Troubled by statement about spending

I recently watched a November 2019 Hardin County School Board meeting. Chairman Charlie Wise made the statement, “Yes, we are still spending taxpayer money as several people have written in the newspaper.”

As you well know, I am one of those writers as well as letters sent to Wise and many of the past and current board members. My letters have been mainly about the incessant spending of our tax dollars and the frequent raises in property taxes approved by the school board.

People would have to have seen the broadcast, but the attitude displayed clearly showed arrogance and the disdain he has for the local taxpayer. Does he and the other board members even give a thought as to how their annual expenditure of millions of our tax dollars impacts the Hardin County populace? When they vote to raise our property taxes, do they have any concern for how the constant spending and tax increases affect the senior citizens just trying to get by?

I honestly feel the board often raises taxes when there is no need and do it just because it can. Then we hear, “Oh, we have all this extra money. Let’s spend it.” Either that or the board spends so much over its projected budget it has to raise taxes in order to meet debt payments.

If any of them were on the board of a regular company, they would be seeking employment. They would not tolerate the way money is mishandled and we shouldn’t either. You do a very poor job of managing our tax dollars.

I was so glad to see Steve Bland is seeking the Division 4 seat on the school board. When he wins, perhaps we’ll finally have a board member who cares about the plight of Hardin County seniors and a person who will give every property owning taxpayer a say in how their tax dollars are spent.

Paul Rose


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Mr Rose, Hardin County School Board Districts 1, 4 and 5 are up for election this November 2020.

John Flanagan has filed for District 1, and Steve Bland has filed for District 4. Both have shared concerns in the past about spending.

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