WALKING TOUR. For 32 years, Elizabeth­town’s rich history has come to life through the Charles W. Logsdon Historic Down­town Walking Tour.

At 7 p.m. each Thurs­day from June to Sep­tem­ber, a variety of cos­tumed characters portraying his­torical figures make app­earances in downtown Elizabethtown.

Its popularity hasn’t waned over the years. Last year, for instance, record attendance of more than 1,275, took in the tour of people who lived in or visited Elizabethtown during its history.

Characters such as General George Arm­strong Custer, Sarah Bush Johnston Lincoln, P.T. Bar­num and James Buchanan, the future president, come to life each week.

The tour is a success from the dedicated residents, from numerous walks of life, who devote part of their lives as the tour characters.

The Charles W. Logs­don Historic Downtown Walking Tour is part of who we are in Elizabeth­town and time has only made it more of a summer staple in Elizabethtown.

Admission is free.

GET READY! CAMP. Prep­aration is key in every walk of life, whether you are planning your retirement, a vacation or getting a child ready to learn with school on the horizon.

The annual summer educational Get Ready! Camp is underway in Har­din County.

Now in its eighth year, the initiative of the Central Kentucky Community Foun­­dation focuses on child­ren from newborns to 5-year-olds and their fam­ilies to prepare them for school, either soon or in the near future.

Children in the interactive setting will learn about literacy, math, science and art, for instance.

It’s been quite popular, too. About 2,500 children and adults took part in last year’s camp.

This year, the camp expanded with a session being held at Wesley Hilltop House in Elizabethtown through June 28.

Adding Wesley Hilltop to the mix “really gives us a chance to take it into a community where people live and right there where people walk to and hopefully benefit from the programming that way,” said Davette Swiney, the foundation’s president and chief executive officer.

Get Ready! is more than a camp — it’s a foundation for the educational future of our youngsters.

WORKFORCE READINESS. Whenever about half of a school’s population is recognized for possessing certain skill sets, it’s a clear indication that a program is effective and that students are taking it seriously.

Career workforce read­iness is a benefit to not only graduating high school stu­dents, but businesses and industries seeking capable employees.

At Elizabethtown High School this year, 350 work readiness certifications were earned by students — up from 240 combined in previous years.

Susan Ryan, workforce readiness coordinator for Elizabethtown Independent Schools, said students with certificates had employment opportunities lined up from their certifications.

It’s a program that’s getting students ready for real-world experiences.

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