Concerned by silence surrounding fight

In a previous letter, I described the predicament of Sgt. 1st Class Kai Waters, a black Fort Knox soldier, when she was involved in a fight with a white civilian woman on Feb. 22. As noted in Elizabethtown Police Department Report No. 19-0456, Sgt. Waters was arrested on the scene and charged but ultimately cleared by a Hardin County grand jury in April. There has yet to be an official public release of the name of the woman who fought her. Anyone reading this letter can file a Kentucky Open Records Act 61.872 request and find the identity of the woman.

That’s not the same as a professional soldier like Sgt. 1st Class Waters being ostracized by the local media while being processed and humiliated through due process of law just because she chose to defend herself against a significantly larger woman. What makes this other woman so special the public won’t even get to read her name in the paper like they got to see who Sgt. 1st Class Waters was? It was a smear against the active duty Armed Forces and a young black woman who choose a military career to improve her chances for a fair piece of the American dream. Are white elitists putting a high-achieving black woman “in her place?”

Many white fellow Hardin County veterans disapprove of this situation and are wondering why the Hardin County chapter of the NAACP is strangely silent. As veterans, we all want to know why the NAACP has protested far less founded issues far more vigorously in the past.

Harry M. Braxton Jr.


Kentucky needs motorcycle helmet law

I am saddened to read about the two fatalities involving a motorcycle and a pickup truck on North Dixie Avenue last week. According to the Elizabethtown Police Department, neither of the two on the motorcycle were wearing a helmet. I wonder if those two would be alive today if they had helmets.

In my opinion, it is time Kentucky passed a law requiring helmets. They might not be comfortable, but perhaps could save lives. How about some help getting a law passed, legislators?

Ken McElhaney


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I too am sorry to see the loss of the two motorcyclists. I am not in favor of mandatory helmets. These are adults, they know the risks associated with riding and riding without a helmet or other protective equipment. Let adults choose their own risks and accept any negative consequences.

Let’s get the government out of our private lives.


I agree with Harry Braxton on this one. The name of the white woman who according to the N-E reporting said she followed the NCO off the parkway and initiated the physical confrontation. This is one story that needs to be followed up on and reported in the media. Otherwise this looks like institutional bias at least and more at worst.

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