It’s taken for granted in our country, but it requires a great deal of expense, equipment and good old hard work to be sure your tap is flowing and what comes out of it is good for you.

That’s why Hardin County residents should be celebrating. The two rural water districts serving most homes, businesses and industries in our communities are doing a stellar job.

That recently was affirmed by awards presented to Hardin County Water District No. 1 and District No. 2 at the Kentucky/Tennessee Water Professionals Conference and the Kentucky Rural Water Association Conference.

John Cruse, chief operator of the White Mills Treatment Facility, operated by District No. 2 was presented with the 2021 Operator Meritorious Award.

Additionally, the White Mills operation, which is the district’s largest treatment facility, was named 2021 Outstanding Plant of the Year for Kentucky. It marked the tenth consecutive year the White Mills Treatment Facility has received recognition by exceeding the Area Wide Optimization goals set by the Kentucky Division of Water for settled and finished turbidity standards.

Hardin County District No. 1 was recognized with a Clean Water Professionals of Kentucky & Tennessee Operational Excellence Award for both its Radcliff Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Fort Knox Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The Fort Knox Wastewater Treatment Plant also earned the George W. Burke Jr. Facility Safety Award for an on-going safety initiative.

Additionally the Kentucky’s Outstanding Overflow Abatement Award was given to the Radcliff Wastewater Collection in recognition of a project that resulted in improved water quality by controlling overflows. The district accomplished this in part thanks to a $9.6 million grant to assist with increasing the capacity of many lift stations as well as addressing flaws in the force/gravity system.

Also a certificate of award in recognition of selection as a finalist for the rural water associations’ 2021 Wooden Bucket Award was awarded to Stephen M. Hogan, general manager of District No. 1.

And to top it all off, the water from District No. 2 was named Best Tasting Water for 2021.

The districts’ staff and management should be quite proud. The rest of us should toast them with a cool glass of H2O fresh from the tap.

This editorial represents a consensus of The News-Enterprise editorial board.

This editorial represents a consensus of The News-Enterprise editorial board.

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