What a tragic and cruel picture. America has suppressed, oppressed, discriminated, murdered, lynched and economically pilfered wealth and riches from African Americans. The injustice is mind-boggling.

No justice and no court system defended the rights of blacks for 350 years and for the other 51 years systemic racism in all facets of everyday life: Housing, banking, real estate, education, athletics/sports, entertainment, movies, music, religion and most of all criminal justice and police.

Thank God for some of our white brothers and sisters who had a heart and worked with black activists and the Holy Spirit to fight racism and social injustice.

The cruelty of white Ameri­cans could just blame a black man of a crime and our justice system put them on death row without any evidence and black Americans weren’t even considered equal to vote.

The Three-Fifths Compromise for tallying population to determine House representation was a provision in Article 1 of the Constitution that did not count blacks as equals.

Immigrants were able to receive benefits and blacks received none, but were hanged, thrown in jail, worked on land as a sharecropper and taxed so much they never made anything at the end of the year. Therefore, always being in debt, their land was taken.

Immigrants were given land to expand the west and what did the African Americans get for enhancing America’s riches and building the White House?

Let’s not even discuss all the patents stolen and inventions they did not get any credit for.

When you are stolen from your homeland and brought to a new country and treated like animals, family raped, sold off, broken families on purpose and not given any rights. The founders of this country engaging in slavery and using black women as belly warmers and the proof is the founders have blacks in their family tree. Not good enough to consider equal, but good enough to sleep with and rape.

America needs to repent and apologize for not holding up its end of the bargain. The Constitution had to be amended because of articles that were unjust against blacks.

After all this mistreatment, blacks still fight for their country, love all races and spends more than $1 trillion in the economy. Yes, that’s right, blacks spend more than a trillion in the economy.

This is what I love the most, God allowed me to study and find out all this information even though they did not put it in our history books in our education system.

God gave me a heart after His and taught me love and showed me if we don’t have truthful conversations and treat one another like we want to be treated we are no better than all the evil people that initiated racism and discrimination and systemic oppression and hate.

God is love and love covers a multitude of sin. This is why we need to have conversations and discuss the truth about America and look for a solution to bring race relations together and unite them so that history will not repeat itself.

If you notice Jesus is a giver and He heals, delivers, loves, encourages, counsesl, instructs and thinks more highly of others than of Himself.

Bruce Lee was a wonderful talent and gift to America, but we rejected him because of his race. We have a pattern and it needs to be cast out.

The only way to have unity, love and respect is to have a dialogue about our sins and come up with a resolution and then maybe we can become the United States of America.

Marcus Dixon is pastor of House of Manna Bread of Life Church in Radcliff. He can be reached at marcus.dixon@twc.com.

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Pastor Dixon,

Very interesting article. I concur there is a need to come to some consensus as to what to do about the current situation.

I would appreciate your views on the following article. The author has proposed solutions to address his own perspective of the problem. What are your thoughts on his proposals.


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