Call for impeachment of Andy Beshear

“I do solemnly swear that I will support the Consti­tution of the United States and the Constitution of this Commonwealth, and be faithful and true to the Commonwealth of Kentucky so long as I continue to be a citizen thereof.” This is the first part of the oath that Gov. Andy Beshear swore when he took office in December 2019. It is all too apparent that our current governor has not only violated his oath of office, but our civil rights as well.

Making sure that no crisis be allowed to go to waste, he has abused his emergency powers to act as a petty dictator and daily played to his personal “brown nose brigade” that is our local mainstream media. It is far past time to put an end to his tyranny by impeaching and removing Gov. Andy Beshear from office.

The American Family Association of Kentucky is one of many who are calling out for this as well. Its list of charges are as specific as they are damning.

Besides his edicts on the wearing of masks which are not proven to prevent the spread of the virus and his closing of businesses which put thousands out of work with little or no access to unemployment benefits, Gov. Beshear attacked the 1st Amendment in ways which no one would have thought possible. He sought to restrict worship services while keeping his pet abortion clinics open. He tried to prevent people from peacefully assembling while turning a blind eye to the BLM/ANTIFA led riots which devastated Louisville twice this year. Did he say even one word about social distancing to the looters, vandals and arsonists who were allowed to rampage in the streets?

So here are the facts. There is just cause for Gov. Beshear’s impeachment and removal from office. Our General Assembly has the Republican votes to do it having 75 of 100 House seats and 30 of 38 seats in the Senate. And for the Democrats out there, I will remind you that this time last year abuse of power was one of the charges President Donald Trump was impeached and later acquitted of. I urge our Republican legislators to give the Democrats a chance to see what it is like we when play by their rules.

Passing new laws won’t stop Gov. Andy Beshear. Impeachment and removal will.

Kenneth L. Randall


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Its really quite telling that you want to impeach the governor over taking public health steps tp protect the residents of Kentucky. The governor hasn't done anything that other governors haven't done in one form or another. The Kentucky supreme court, appeals courts and even the Supreme court have affirmed his rights by law as well as his responsibility to take these actions. That's why the state constitution allows it. Now the republican led legislatures are 1. working on laws to limit the governors powers in state/federal emergencies and 2. Some have started an impeachment inquiry. What is so sad about this turn of events is that these very same republicans were against impeaching trump over his Ukraine fiasco. They believed and supported his lies about losing the election fair and square. I wonder how many Kentuckians were at the capital for the rioting and looting of the Nation's capital while trump egged them on and incited violence? Now the far right is saying it was antifa that did it.... Seriously they will stoop lower and lower to lick trumps boots. The riots on the 6th of January were incited by trump, Hawley and Cruz. There weren't any ANTIFA or BLM to blame this time. They were carried out by brainwashed blinded trump minions with one goal in mind. To try and subvert our democracy. The right constantly calls out Antifa and BLM but where are they now? Hiding in shame over what their leader has done.


The lunatic fringe of the impeach Andy crowd is putting up yard signs saying 'MAKE HANGING TRAITORS GREAT AGAIN'.

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