‘Each man’s life touches so many others’

This time of year I enjoy watching the 1946 Christmas classic “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

The Electoral College has met and Biden/Harris will be our elected leaders. As in the movie, we move from today’s America with a multitude of Trump accomplishments (idyllic Bedford Falls in the movie) to the dark and scary Potterville (America under Harris/Biden).

About 75 percent of Republican and 30 percent of Democrat voters believe the Dems cheated to get Harris/Biden elected.

Can you blame them? I submit it is impossible to truly believe this was a clean election.

Most Americans believe in due process and facts. To sort out the multitude of problems in this election cycle there needs to be facts proven or disproved, hence resolving who really won the votes of Americans or who cheated their way into the presidency/VP. I submit that Biden/Harris (the so-called Person of the Year) are, in fact, like the evil banker Potter in the movie. They are deceivers extraordinaire; their supporters/allies are Soros/CCP.

Biden said he was unaware of his son’s business dealings when Hunter and Biden’s brothers flew on AF-2 with Joe all over the world where the Bidens were offered positions and money because of the VP’s connections. Come on, man.

Such outright chicanery defies common sense and logic. Like the Clintons, they sell their souls. The Chinese Communist Party is now openly bragging about its connections within the highest levels of U.S. politics. China wants it all and now they have Biden/Harris in their pocket all to the detriment of the U.S. and normal citizens.

Folks, Bedford Falls is no more. You are moving into the Twilight Zone of Potterville. We have been deprived of a fair and impartial election for the POTUS/VP. Denying the fraud does not change facts. America will suffer as China smiles.

Jim Weise


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No need to look anything up my comments stand on their own. I like the way you avoided Barr admitting that there was no evidence of wide spread cheating, But focused on whether he was fired or not. At this point I can’t prove he was fired any more than you can prove he quit because they haven’t said. It’s really a 50/50 at this point. He quit because of trump’s lawless pardon parade or trump fired him for telling the truth. The point being that Barr admitted there was no wide spread cheating.

Russia helping trump win. Well the Mueller investigation and the Republican led senate Intel committee both said that they did. Nice try at deflecting to Podesta though.

Yes Kennedy made his brother the attorney general, a job he was qualified for and had senate approval. Not just given “jobs” in the white house to scarf up more money from the American people. By the way how many patents did Bobby Kennedy get from China while in office? How many has Ivanka gotten from china, I think at last count it was 34 for Ivanka and 2 for “Trump”

Impeachment well that was a well-known fact worldwide so even you deniers can’t deny that.

Here’s one for you, prove he has paid the American people back for all of his golf trips to his properties, the cost of the rooms for his secret service agents and staff? The president has a secure vacation spot that the American people support that’s called Camp David. Not Mar-a-Largo, Trump national Bedminster NJ, Trump national Doral, Etc.

Police and National Guard troops were used to break up the peaceful protest. The National Guard is considered part of the military. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was there and so was the Secretary of Defense Mark Esper. Both of which later issued apologies for their parts and the misuse of military forces.

Pardons for Stone, Manafort, Popadopoulis, Jared’s Father, Michael Flynn (plead guilty 2 times to his crimes) 3 republican congressman that were/ or are serving time for various felonies. He Pardoned 4 Blackwater guards serving up to life in prison for murdering civilians in Iraq and too many more to list. He has his family and himself lined up next at some point.

Trumps bungling of the COVID response has led to an out of control virus that has cost over 330,000 lives. Recently uncovered emails have shown he didn’t even try to stop the spread, he was intending to try the failed herd immunity experiment in Sweden. Thankfully the vaccine is here now but not due to trump. They have been working on a Corona virus vaccine for years since the first coronavirus was discovered in 1965. That one causes the common cold, it has just been mutating. In 2003 it was SARS and in 2012 it was MERS. There are actually 7 different Corona viruses that can affect humans and COVID -19 has been the worst. That being said they have been working on a vaccine for coronavirus for a long time, not just because of trump.

Nice try though, I’m happy to clear up your misinformation anytime. A little research can go a long way to finding the truth

Independent Mind

Get a grip. Trump lost in a fair election. The most fair election ever. Merry Christmas.


Another rant from Mt Weise that has no bearing on reality. More false claims of a rigged election without a shred of proof. It's really kinda sad that republicans are still touting this false claim of cheating in the election. Trump lost every lawsuit. every recount and every attempt to influence republican state leaders to throw out legal ballots to hand trump the win. Some republicans still have honor and respect our democracy. Others we still see trying to push these false stories and misinformation. I believe your statement about 75 percent of republicans and 20 percent of democrats think it was rigged is just some off the wall comment from fox news or news max. Now 70 percent of republicans may not agree with the election because they were brainwashed by trump to believe that. He started that narrative in the spring saying that the only way he could lose was if there was cheating. That's why you and republicans believe that lie. All it takes is proof, and none of that can be found, Even Attorney General Barr said there was no widespread cheating and trump fired him for it, just like he fired Mr. Krebs for telling the truth

But just for the record lets look at trumps ideal world.

1. starts with Russian help to win the election( against the law)

2. Makes his family members part of his administration( nepotism)

3. Daily breaking the emoluments clauses of the constitution. using his golf courses while we paid the bill to him, touting his hotels for other governments to use and for official government travel in some cases.

4. Impeached over trying to force another foreign government to interfere with our election.

5. Botched response to the COVID pandemic. resulting in over 330,000 deaths and counting. The worst response of any developed country

6, Had the military break up a peaceful protest using tear gas so he could have a photo op with his upside down bible

7. Trying to overturn a free and fair election that he lost. Some members of government are expecting an attempted coup. He has blind followers willing to help him destroy our great democracy.

8. Unlimited pardons for corrupt politicians and criminals that are his supporters

I'm not sure about anyone else but I think we will be a lot better off and safer with the Biden/Harris team.


More lies. 1) "Even Attorney General Barr said there was no widespread cheating and trump fired him for it," Lie. Trump never fired Barr. Barr quit. Look it up. Prove it. You can't. 2) "starts with Russian help to win the election" Russia never tried to help Trump. DNC Chair John Podesta was just so stupid that Russia hacked his password. His password was "Pa$$word". The Russians tried to hack the RNC but the RNC wasn't as stupid as Podesta. 3) "Makes his family members part of his administration (nepotism)" Democrat John Kennedy made his BROTHER the Attorney General for crying out loud. What planet are you on? Look it up. If you need help let me know. 4) No emoluments clauses broken. Prove it. You can't. He reimbursed the government every penny. 5) "Impeached over trying to force another foreign government to interfere with our election" Word for word Trump said the same thing to the government of Ukraine that Biden had said years earlier. 6) Never botched anything. Did an outstanding job containing the virus. An even better job developing the vaccine in record time. The lying Democrats even admit that. As a matter of fact, all that Biden has said that he would do any different from Trump is have a mask mandate on Federal lands. Big frigging deal. 6) "Had the military break up a peaceful protest using tea gasr" Outstanding lie. The Federal military wasn't even present at the alleged incident at the church that the Black Lives Matter terrorist organization had vandalized,. 7) "Some members of government are expecting an attempted coup." You mean the coup that James Comey, under the direction of Hussein Obama, had tried to carry out against Trump? 8) "Unlimited pardons for corrupt politicians and criminals that are his supporters" You mean like Jimmy Carter pardoning his brother and Hussein Obama pardoning terrorists and Army deserters?

Do yourself a favor and look these facts up before you make the embarrassing false statements that you do.

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