Before moving forward, let’s look back

A recent letter to the editor from a die-hard Donald Trump supporter admitting President-elect Joe Biden will be leading the country Jan. 20, 2021, does lend a bit of hope. Yes, the Electoral College has spoken. Even the shenanigans attempted by Trump and his conspiracy-theory lawyers (i.e. Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and many more) could not overturn the overwhelming win by Biden in the electoral and the legal popular vote. Even Sen. Mitch McConnell admitted the election is over.

This letter attacked President Biden and attempted to reiterate the conspiracy theories mouthed by Rudy and Sidney which even former Attorney General William Barr could not support. The writer attempts to connect Biden and China with more conspiracy theories. More rubbish.

Let’s take a minute and talk about the Trump administration and China.

• Do you remember the dinner in April 2017 when President Trump and Chairman Xi of China dined together at Mar-a-Lago? Do you remember who was sitting at the head table with the chairman and his wife? It just happened to be Jared and Ivanka Trump. I am not sure if Jared had a security clearance by that time or if the father-in-law granted him one.

• Do you remember the Trump visit to the For­bid­den City in China with Melania in November 2017? Perhaps, this was diplomacy to help out in the 18 trademarks granted by China to favorite daughter Ivanka.

• Do you remember when Trump said in August 2019 that Xi is a “very good man”?

I also find it interesting the writer mentions nothing about Russia. Neither does Trump. But let’s talk about Russia.

• Do you remember in Helsinki, Finland, where Trump sided with his mentor Vladimir Putin against our own FBI? Do you remember the meeting for two hours with this former KGB agent and Trump did not allow notes to be taken?

• Do you remember when Trump said he was “not briefed” on the Russian bounties on American soldiers?

And, now he decides to veto the defense bill on his way to Mar-a-Lago which Vlad is giving a large cheer.

Allan Poikonen


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Typical uneducated Democrat conspiracy theories.

First of all, we could care less whether he knows whether or not Jared and Ivanka had security clearance to attend a dinner. If President had granted them clearance, that would be his perogative.

Yes. We remember Helsinki. The President has every right to ask that no notes be taken at any discussion with a foreign leaders. Presidents have done this on thousands of occasions. Remember when Hussein, on an open mike, saying that after the election that Hussein would have more latitude to do things?

I love his statement "our own FBI." You mean the same FBI that tried to tried to execute a coup of a sitting President? Remember the Russian Collusion Delusion?

Last but not least the President was not briefed on Russian bounties because it never happened. This conspiracy theory has also been debunked. There was no briefing because the Russian bounties never happened.

Just more Democrat lies.


Very well said Mr Poikonen

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