Governor’s job sure must be difficult

For several months a number of governors and the media have warned us of the dangers of assembling in churches and many jobs because of the fear of infection. And, motivated by fear, we believed them.

But since the death of George Floyd, the news media, several governors and mayors have encouraged people to protest. Some of them even have joined in the protests. All of a sudden social distancing and the fear of COVID-19 seem to have disappeared for those encouraging the protests.

Is it possible the “stay at home” orders and closures of businesses and churches were at least an overreaction and at worst were an attempt to damage the economy during an election year? And wouldn’t that be meddling in the election process? And isn’t it odd that the most restrictive COVID-19 governors happen to be encouraging the protestors, some like Michigan’s governor actually walking with protestors. When her citizens protested her rules, she brought in the state police.

Last year, in Kentucky, former Attorney General Andy Beshear supported protests against Gov. Matt Bevin. Now that Beshear is governor, he threatened to have protestors arrested. Seems odd to me.

Being a Democrat governor must be difficult.

Edmond Schwab


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Yes Gov Beshear encouraged the teachers to peacefully protest Gov Bevin's decision on teacher salaries, pensions etc.. He did not however encourage armed protesters to go to the capital, nor did he encourage protesters to hang Gov Bevin in effigy. I don't think I have heard Gov Beshear encourage any protests during the pandemic for either side. However, yes violent and or terrorist protesters should be arrested regardless of their background or cause. Republicans seem to gain great joy in the armed protesters and hanging Gov Beshear in effigy yet the love calling democrats the violent ones. So i guess if the democrats are the violent ones, republicans are the terrorists.


I didn't see any of the people looting Kroger wearing MAGA hats.


Outstanding factual comments, Mr. Schwab. Trust me, there are literally thousands of people who feel the way that you do but Beshear is determined, pandering to one group of people, to see that they have free health insurance. To heck with everyone else.

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