Economy remains the primary issue

I would like to look beyond the current impeachment hoax by House Democrats and address what really matters to most Americans: Our economy.

The final jobs report for 2019 was released recently and I am not surprised how little the mainstream media have reported this. The Dec. 6 Washington Examiner story “Amid Media’s Recession Panic, U.S. Ends Decade With Robust Booming Jobs Numbers,” stated the Bureau Of Labor Statistics reported 266,000 jobs were created in November. Labor participation remained at 63.2 percent with wages rising 3.1 percent from last year. Unemployment is now at a 50-year low of 3.5 percent.

President Donald Trump’s economic policies, brought in shortly after he took office, have been key to this. Cutting taxes, eliminating job killing regulations, expanding our energy production, and renegotiating past trade deals have put American workers first.

It is this success which is the real reason behind the Democrat’s impeachment push. After all, it was Al Green, D-Texas who said, “Impeachment is the only thing that can prevent President Trump from re-election in 2020.”

And do you think our Democratic leaders and media are happy about our economy? Guess again. The New York Times, CNBC and Bloomberg News have all published articles claiming a recession is imminent. Bill Maher summed it up well when he said, “I do want a recession. We have survived many recessions. We can’t survive another Trump term.”

To these Grinches who want to steal our prosperity I have a simple comment, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

Patrick M. McElvaney


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I see that you're back to dreaming up all the radical left wing delusions that you've always come up with. Where do you get your delusions that there were 800 trucking firms that went out of business? The fact of the matter is, that trucking firms are doing so well that they can't find enough drivers. In fact, ECTC, with help from Nall's Trucking, is starting a program to train CDL-A drivers because they can't find enough driver's. What Communist rag did you find that farmer's lost 20% of market share? You're the only troll I've ever seen who could argue with yourself in posting two posts on one Letter to the Editor. The true reason is that you're trying to convince yourself that your BS is correct.


Trump and his administration lie. The economy has been made into a giant bubble thanks to Trump. $500 billion or more will be pumped into the REPO market by December 31st, 2019. Another banking welfare scam and use of taxpayer dollars. The reason is Trump removed all Obama era safety nets. Corporate bonuses rise but no safety net. Indicators the stock market 50% inflated. Banks reserve cash spent. REPO accounts below a safety limit. But if Democrats point this out like under Bush/Cheney Conservatives start the propaganda hate speech and deceptions. The economy is fake under Trump.

Lost 800 trucking firms this year. The most retail store losses in American history. Steel and Coal job loss after welfare tariff wars. Safed nobody's job but owners reaped and removed profits. The Massive tax cut helped only the wealthy who did not reinvest in jobs. Instead, modernization removed jobs. Farmers lost in the trade war. Killing NAFTA hurt many corporations then the new one helps. Trump has forced more international tariffs then in US history. For no benefit.


Well if you care not about treason, then lets alk economy. Bush/Cheney and the right-wing conservative extremist devasted the American economy. During the Obama era, Mitch McConnell vowed to make Obama a one-term President and every Conservative in office just drew a check for 8 years and it was up to Obama and Democrats to clean up the financial mess. The Conservatives whined the economy was moving too slowly forward. They whined about the National debt and the bailout. Now under Trump and Conservatives again the economy is in peril. Trump has nearly removed all safety valves installed under Obama. By 12/31/2019 the Fed will have to pump $500 billion into the repo market. If anything happens in the economy the Banks again have no cash. The last crisis was because banks stopped lending. Conservatives knowing they did not have the votes declared let them fail. The bailout worked and the money has been repaid. What will conservatives do this time?

By the facts, Trump's unforced tariff war lost American business's market share for their exports. Farmers have lost nearly 20% of their export market. That will not be made up. We lost in one year 800 trucking firms. We lost the most retail stores in one year, in history. The steel market after getting government welfare is letting employees go as the business owners suck out all the profits again. The coal companies are letting people go after Trump's welfare deal. But if you want to believe the job numbers after all of Trump's lies then go ahead. I have no doubt when things collapse you will blame Hillary.

Currently, the large money people and investors are pumping money into the stock market. Nearly a trillion dollars this last quarter. But the investors vs the money is small. That means if they decide to move their money the market can be cut in half. That is because the wealthy few have the majority of money in the market.

The energy market has been corrupted by the Trump administration. Trump removed all of Obama's era safety nets. Obama had the use your lease or lose your lease. More American oil began being pumped. But the American market was influenced by the oil glut. Prices dropped and Oil and Natural gas companies went bankrupt. Now we are importing more energy under Trump than under Obama. Now Trump is allowing exports of our American resources and our energy cost rise. We pay more for electricity and fuel while energy companies make bank.

So Trump jeopardizes our economy for short term political gain. Thanks to his corporate tax cut, Corporate America paid an 11% tax. We the individuals still pay more. Wages went up but were eaten up by inflation for everyone but the wealthy.

Right-wing conservative extremist has divided and corrupted so much of America that moderate Republicans are vocalizing their anger over the Trump Cultist.Conservatives are not the majority party. Moderate Republicans are.

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