Impeachment compared to coup

In Adolf Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” he famously wrote: “If you tell a lie loud enough and often enough it will become true.” We witnessed that in the impeachment process by politicians decidedly determine to undermine our freedoms under a false flag of betterment.

But that could never happen here, right? Well, we took the first step toward it by abolishing the Bill of Rights and declaring dead due process.

What the Democratic Party accomplished was to render the government of this country and our free and open elections akin to and on the same level as a Banana Republic coup. Admittedly, a sophisticated Banana Republic coup, as they didn’t take to the streets with tanks and armed forces, but nevertheless a coup. Their weapons – falsehoods, outright lies and deceit – propagated and disseminated by an allied mainstream media determined to overthrow a duly-elected government for the self-centered purposes of repairing a damaged sense of misguided pride.

And, what will replace this elected government that has, without any support from across the aisle, managed to accomplish so much in reversing the mistakes of the past. The answer to that is clear, Democrats will replace it with their traditional career politicians interested only in continuing to feed at the public trough and to maintain power over those who cannot think or provide for themselves. They will replace it with profligate spending and a bloated workfare bureaucracy all paid at the expense of a free people, a free market and a free democracy where the rights held so dearly by our founding fathers are voided under a cloak of lies.

So, can’t happen here, right? Think again. If a majority of Congress, all goose-stepping to the same power hungry agenda of leaders bent on total control can denied a president his rights under the constitution, what could this same majority do to us? The consequences indeed are frightening.

“From time to time the tree of liberty must be nourished with the blood of patriots.” – Thomas Jefferson

Frederick Moll


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"Why did Conservatives in Congress want to call the Bidens as witnesses? They had nothing to do with Trump's call or to Trump's obstruction of justice."

Your quote not mine. How embarrassing. The corrupt Bidens were specifically mentioned in the phone call. What do you mean that the Biden's had nothing to do with Trump's call? What obstruction of justice? The corrupt Dems couldn't come up with any and neither have you. The bottom line is that the president of the United States has the right to investigate and fight American political corruption all over the world. Period. The Dems are simply afraid that the Biden corruption will be exposed for what it is.


BTW-Here's your "free press".

You've got so many inaccuracies in your comments, I really don't know where to start. Surely you're not naïve enough to think that we don't know who the whistleblower is. I'll see if I can fill you in later. As far as Trump accusing some of the witnesses as traitors and spies, the fact is, some of them are. Lt. Col. Vindman's admission weighing offers from the Ukraine to join their government is certainly traitorous. He ought to be court martialed. You're comment that Hunter Biden's scam of getting paid $50,000.00-$83,000.00 a month is a distraction is an example of your bias. Now here's a guy, Quid Pro Joe's son, 2 months discharged out of the US Navy for drugs, getting paid an outrageous sum of money when he can't even speak Ukrainian or Russian, knows nothing about natural gas and can't even prove that he lived there when his corrupt Daddy is in charge of affairs with Ukraine. That's no distraction, it’s called corruption. Joe Biden's corruption. As far as a smear campaign, that comment's a joke. The entire Russian Collusion Delusion was a smear campaign and conspiracy theory carried on by your so called fake news free press and the Democrat Party. I mean, this makes Area 51 look like a piker. The bottom line is, the Democrats have got nothing. They started out quid pro quo but stopped using that term after they found out that Joe Biden did the same thing. Then they went to bribery but when it was determined that foreign aid itself is bribery and that every president has done it they then dropped that. The fact of the matter is that Trump has committed no crime and their charges DO NOT state that he has committed a crime. As far as obstruction of Congress, Obama obstructed Congress when he was caught selling guns to Mexican cartels with Fast and Furious. He then ordered Eric Holder not to testify before Congress.

The Democrats have got nothing and they know it. In fact, they're too embarrassed to deliver the impeachment articles to the Senate. But if the Democrats want witnesses they better be careful. Sen. McConnell could start with Barack Hussein, Quid Pro Joe, Hunter Biden, Adam Schiff and work his way down. Bring them on.

By the way, you never answered my question.


As usual all you have is right-wing conservative extremist cultist of Trump propaganda. Nothing you said is remotely true.

It is well documented Trump did not want to release funds to Ukraine. Since he could not overturn the will of Congress he tried to get something for himself. The Biden's. Stating he was only interested in corruption in the Ukraine and not the Bidens is another Trump lie. He never mentioned ukranian corruption during his infamous phone call but did mention the Bidens. Now we have Rudy Giuliani running around the Ukraine looking for allies to pressure the Ukraine President to open an investigation into the Bidens. Rudy Giuliani previously said he has only one client. President Donald Trump. So this is why Trump was impeached. As more documents come out and the courts request witnesses to testify we will get more of the truth. Trump using back channel illegal diplomacy to get an investigation into the Bidens or if he asked for it directly he broke the law. Trump sealed the calls recording and released a redacted notes of the call. Trump silenced all staff from speaking about the call. All documents related to this issue have been sealed. What is Trump hiding? But the freedom of information act is unseating documents every week and they are detailing Trump's dirty work. You can make excuses for Trump's crimes all you want. The fact is Biden Jr. and Joe Biden are separate from what Trump has done. If the Bidens are guilty then Trump is still guilty. That is a fact. Do you know of any ongoing investigations into the Bidens? Why did Conservatives in Congress want to call the Bidens as witnesses? They had nothing to do with Trump's call or to Trump's obstruction of justice. So why call them as witnesses? Grand standing and propaganda. Now the conservative Senators are doing the same thing. They want to call the Bidens to testify about what? Anything they are accused of has Nothing to do with Trump. You attack the Bidens for nothing


The impeachment is not a coup or an attempt to overturn the election. It is a process to remove an openly corrupt president from office and to restore the integrity, respect and dignity to The Office of the President of the United States of America.

Trump is the most openly corrupt president in history and he is being protected by brainwashed followers in the house and senate. The republicans are not wanting to see or hear the truth. Their goal is to keep trump in power and stack the courts with unqualified far right federal judges. Mitch McConnell will not even bring bills to the floor for debate or votes unless trump pre-approves them. McConnell has even gone as far as to say he is working with the white house and trumps lawyers on how to proceed with the "trial." It's really pretty simple. If trump is so innocent why has he blocked witnesses from testifying and documents from being examined? If he was innocent and the witnesses could prove him innocent, that would truly exonerate him and embarrass the democrats beyond belief. The upcoming senate trial could do that and put this to rest. However, they are positioned to continue this cover up and allow trump to do further damage to the country and the office that will take years to undo. All it takes is for Mitch McConnell to call witnesses and clear trump.. Why are they so afraid to do so?


When you say "openly corrupt", please explain your definition of openly corrupt and please tell us how that differs from anything else any other president has done. You're wrong when you see say that Republicans don't want to see the truth. They wanted to call several witnesses in the House debacle. The alleged whistleblower, Crackhead Hunter Biden, Quid Pro Joe Biden and many more but Nadler and Schiff wouldn't let them appear. This entire thing has been a bigger farce than the Brett Kavanaugh lies created by Feinstein, Schumer and other Democrats. As a matter of fact, Schiff co-ordinated with the whistleblower before he even wrote the complaint. If you like, I can send you pictures of the whistleblower taken with Pelosi, Scihiff and Schumer.


You are singing the swan song of the republican party that is protecting the corruption in the white house. The only witnesses that were relevant to the case that weren't allowed were the whistleblower and Schiff. The other people were only part of the distraction and had no direct information relevant to the actions of trump. How do you know that is the "whistleblower" Their identity hasn't been released nor should it be. Whistleblowers are supposed to have protections. This corrupt president has even levied veiled threats against them. Calling them traitors, spy etc, and wishing they could do what the did to traitors in the old days. ie. killed them. The Hunter Biden issue is only a distraction from the truth that trump was caught red handed once again trying to use foreign influence in the upcoming election. It is also a smear campaign against Joe Biden who just happens to be a front runner in the democratic field against trump in November. Look its real simple, if trump were so innocent why would he block the very people that could exonerate him. Answer: He cannot because it would prove his guilt. He admitted on the phone call transcript to asking for a favor from Zelenski, Mulvaney admitted in a press conference that the aid was held up pending the investigation into Barrisma(the Bidens). The proof is there you only need to open your eyes. In reality trump is the Traitor to the country, inviting foreign influence into our elections, trying to shut down the free press, Violating the emoluments clauses of the constitution. He has done or trying to do everything the dictators of the world are doing.

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