Looking to Joe Biden for greatness

Never did I ever think I would see the day when a mob, invited and incited to violence by the President of the United States himself, would storm the United States Capitol building, leading to the deaths of four people and the arrest of 83 rioters.

But then again, never did I ever think I would see a man elected President who began his political career questioning the legitimacy of the birth certificate of the sitting President; who disparaged the great patriot John McCain, who refused to release his tax returns; who showed contempt for all living Presidents and had contempt returned by those Presidents; who stood with white supremacists in Charlottesville and beyond; who financially profited from the office of his Presidency while in office; who downplayed and bungled the federal response to the most deadly pandemic of our lives (370,861 and counting); who abandoned American leadership on the world stage and antagonized our allies; who didn’t hold Russia accountable for much of anything, including the bounties placed on the heads of American soldiers; who allowed North Korea and Iran to increase their nuclear capabilities; who put children in cages and ripped at least 700 of them from their families; who sabotaged the United States Post Office; who called the media the enemy of the people; who lied openly more than 20,000 times; who refused to meet with Black Lives Matter advocates, which compelled them to take to the streets during a pandemic to have their voices heard.

And most disgracefully, a man who will not concede an election that he clearly lost fair and square.

We can only hope that the peaceful transition of power will happen Jan. 20. With President Biden we can begin to repair the damage and to heal wounds both domestically and internationally. We are counting on you to Make America Great Again, President Biden.

Julie Harris Smith


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Great letter Mrs Smith. The trump terror train will soon be out of power and Joe Biden can rebuild out country. The trump supporters that are left still need to be watched though. They are delusional over trump and are capable of any level of damage and havoc to please him and his ego.


Whatever it was that caused the swamp creature, Donald Trump, to rise to power still exists with 74 million backers. We're not done with the fascism.

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