Concerned about worship rules on post

The letter by Byron Simmons published July 19 really hit home. I thought about writing almost two months ago.

Sometimes I believe the Command Staff at Fort Knox has a low regard for the veterans. Notice I said veterans, not retirees.

My dad retired at Fort Knox in 1968 and started working at Cavalry Chapel, providing services for the basic trainees during Catholic Mass. When I retired from the U.S. Air Force in 1991, I decided to move here to take care of my parents. I helped Dad at the Cav Chapel.

When we lost basic training units in 1997, Catholic services moved to the base chapel on Saturday afternoons. Then, this Mass was lost. All services were moved to Prichard Chapel.

Around 2014, I started preparing everything for Cath­­olic services and reading scripture. My Dad passed in 2015 and I did this to honor him.

This virus problem resulted in canceling of all services until further notice.

The beginning of June, the chapel coordinator told me that we will again start having Mass. “But,” I was told that those of us older than 65 years will not be able to attend.

I admit, I came unglued. I already suffer from PTSD and this decision was a “kick in the teeth.”

My dad would be disgusted to know that all our volunteer work was for naught.

Command directed that “anyone older than 65 who does not abide by the rule will be banned from the post.”

This seems like age discrimination to me.

The latest indications have people under 30 years old testing positive. Will they also be denied to attend services?

I realize that Command wants to protect active duty personnel and their families from being infected. I attend St. Christopher Church now where we wear masks and use “social distancing.” Why can’t the same requirements work on Fort Knox?

How will people know if parishioners are over 65? Will there be MPs at the door checking ID cards?

Pinky Bilz


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