Landing, Elizabethtown, $73,950.

Riley J. Keys Jr. and Melvin Anetta Keys to Gary Ray Herm and Carrie Ann Brush, Lot 28, Forest Springs Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $499,000.

Lewis H. and Sheri A. Graham to Graham’s Farms and Rentals LLC, 1½ acres off Ky. 1866, White Mills, valuable consideration. FMV: $15,000.

Lewis H. and Sheri A. Graham to Graham’s Farms and Rentals LLC, 30.837 acres at 281 Old Kentucky Hwy 84, White Mills, valuable consideration. FMV: $138,100.

Lewis H. and Sheri A. Graham to Graham’s Farms and Rentals LLC, 40.3975 acres off Lewis Lane, White Mills, plus Tract 10 and 11, Blon Priddy Land, valuable consideration. FMV: $130,100.

Lewis H. and Sheri A. Graham to Graham’s Farms and Rentals LLC, one-half interest in 250 White Mills Road, White Mills, valuable consideration. FMV: $5,750.

Lewis H. and Sheri A. Graham to Graham’s Farms and Rentals LLC, 18 acres off Copelin Road, White Mills, valuable consideration. FMV: $64,800.

Central Kentucky Homes Inc. to Christian C. and Teresa M. Spevak, Section 9, Lot 228, Nicholas Ridge Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $317,000.

Adam W. and Janina Coleman to Ronald W. Smith Jr., 1037 Glenwood Drive, Radcliff, $170,000.

Darla K. Daniel to Darla K. Daniel and Lanitres Daniel Rice, Lot 40, Heatherfield Estates, Radcliff, love and affection. FMV: $100,300.

Richard and Geraldine T. Downey to TaSheena A. Moore and Jamaal D. Quinn, Section 1, Lot 7, Notting Hill Estates, Radcliff, $175,000.

Ethan A. Peek to David A. Breeze, 8.17 acres off Locust Grove Road, Elizabethtown, $155,000.

A&E Rickett Properties LLC to A&M LLC, 2883 Republic Ave., Radcliff, $110,000.

Siya Realty Corporation Inc. to 900 ND Realty LLC, 900 N. Dixie Ave., Elizabethtown, $750,000.

Estate of William L. McKinley to Clinton and Lauren Bly, 2.5 acres at 230 Peachtree St., Upton, $325,000.

Linda S. Bailey to French Bros. Holdings LLC, Lots 2-4, Ruth Estates, Thomas Road, Elizabethtown, $125,000.

Jeffrey Carson to PFCC Holdings LLC, 305 Falcon Court, Elizabethtown, transfer to personally owned corporation, no monetary consideration. FMV: $227,000.

City of Elizabethtown to 4th Generation Properties LLC, 621 E. Dixie Ave., Elizabethtown, exchanged for 710 and 712 E. Dixie Ave., Elizabethtown, and no monetary consideration. FMV: $390,000.

Pin Oak Acquisitions LLC to Zaka R. Brown, 1930 S. Woodland Drive, Radcliff, $390,000.

PennyMac Loan Services LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 730 Andra Drive, Radcliff, $130,807.74.

Mark Harris Construction Inc. to Christian and Sydney Moskovitz, Section 1, Lot 81, The Landings Subdivision, Vine Grove, $299,900.

Edward L. and Georgia Gordon to Jessica Aylett and Kent Robert Aylett, 109 Norwood Drive, Elizabethtown, $140,000.

Estate of Thomas Gregory Vaughn to Jill M. Woosley, Tract 6A, Youngers Creek Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $269,000.

Anderson Family Revocable Trut to Tracie L. and James A. Loper, Section 3, Lot 6, Meadow Brook Heights Subdivision, Vine Grove, contract for deed, $119,000.

Affordable Investments LLC to Fast and Easy Home Buying LLC, Lot 9, Elmwood Gardens Subdivision, Radcliff, $175,000.

Northstar Rentals LLC to Fast and Easy Home Buying LLC, Block 2, Lot 13, Elmwood Gardens Subdivision, Radcliff, $135,000.

Fast and Easy Home Buying LLC to SJMB Enterprises LLC, Lot 9 and Block 2, Lot 13, Elmwood Gardens Subdivision, Radcliff, $440,000.

Matthew H. Keiser to Matthew H. Keiser and Jill Reverman, 221 W. Poplar St., Elizabethtown, no monetary consideration. FMV: $257,800.

Brian and Anisia Woodring to Jimmy O. Boling to Martha A. Foster-Boling, Section 8, Lot 172, Meadowlake Subdivision, Radcliff, $224,000.

TDA Properties Inc. to Essex Builders LLC, Section 7, Lot 232, Summit Creek Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $44,500.

Jason Cooper and Eleanor Renee Cooper to Athena Jane Anderson, Lots 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B, 5A and 5B, Eva Barnes Subdivision, Longview area, Elizabethtown, $117,000.

JCF Properties LLC to Elmore J. Jones Jr., Section 7, Lot 258, Summit Creek Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $397,000

Jeffrey and Sylvia Coleman to Shannon A. Viau, Section 3, Lot 75, Happy Valley Subdivision, Radcliff, $140,900.

Ellen Thompson and Mark Anthony Thompson to Lyndsey Thompson, Section 10, Lot 266, Hilltop Terrace Subdivision, Radcliff, $144,700.

John D. Hodges and David A. Hodges to James R. Visconti III, Lot 35, Sportsman Road Estates, Elizabethtown, $184,000.

Matthew A. and Rebecca K. Miranda to Garry D. and Charity Mattingly, Section 2, Lot 28, Deerfield Hills Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $415,000.

Robert W. King to Carmaletta and Melvin O. Montgomery, property off South Wilson Road, Elizabethtown, $174,999.

Gordon J. and Jeri B. Korby to Rachel Proctor, 30 Haley Court, Elizabethtown, $195,000.

Gary Eugene Andrews and Teresa Andrews to PFCC Holdings LLC, 114 Lowball Lane, Vine Grove, $215,000.

Sarabeth and Matthew O’Bryant to Joseph D. and Abigail M. Rudy, 92 Mitchell Drive, Vine Grove, $225,000.

Kendrick and Rebecca Walker to Joseph R. Wilhelm, Lot 29, Diecks Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $130,000.

Estate of Mary Anna Lowry to Keith J. Peterson, Lot 31, Arcadia Heights Subdivision, Radcliff, and adjacent property, $139,900.

Carolyn B. Brown to Carolyn Brown Family Trust, 3058 Rineyville Road, Elizabethtown, valuable consideration. FMV: $167,700.

Donald R. and Sharon L. Thomas to Justin Ray Thomas, Lot 2, Donald Ray Thomas Subdivision, St. John Road, Elizabethtown, love and affection. FMV: $13,500.

Mark Harris Construction Inc. to Michael Alan Ferguson and Su Jin Ferguson, Section 1, Lot 82, The Landings Subdivision, Vine Grove, $255,900.

Kylee Amber Bal and Jacob Dayle Riggs to Emily Falco, 605 McCullum Ave., Elizabethtown, $120,000.

Ronnie Glen Crim and Monica Knight Crim to Ronnie and Monica Crim Living Trust, 103 N. Pointe Court, Elizabethtown, nominal consideration. FMV: $217,300.

Carolyn Harper to Billy and Alisha Perkins, one-acre lot at 604 Fuller Road, Elizabethtown, $44,818.69.

Kenneth Abrom Devore and Kathryn Robinson Devore to Mysti Jo Brooks, Section 1, Lot 5, Oak Valley Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $249,900.

533 Wyandot LLC to Marietta and Jeffrey Peterson, Section 7, Lot 15, Indian Hills Subdivision, Radcliff, $200,000.

Philip A. and Rebecca R. Thomas to PRT Living Trust, Section 4, Lot 8D, Skees Acres Subdivision, Cecilia, $166,800.

Joe W. and Veronica Dice to Aaliyah Ann Dice, 133 Portobello Road, Radcliff, $262,000.

Alec M. and Sarah C. Fritz to John Britton Bowling and Alanna Diane White, Section 2, Lot 31, Mill Station Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $189,900.

Robert Priddy, Michael Hatfield and Lisa Hatfield to Robert and Courtney Davis, Lot 4, Westfield Subdivision, 19447 Sonora-Hardin Springs Road, Eastview, $22,000.

Vista Development Inc. to Luis A. Pagan Jr. and Jennifer F. Pagan, Section 5, Lot 199, Lavista Estates, Rineyville, $17,500.

Country Gate LLC to Laurie B. Briggs and Beth T. Briggs, property on East Main Street, Glendale, $155,000.

Hardin Homes LLC to Dennis and Elizabeth Christensen, Lot 1, Mordecai Estates, Radcliff, $307,000.

Eldon W. and Shyla A. Tilley to Nicholas and Allison Henderson, Section 1, Lot 8B, 8C and 7B, Monterey Estates, Elizabethtown, $415,000.

PCH Properties Inc. to Randy L. and Ashley A. Gray, Section 2, Lot 21, Hillcreek Farms Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $270,500.

Brian D. and Christina M. Hager to American Escrow and Closing Co., 163 E. Donna Reed Blvd., Cecilia, $190,000.

American Escrow and Closing Co. to Travis Patterson, 163 E. Donna Reed Blvd., Cecilia, $190,000.

Estate of Marianne Renate Black to Suite Retreats LLC, Section 5, Lot 17, Bob-O-Link Subdivision, Radcliff, $225,000.

Natalie and Jason Deel to Chelsea S. and Eric P. Alfaro, 306 Top Hill Road, Elizabethtown, $172,000.

Brent Joseph Stout and Tiffany Stout to Sarah L. Mothersell, Section 1, Phase 2 Addition, Lots 72 and 73, Lincoln Heights Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $205,600.

James Gilbert Tweedy and Ashley Nicole Tweedy to Shelly Cordero, Section 2, Lot 68, Whispering Hills Subdivision, Radcliff, $159,900.

Claudia B. Woodring to Brian and Anisia Woodring. 7.6 acres off Boone Road, Rineyville, $275,000.

Dennis Thomas McCue Jr. to Shannon L. Sanderson, Lot 8, Mulberry Park Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $245,000.

BCC Enterprises and Properties Inc. to Michael Anthony Franson and Catrina L. Franson, Section 1, Lot 17, Bethel Country Subdivision, Rineyville, $350,000.

Alfonso R. Laparra-Carrillo and Daisy Laparra to Clay Tsehaye, Section 3, Lot 40A, Ashton Park Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $245,000.

Stuart Sullivan and Rene Lee Sullivan to Aaron M. and Melissa G. Miller, 1.563 acres off Locust Grove Road, Elizabethtown, $7,500.

Garland R. Shines to Michael D. and Constance D. Jehlik, 9.19 acres off Millerstown Road, Upton, $25,000.

Jesse Williams to Scott J. Simondiski, Tanya L. Simondiski and Charles Simondiski, 114 Tinted Cloud Circle, Elizabethtown, $135,000.

Jason A. and Christina Abel to Ryan J. and Carrie Brown, 324 St. Ambrose Church Lane, Cecilia, $297,500.

Tommy and Robynn Pierce to Kenneth B. and Brenda S. Hilton, 9999 Leitchfield Road, Cecilia, $485,000.

Waldugman LLC to Tonyia Ann Lee, 110B Legacy Court, Elizabethtown, $337,500.

James Clinton McAdams Jr., Vickie Sue McAdams, James Christopher Mattingly and Lorinda Mattingly to Samantha Rose Mattingly and James Christopher Mattingly, Section 1, Lot 2, Vine Subdivision, Vine Grove, love and affection. FMV: $17,000.

Estate of Jeffrey T. Counsil Sr. and Sandra Counsil to Paula M. Keller, Lot 3, Wingate West Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $229,900.

Mary F. Richie to Karen A. Goodman, Peggy L. Moore, Teresa R. Sebastian, Glenda S. Goodman and Patrick N. Goodman, undivided one-fifth interest in Section 5, Lot 22, Fontainebleau Estates, Elizabethtown, love and affection. FMV: $223,500.

BBD Investments LLC to Amelia Y. Sandoval, 0.51 acres off Hawkins Drive, Elizabethtown, $90,000.

BCC Enterprises and Properties Inc. to Caleb N. and Kathleen E. Byrd, Section 1, Lot 20, Bethel Country Subdivision, Rineyville, $332,000.

Russell and Emily Matthews to Noreen Madeline Calvaruso and Michael Thomas Calvaruso, 304 Central Ave., Vine Grove, $115,000.

Charleen L. Westrope to Phyllis K. McCallister Revocable Living Trust, Lot 14, Edgewood Heights Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $248,600.

Crady Family Trust to Rebecca Faye Maggard and Tommy Lane Maggard, Lot 2A, Goodlett Subdivision, Battle Training Road, Elizabethtown, love and affection. FMV: $34,500.