National GOP leaders betrayed Trump

President Donald Trump accomplished more for this country than any other U.S. president whom I can remember. He also endured more deceit and hatred than any other president. It is especially shameful how Trump was attacked and betrayed by national level leaders in his own party. On Jan. 7, I changed my political affiliation from Republican to Independent.

There was no meaningful investigation of the corruption which occurred in this last election. No one at any level of the federal government wanted to find out why there were situations with more votes than registered voters. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts didn’t want to deal with it; even when numerous states requested SCOTUS involvement to sort things out.

The SCOTUS has reviewed cases far more petty than that. Was it either cowardice or corruption? Shame on you, Chief Justice Roberts.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell could have requested an investigation but he apparently just wanted to get the election over with and kick the can down the road. There was plenty of evidence to be examined and the respective state courts each had conflicts of interest as it was their decision to implement the mail-in ballot. When the SCOTUS refused to hear it, I feel Sen. McConnell should have wanted a Senate investigation of the election discrepancies

I will never vote for Sen. McConnell again and will fully support actions to create an amendment to allow us to recall either him and/or anyone else who has lost their way.

Because of a recently demonstrated lack of both intestinal fortitude and integrity in too much of it’s national-level elected leadership, there is currently no room for me in the Republican Party. President Trump knew how to inspire all manner of people to greatness instead of just elitist Republicans. Perhaps his passion for all Americans is exactly why he was betrayed.

If Donald J. Trump calls, I’ll still be there for him.

Harry M. Braxton Jr.


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Thanks for the warning.


Not really a warning but a clear statement of my intent. Mitch McConnell needs to either show some gumption and intervene in serious issues or come home. [thumbdown]


Just a clear statement of my intent!!

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