Hardin County Schools has had its first positive COVID-19 case since school opened Monday.

A North Park Elementary School student tested positive, HCS spokesman John Wright said.

School administration was notified mid-day Thursday of the positive test result.

A letter went home with one group of students Thursday and a letter will go home today with remaining students, he said. In-person learning at HCS is broken into two groups: A Monday/Thursday group of students and a Tuesday/Friday group of students.

The student is in the Monday/Thursday group of students.

Schools on Wednesdays are open only to provide additional “instructional intervention and help with work,’’ Wright said.

There were about 15 students and staff members who had direct contact with the student, Wright said, and they are being monitored for possible symptoms.

Janay Sutton, the Director of Health and Family Services for the district, said HCS is taking guidance from the Lincoln Trail District Health Department and that there was a decision not to close the school due to the positive test.

The student has been directed to isolate and monitor for COVID-19 symptoms.

A one-call also went out at the end of school Thursday alerting parents and guardians to check their student's backpacks, Wright said.

The letter in part said, "Please continue to monitor your child for illness every day and keep your child at home if they are sick.  Please contact your healthcare provider if your child develops symptoms or if you have any additional questions or concerns.''

The classroom where the student was Thursday has been closed for 24 hours and then will be sanitized.

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We need responsible people running the schools


What would be the more responsible thing to do?

Fact: 99.9xx% chance that child will NOT become ill / symptoms (unless severe co-morbidity exists) and 99.9xx% chance that child will NOT transmit to any adult.


John’s Hopkins data


Do you think the Heath department should

Have closed all Hardin county schools? Closed one school? Confined that child’s entire family to not leave their home for two weeks, place ankle bracelets / house arrest regardless healthy or not?

Did you call HCS “irresponsible” when one kid got sick with influenza (every year) and had much higher percent risk of death and severe illness, but didn’t close the school, etc ? Or family quarantine? Schools have closed in recent past for bad influenza outbreaks. I agreed and would still agree with doing that. It’s a good idea. But that was not a prolonged and indefinite closing. What criteria did the health department use at that time, to reopen schools? Were they even involved with that decision? I don’t know.

Will you call HCS irresponsible when a child commits suicide from acute worsening of pre-existing anxiety / depression due to minimal to no social interaction with peers, structured activity, school counselor?

What about special needs students? Will you call them irresponsible when those kids regress, worsen behaviors, and do not receive the therapies and programs they NEED to just get through a single day?

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