With a few exceptions, every small business in our community is faced with the test of a lifetime. That said though, there are things the community can do to support local businesses.

Local business owners are not looking for welfare or sympathy, they just want to get back into the business of meeting customers’ needs and the fair compensation that accompanies that.

Small Business owners are by nature, freedom-loving people with a higher than usual tolerance for financial risk. These are the people that invested their life savings to get started, that work weekends to meet customer demands, that don’t sit for hours in front of a TV, and the people that are first to lend financial support to local sports teams.

On Saturday, Oct. 17th, residents will get the chance to lend a hand and have a material impact on the local business community. The Great Comeback 2020 event will take place in the Radcliff Plaza Shopping center. This event is designed to build momentum among the small business community by highlighting the culturally diverse business in the area and to couple this with an outdoor political forum sponsored by the Radcliff Small Business Alliance.

The day will feature over fifty vendor tents, a massive city-wide ribbon cutting, and then shortly after noon, a political forum under the big tent provided by Vine Grove Mayor, Pam Ogden. Immediately after the forum, an auction to benefit Rachel’s Vine Grove Splash Pad project also will take place.

The Great Comeback 2020 is an idea developed by the Board Of Directors of the Radcliff Small business Alliance and that will be conducted in keeping with health restrictions that may be in effect at that time, although the entire event will take place outdoors.

For more information, please contact Lynn Dray, project coordinator hello@thediystudio.com, or Barry Saylor, Political Forum Chairman at yawbus7483@yahoo.com.

T.W. Shortt is president of the Radcliff Small Business Alliance.

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