As America descends deeper into the triple curse of corruption, inequality and division, the answers to these problems are becoming harder to ignore.

Here’s the hard truth: The political parties are not connected to America’s grassroots. When I ask Kentuckians if they agree with this statement, “Neither one of our parties is doing a great job of taking care of the people,” the response is 100% in agreement.

Hank Linderman, who live in Grayson County, is the Democratic nominee for Congress in Kentucky’s 2nd District.

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Mr. Linderman has it half right. The Democratic Party leadership have long forsaken the working class people of this nation, not just those in rural America. Identity politics(race baiting), abortion, and the climate change con championed by their elite have been their key concerns. Meanwhile, the working class people are struggling and suffering. "Don't like gasoline at $4.00 to $6.00 a gallon" they ask ? Then go buy an electric car !" And just how many working class people can afford $60,000 for an electric car and the higher utility bill that would go with it ? That ranks right up there when French Queen Marie Antoinette was told the people had no bread and replied, "The let them eat cake." Mr. Linderman, as a GOP activist, I can assure you the GOP does reach out to the working class and on more than just social issues. I just spent the last week at the Hardin County Fair doing just that.

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