The path to learning often is tied in to how much you invest in a pursuit of academic excellence.

Two recent events – the Elizabethtown Education Foundation awarding grants to educators and the Central Kentucky Community Foundation scholarship announcements – are a big part of the ongoing effort to continually strive for academic excellence.

The EEF effort helps students, often at a young age, to have opportunities to expand their learning and often the reward is when the CKCF hosts Celebrating Achievement. That’s when hundreds of thousands of dollars is given to deserving students, some of whom have benefited from what EEF does.

It’s a win-win for students and those educators who broaden their minds.

EEF, a nonprofit corporation, raises money each year from private sources to give solely to the Elizabethtown In­de­pendent Schools district. Recently, they awarded 30 grants of more than $80,000 to EIS teachers.

Over the years, EEF has provided an array of educational tools to aid teachers. This year, with online learning at an all-time high, one of the biggest efforts was for Chromebooks for students.

CKCF provided $345,000 in 194 scholarships to 152 students through scholarship endowments and scholarships sponsored by businesses, organizations and families, for instance.

For many students, without financial help they may have had to delay or charge the course of their educational dreams.

Said Davette Swiney, CKCF president and CEO, “I think $345,000 in our region is quite phenomenal, and that really demonstrates our community’s commitment to education.”

It certainly does. And what EEF does each year also is a big reason Hardin County, for instance, turns out so outstanding students.

Financial backing isn’t the only way to achieve academically, but for many, what EEF does early in academic life and what CKCF does as a high school career nears an end, are avenues of opportunity that are needed for so many.

We’re pretty lucky in Hardin County to have the Central Kentucky Community Foundation and the Elizabethtown Education Foundation to be such strong advocates for academics.

This editorial reflects a consensus of The News-Enterprise editorial board.

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