Gov. Beshear’s outrage seems selective

In late May, a group of people had a rally at the state capitol to protest an injustice mandated by, what many people consider, tyrannical Kentucky governor Andy Beshear. These “executive orders” put many people out of work while getting little or no help from a broken unemployment system. While Beshear outlawed Christians attending church and elective surgery, the abortion slaughterhouse is going full bore. I guess Beshear doesn’t understand the term elective surgery. Could it be because Planned Parenthood is a big-time political donor to Beshear and Democrats?

At this peaceful rally, there was no violence. No one was hurt, no one shot and no looting. There was an effigy hung of Beshear at the rally with the words “Sic Semper Tyrannis,” which is Latin for “Thus always to Tyrants” first uttered at Julius Caesar’s assassination.

Hanging political figures in effigy is as American as America. One of the first politicians hung in effigy in America was of King George III in the 1770s by John and Samuel Adams and other patriots. Hanging political figures in effigy has nothing to do with race or racist in nature. Later, Beshear had his little pity party, whining like a whipped pup, demonizing these people and blaming a “radical militia group” when in reality these were just everyday people wanting to go to work and go about their business.

Now fast forward a couple of weeks. People are protesting what they consider an injustice. Do we see nonviolence? No, we see people shot, police officers shot at, leaf blowers blowing bleach on the police, widespread looting, rocks and bricks thrown at the police and many more violent acts. Where is Beshear’s little pity party now?

After the patriot protest, Beshear made the comment that nonviolent protesters brought “fear and terror.” What does Beshear call this? I haven’t heard the words “fear and terror” from him concerning these thugs but I see a lot of people fearful.

Beshear and the Democrats can take solace, though, in knowing that most of these people committing these crimes will vote Democrat.

Lanny Vincent


Chairman, LaRue County Republican Party

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What things are you talking about? what lies did I tell. I asked for a reliably sourced article to read, not propaganda from pjmedia. I did not rate them unreliable, did. Trump did in fact have peaceful protesters removed from the park so he could have a photo op at the church. The church was NOT burned out as you claim, it had minor damage, see the article below.Governor Beshear's response to the pandemic has been quite good compared to states around us. Look at the numbers in Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Illinois, Virginia and see where we stand. A lot less cases and a lot less deaths. Even a recent editorial in this paper applauded the governor for his response to the pandemic. He did what he had to do to protect Kentucky and followed the federal government guidelines put out by you're precious trump's regime. So if you want to blame someone, blame trump for his failed response early on which caused this to be worse than it needed to be. One more factual correction for you. It's the Novel Corona Virus, NOT the Wuhan Flu.. Facts are facts so get used to them. I know you hate facts because it hurts your propaganda but the facts don't change. Now, back to my original challenge to you. Send me a credibly sourced article on what stuff you want me to see and I'll read it and respond. Just don't use your far right conspiracy theory websites, I prefer real news and real facts.


One lie right after another. Peaceful protesters were not gassed when President Trump visited a burned out church caused by people who hold political viewpoints similar to yours. Let's face it, Beshear has bungled handling the Wuhan flu by shutting down the state like he did. It will take the Kentucky economy years and years to recover from this stupid shutdown. Hanging political figures is a long time American tradition and in fact is not against the law like all the rioting and looting by the Democrats.


Linda really? more with the pjmedia stuff. As I pointed out before pjmedia is rated an unreliable source by media bias fact checker. The reasoning: Extreme Right, Propaganda, Conspiracy, Poor Sourcing, Failed Fact Checks. I didn't even read the article for this reason. Provide a reliably sourced article and i'll be happy to read it, not something from your far right conspiracy theory sites. I'm waiting......


Just tell me these things didn't happen Charles and prove it...….I'm waiting.


Unreliable media source? You mean like CNN and MSNBC? What a laugh.


I'm sure that these people are all Democrats.


Sad Sad commentary on the state of the republican party now days. Would you be as happy if people were running around hanging effigy's of trump everywhere? Trump the man who hid in the bunker, the man who had peaceful protesters gassed and cleared from a park just to have a photo op with his bible and the man who had another 2.7 miles of fence put up around the white house to calm his fears. The white house is probably one of the most secure places in this country yet he still needed another fence. LOL. I do not have an issue with the way Gov Beshear has handles the Novel Corona Virus response for the state. He has done so in accordance with federal guidelines. Abortion is a valid legal medical procedure that is time limited. Banning them during the pandemic would have effectively banned them from being done which is against the law. SO you need to stop "whining" as you say. As far as the protesting in Louisville and Frankfort, I support the peaceful protesters, i do not however support the hanging in effigy, the rebel flags, the three percenters, antifa, rioting, looting and attacking the police. All of those instances are in fact domestic terrorism in various forms and should not be tolerated or supported by any of us. Doing so only emboldens further episodes with escalating results for both sides. If I can recall recent history I have only seen 2 prominent political figures hung in effigy in Kentucky over the last ten years or so. Gov Beshear and President Obama. I was going to say I wonder why, but after reading Mr Vincent's letter it is quite obvious.

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