Impeachment has been goal from start

On Jan. 20, 2017, just minutes after President Donald Trump took office, the Washington Post headline read “The Campaign to Impeach President Trump Has Begun.” When Rashida Tlaib was elected to office in 2018 one of her first words were “ ... we’re gonna go in there and impeach” the expletive deleted. Democrat Congressman Al Green has said, “I’m concerned that if we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected.”

This is all proof positive that this impeachment fiasco is an outright scam, hoax and political. The radical left Democrats and their lap dog news media had planned this from the start.

For well over two years, Americans suffered the Russian Collusion Delusion orchestrated by members of the Deep State FBI and CIA, the Democrat Party and the news media led by CNN and MSNBC. This is absolutely the biggest conspiracy theory in the history of the United States.

Since Robert Mueller could find no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, Demo­crats were left to try to come up with another witch hunt. So with Adam Schiff’s help came the whistleblower complaint concerning the phone call from Trump to the Ukrainian president concerning the corruption of the Bidens.

The corruption of the Bidens are by now infamous. No one can dispute that Joe Biden got his son a lucrative $83,000 a month job working in the Ukraine while Daddy Joe, as vice president, was in charge of Ukrainian affairs with the Obama administration. Other matters of Biden family corruption have been alleged.

All of this proves this impeachment has been a political witch hunt all along. The president has the right to investigate American political corruption anywhere in the world. Period.

Lanny Vincent


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Lanny Vincent

More Biden corruption


More facts from Mr. Vincent


Poor Larry Vincent forgot all about the 2016 election. Too hopped up on Right-wing Conservative Koolaid. So you do not forget the Conservatives did not want Trump. They dug up a mountain of dirt on Trump. Trump still has State, Federal and International investigations waiting for him after his term. So during the election, they were a lot of exposure to Donald Trump. Many wanted his indicted during the election cycle. But politicians yelled let the people decide. Sure people can elect you or not but that does not erase the law. So some people elected Trump. His times await him still. So someone who says they will impeach trump knew what they were talking about. Trump dragged all his legal baggage into the White House. That is his baggage. As true before it is true today. No one above the law.

Conservatives said and did many things against President Obama and Hillary Clinton. Even while saying innocent until proven guilty about Trump, Conservatives have convicted the Bidens, Hillary Clinton, and Obama without a charge of misconduct, evidence of a crime or anything. And yet across every social media and this paper claims of misconduct rain down as a cat 5 hurricane to condemn, judge and convict the Bidens, Obama, and Hillary Clinton. Conservatives have only vomited conspiracy theories. And yet they ignore the activity of Donald Trump. Somehow they believe if you say somthing is not there then it is not there? Conservatives say no evidence for impeachment, no smoking gun? If it is evidence then not an impeachable offense. A worst, poor judgment followed by a very little white lie. Now people that is High-Quality Hollywood B.S. to sell the American people.


And it has always been the plan for the Republicans to derail the impeachment. Republicans, including Ted Cruz, complaining today that the Democrats were saying the same thing over and over, but refusing to allow witnesses to offer new evidence. A Catch 22 for the House and anything but impartial for the Senate majority.

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