A member of the Central Hardin football team has tested positive for COVID-19 and the Bruins season will be on hold.

Each member of the program who made the trip to Henderson County for Friday’s game will be in quarantine for two weeks.

Hardin County Schools received notification Monday from the Lincoln Trail District Health Department on Monday. The district said it immediately made officials at Henderson County High aware of the positive test.

Central Hardin will not be allowed back on the football field in any capacity until Oct. 3. The Bruins do not practice on the weekends, meaning the next practice is scheduled for Oct. 5.

“This is the best preventive measure for the athletes, coaches, classmates and colleagues is that all players and coaches be placed on quarantine,” Hardin County Schools Community Relations spokesman John Wright said. “We know this is very frustrating for the players and coaches who have worked so incredibly hard to follow all the guidelines and have done a phenomenal job. COVID-19 has a way disrupting all aspects of our life and sports are no exception.”

Central Hardin was scheduled to play at Henry Clay Friday night and Louisville Butler on Oct. 1.

“I don’t wish this on anybody,” Bruins Athletic Director J.C. Wright said. “Everybody is trying to do the right thing. It’s a really tough situation. It’s something you can’t prevent. You go through all the protocols and follow all the guidelines the best you can and sometimes this is just unavoidable. This is the COVID pandemic and this happens.”

Central Hardin is not alone with COVID-related cancellations. Four football games were canceled Friday night across the state.

Central Hardin, which lost its first two games, is scheduled to host district opponent Barren County at 8 p.m. Oct. 9.

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With all due respect to everyone involved in theses decisions, I humbly disagree that any asymptomatic person should every be quarantined, it is actually detrimental, not helpful, I humbly disagree that this is a Pandemic, as the USA has been below threshold for even an epidemic, for quite awhile now. The new knowledge available indicates that a LARGE percentage of positive tests are false, due to OVER magnifying the PCR tests (40 x) and the RNA they find is old pieces (non-infectious) and might have been active MONTHS prior.

In my humble opinion, it is wrong to inflict psychological damage to a VERY large number of teens / athletes or not, under the guise of “emergency, emergency” despite the irrefutable fact that kids have statistically almost zero chance of even becoming ill, and if asymptomatic, almost impossible to transmit this virus, AND, kids are rarely passing to adults (odd, but true, around the world, not just USA).

This is a serious virus for about 00.26% of USA population (likely even less), and that is over 74 with other medical problems. These are not opinions, they are well

Proven and documented.

In my opinion, not exhausting all resources to make decisions on what is actually right, is very disappointing, at best.

ONE positive test, with no context as to symptoms, hospital, icu, death, age, comorbidities, etc, is factually irrelevant, but yet it shut down a football season for at least two weeks.

Common sense things we do EVERY flu season (hand washing, stay home if get sick, stay away from people who are sick or are high risk of get sick, etc etc, we do that EVERY YEAR (flu season, and in general) and it DOES work to prevent spread, all that is done yearly with no masks (proven ineffective for respiratory viruses (CDC 2005), without lockdowns and quarantines of non sick people.

It is completely illogical to do what public health is doing. It all goes AGAINST the hard evidentiary research new and OLD.

SO WHY are we they doing this? STILL????

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