Sow seeds upon the moral high ground

I am, without any equivocation, a staunch supporter of President Trump. Moreover, I believe the efficacy of his achievements, viewed through the lens of 20/20 hindsight will validate him as one of the greatest presidents in the history of this country. His unmatched record of economic growth, the building of an unparalleled national defense capability and the attainment of previously unattainable peace initiatives in the Middle East cannot be ignored by future historians.

Like many, I too am angered at a biased national news media, a politicized DOJ and a rapacious Democratic Party. No other modern president has been so disrespected or subjected to as many mendacious allegations as President Trump. The left’s unprecedented rejection of President Trump and their efforts to derail his presidency, predicated on emotion and personal animosity, were absent of any cogent facts. This is especially troubling because these actions set a dangerous standard by which any future president may be summarily impeached, not because of incompetency, but simply because their personality is offensive to a certain segment of a populous.

These are not the acts of a nation built upon the foundations of freedom as enumerated in the specific powers of our constitution. These are acts more aligned with dictatorships where emotions and not reason prevail. These are the acts that lead to a Kristallnacht or a Portland.

That said, Jan. 6, 2021, will be remembered as the day those of us who believe in the constitution, the dignity of government and the Republican Party descended into the same darkness as those we hold in contempt on the far left. Some of us, in fact, became them.

We are far better than this and must maintain the moral high ground. Does that mean I believe the election was conducted fairly? With left-leaning courts deciding the validity of votes and other totals defying the laws of probabilities, no. But there will be other elections. The seeds sown in 2020 will, in future elections, bear the fruits of victory for while the baton has been passed 2020 will not be forgotten.

Frederick Moll


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Mr Moll the republican party cannot ever again try to claim any type of moral high ground after supporting and defending trump for four years. Jan 6, 2021 is just the saddest and most treasonous thing trump and the republicans have done. Most of you still believe the big lie the trump started before the election. That if he lost the election it was stolen. He started that long before the election because once Biden became his opponent he knew he was going to loose and you all still believe that nonsense. He played that lie even harder after he lost the election. After 60 plus court cases and lawsuits that were thrown out due to lack of proof and after several recounts in Georgia and Pennsylvania you all still believe it. He has been impeached twice once for the Ukraine affair and the republican led senate let him off, Now he has been impeached for inciting the insurrection on Jan 6th. It looks like the republicans will again let him off, The republicans have backed and supported his every move, legal or not, that's where you have lost any right to claim any moral high ground. The few republican politicians who have stood against him to do the right thing have faced censures from their states and contempt from their fellow congressmen and senators. So your high ground claim is hollow.




I've read about Kristallnacht, but I must have missed something. I'll have to look it up on wikipedia (


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