Considers impeachment a sham

So, what did you think of the “show” Democrats, put on with their sham impeachment vote?

It seemed Speaker Nancy Pelosi was running a teenager’s slumber party with the telling all her minions “let’s all wear black” or like the State of the Union, where they were all told to “wear white.” How childish. Their acting was so bad with her “Oh, how sad, solemn, and prayerful, we are! How do we love our Founding Fathers, and we must obey our Constitution!” And just what was this nonsense that we all had to pay for? Three years wasted, nothing done and “now we must rush through this impeachment before President Trump can interfere in another next election!” Are you buying that, folks?

Two articles of impeachment, neither of which alleged an actual crime. If what they alleged, “abuse of power and obstruction of Congress,” were a legitimate basis for impeachment, then President Barack Obama would have been impeached every year from 2011 through 2016, when Republicans controlled the House.

Just to spell it out for those out there who haven’t figured it out yet, there is no such thing as “Obstruction of Congress.” If there is a dispute between Congress and the president, the matter is supposed to be settled by the courts. But Speaker Pelosi refused to do that stating, “We can’t be at the mercy of the courts!” Perhaps she forgot what I learned in high school civics class about there being three separate branches of government.

But there definitely was an abuse of power – by the Congress. For that we can thank Speaker Pelosi and her fellow House Democrats, with their sham impeachment, when no high crime or misdemeanor had taken place. It could not muster one Republican vote.

I’m so fed up with the “kids” in Congress, being paid with our tax dollars and doing nothing but acting like hateful, spiteful sore losers. Aren’t you?

Alma Medley


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Here's your sham. The day President Trump took office, the Washington Post ran this article. Proof positive that this is what the corrupt Dems have been after all along. When the conspiracy theory Russian Collusion Delusion failed then came hoax, scam impeachment. In fact, 6 months before Trump took office the radical left wing, Marxist Politico ran an article about Trump getting impeached. The bottom line is that the President of the United States has a right to investigate American political corruption all over the world. That's what President Trump was doing when he asked the Ukraine to investigate the corrupt Bidens.


The impeachment is not a sham or an attempt to overturn the election. It is a process to remove an openly corrupt president from office and to restore the integrity, respect and dignity to The Office of the President of the United States of America.Trump is the most openly corrupt president in history and he is being protected by brainwashed followers in the house and senate. Mitch McConnell has gone as far as to say he is working with the white house and trumps lawyers on how to proceed with the "trial." There is the real sham, It's really pretty simple. If trump is so innocent why has he blocked witnesses from testifying and documents from being examined? If he was innocent and the witnesses could prove him innocent, that would truly exonerate him and embarrass the democrats beyond belief. The upcoming senate trial could do that and put this to rest. However, they are positioned to continue this cover up and allow trump to do further damage to the country and the office that will take years to undo. All it takes is for Mitch McConnell to call witnesses and clear trump.. Why are they so afraid to do so?

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