Racism taints vision of justice

White racism in America is systemic throughout our local, state and federal governments. It affects how the executive, legislative and judicial branches operate. It affects all areas of our lives. Executives must enforce the laws justly, legislators must pass just laws and judges must interpret the laws justly. To love is to do justice.

As long as the Republican Party is overwhelmingly white, the likelihood of justice prevailing across the board is not going to happen. I say this because I don’t see Republicans in Washington, D.C., and across our country acknowledging we have racism problems. Therefore, the Republican officeholders do nothing to change 401 years of systemic racism which still manifests itself throughout our country. They just don’t get it.

Paul L. Whiteley Sr.


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Yes linda, but you are a loser in everyone's mind. I documented my sources, the very conservative Heritage foundation, and provided the link to their database of verified voter fraud. You however just provided republican talking points and a weak "opinion" article on possibilities. As i said before, provide me with reliable documentation and i will read it. Not PJmedia propaganda. However, you cannot do that because you know it doesn't exist. So you have lost yet again. The old saying "put up or shut up" really comes into play here. Provide documentation of your claims or fall back into the false reality of trumpland.


You're a legend in your own mind, Adkins. I haven't lost anything. we had the voter suppression talk and you lost. None here. You made the comment that there had "only been around 2,000 incidents involving God knows how many people of voter fraud in so many years" was embarrassing for you. I had a couple neighbors over and we all had a good old laugh. Keep up the work. We're enjoying the laughs.


Linda I would not consider that a racist comment because a lot of the democratic party is black, Hispanic. LGTBQ. The democratic party is the party of acceptance of all people. As far as the republican party goes just look at your leader trump. Always tweeting derogatory stuff about minorities. How about his tweet of the golf cart parade in Florida with people chanting White power. All the while the prominent members of the republican party by and large sit back and silently support this. Meanwhile the outspoken and average republican on the street takes these things as acceptable and run with them. Recent acts bear this out. The black man in Florida that was chased down and killed by three white men on video, multiple accounts of BLM protesters being run down by cars. A recent incident in Indiana where a black man was harassed and threatened to be lynched until people stepped in. Again, that was caught on video. Facts and actions speak volumes and your party has shown it's true nature over and over again. We've had the discussion about voter suppression before and you lost that battle as well. I'm not the one whining here, seems to me you are. I can back my comments with facts and proof, not republican talking points


"The republican party has become the party of rich white people." You don't consider this a racist statement, Adkins? What if someone said that the Democrat Party was made up mostly of blacks, Mexicans and LGBTQ people. Would you consider that racist? As far as provable that Republicans rig elections, you've proved nothing. You didn't happen to go to the Christine Blasey Ford School of Whining did you ?


Linda, I pointed this out to you a while back. The republican party has become the party of rich white people. There are some people of color in the party but a relatively small percentage. I wonder why? It's not calling them racists. you are identifying as such. This is from a previous response to you. Look a the US house and Senate, There are approx 15 republican members that are not white, That's out of 252 republican members. So the face of the party has become rich white people. I did not say they are racist merely stating the fact that their National political profile is rich white people. The house, the senate, trump and his regime, the Koch brothers, Hannity, Limbaugh, Ailes, Stone, etc.. That's the facts, not a racist comment. Their policies are aimed at helping the wealthy as well. There are more non-white members of the democratic party that's the truth. That's why the republicans work so hard at voter suppression, so they can win elections. They can't win a fair one, so they try to rig them. Again, that is a provable point. So keep whining and digging for more "propaganda" You know Linda it's getting to easy to disprove and embarrass you and Dono. All it takes are the facts


"As long as the Republican Party is overwhelmingly white," What a racist comment. Mr. Whitely writing his monthly racist letter.


Interesting thoughts Mr. Whiteley. It appears that you desire a completely anti-racist America. I’m very curious, what does the end state look like?

You mentioned that executives, legislators and judges must enforce, pass, and interpret laws justly. Does that mean that they should all strictly follow the constitution or is there some other guideline you feel they should follow? Also, I don’t want to interpret incorrectly so could you define the passage you wrote, “To love is to do justice” please.

Next you mention that because the Republican Party is majority white, justice will not prevail. You imply that because the Republican Party is white, systemic racism will continue. I’m troubled here and need your input. What is your definition of systemic racism? Also, are you saying that if the Republican Party were comprised of a majority of African or Asian Americans that there would be no systemic racism? How does this resolve “systemic racism?” Again, I need to understand you better.

Finally, what is your vision of how to resolve systemic racism? Should we pass some sort of civil rights act, de-fund police departments, destroy all of the nation’s monuments, restrict the constitutional rights of white people, or some other action? What would your plan look like?


Serious question for the NE staff: Why is an individual from another "big city" allowed to race-bait in our local paper? I have seen many slanted opinions from this "contributor" and they are a majority bent towards "big city" problems.

The people I know in Hardin County are God-fearing individuals who would gladly help their neighbors regardless of race, creed or nationality!

One might want to clean one's own house before attacking us or our local officials!

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