You have heard it time and time before — there are endless benefits of starting your higher education journey at a community college. Students attending Elizabethtown Community and Technical College save money, remain closer to home and receive more individualized attention than what they might receive going straight to a four-year institution.

With flexible course options that fit practically every schedule, any individual can start their path at ECTC and earn an associate degree.

Nevertheless, in some career fields, it is becoming crucial to continue on to a bachelor’s degree. ECTC is making it easier than ever to seamlessly transition from a two-year associate degree program to four-year bachelor’s degree programs at dozens of partner institutions.

With more than 30 university partners throughout Kentucky and beyond, students have a wide range of options for continuing their higher education. Staff at ECTC have collaborated with universities to develop 2+2 Transfer Pathways. These pathways serve as a guideline of classes that students should take during the two years at ECTC to best prepare for the remaining two years at their desired transfer institution.

Because transfer pathways include first-year and introductory courses, it is best for students to select a four-year program and institution sooner, rather than later. ECTC has trained advisors ready to discuss options and help guide students to the pathway that works best for them.

Typically, advisors will discuss a two-year degree pathway options and how they will transfer to a four-year program. The Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees are the most transfer-friendly programs offered at ECTC, as they enable students to earn a general education certification. This certification translates across the public universities in Kentucky and satisfies all general education requirements at the transfer institution.

There are some Associate in Applied Science programs that will transfer easily to a completer 4-year degree, but additional general education classes may be required. You’ll want to meet with both an ECTC advisor and university transfer advisor, if possible, to ensure all requirements are being met.

Some students prefer the face-to-face interaction of attending a four-year university while staying close to home. ECTC has permanent university offices on campus that house staff from Western Kentucky University and Bellevue University. These two partners offer a wide range of on-campus and online bachelor’s programs in the following high-demand areas: business, human services, health care, logistics, and IT.

For more information on available programs at WKU-Elizabethtown Campus and Bellevue University Online, contact Gail Smallwood at or Courtney Sutherland at

The ECTC University Center brings new opportunities for students to earn a bachelor’s degree close to home. Eastern Kentucky University’s criminal justice program is now available in Elizabethtown. Lindsey Wilson College’s business administration and human services programs, both currently available online, as well as a bachelor’s of nursing from Spalding University are among the options that will be available through the University Center.

Many of ECTC’s university partners offer transfer scholarships and tuition discounts for high-achieving transfer students and military families. Some offer application waivers during events and on designated days throughout the semester. Asking questions and seeking information early can help students save the most money when transferring.

To apply, go to To schedule an advising appointment, go to or call 270-706-8695.

For a complete list of transfer partners, go to

Andrew Hovekamp is an academic advisor and success coach at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College. He can be reached at

Andrew Hovekamp is an academic advisor and success coach at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College. He can be reached at

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