Mainstream media is off course

The mainstream media is a misnomer. Except for FOX you get propaganda from the left, Democratic talking points and outright lies. No, FOX is not perfect. It is much like President Donald Trump. It does the right thing for the right reasons but is often maligned because it speaks the truth based on facts and not made-up garbage.

Take Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Neither the MSM nor the Democratic Party will condemn the actions of either. If you look at the pictures of the destruction done by Antifa and BLM, it is criminal and completely contrary to maintaining peace in America.

What I am saying is this: I believe Antifa wants to destroy America and BLM is not much better. As a wise black actor said, “the problem with racism in America is that we talk about it too much. I am not a black American and you are not a white American. We are all just Americans.”

People want to come here and live and enjoy the privileges of our Democratic Republic. Our police are not perfect but they are not evil either. Consider other countries by comparison. Stalin purged/killed millions as did Hitler and Pol Pot. You think the Chinese Communists are any better? They are not. They use Muslim slaves to make Nike products so Colin Kapernick can make millions from Nike endorsements and take a knee thereby disrespecting America and all the many who fought and were either killed or maimed so radicals can take a knee. What a disgrace.

Where is the mention of the execution of 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant (Caucasian) by his black neighbor, Darius Sessoms, 25, on Aug. 9? Not in MSM, only on FOX. Do not all lives matter?

MSM pretends Joe Biden has a clue when he has none. Kamala Harris per MSM is a moderate. She is so far left that her car does not need tires on the right side.

Wake up, folks. Make your votes count for the good of America and the world. Vote Trump-Pence/McConnell/Guthrie and preserve our democratic way of life. And listen to FOX because MSM is nothing but garbage.

Jim Weise


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Independent Mind

Faux News? Really?


The MSM promotes the fantasy that there is some ideological difference between the Democratic and the Republican parties. But Harris and the Democratic party are all aboard the right wing train. Both parties are for big spending for the military, more military adventures overseas, less taxes for the rich, and less support for public schools and social services. Both parties are employed by the rich to work for the rich.

I will vote for Biden/Harris because I believe that Trump is brazen enough to try to steal the election by disabling the post office.


How many times have you been to Kroger, Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, Sam’s, etc etc since Mid- March? Why Would anyone insist on mailing blank ballots to literally everyone, registered to vote or not; alive, or not; human or pet, or not, when official absentee ballots are accessible?

Is a voting booth, cleaned off after each use more or less dangerous than that product you just picked off the shelf at a grocery store, hardware store, book store, that no telling how many people touched before you and was not cleaned off?

Why would anyone want to instill fear and anxiety to voting in person?

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