Election ’20: America’s day of reckoning

Nov. 3, 2020, will be the ultimate moral reckoning for America. By now, it should be obvious to everyone that the President of the United States is a white supremacist who cares more about supporting the interest of Vladimir Putin and protecting statues of dead American traitors, than of uniting our country behind a common purpose.

With every tweet and atrocity, Trump hopes Ameri­cans grow fearful of each other, retreating from real political discourse and embracing a bizarre but familiar strand of white racial grievance. Trump stands against unity because he believes it stands in his way of victory.

We’re not deceived by Trump’s pretenses to piety. Our nation has seen and triumphed over his kind before. Trump is the heir of all the defeated, hateful and dangerous ideologies of the 19th and 20th centuries.

By sacrificing unity to serve his twisted and bankrupt vision, by abandoning every American and moral value except the will to power, Trump and his Republican enablers follow in the path of fascism, racism and totalitarianism. And on Nov. 3, they will follow that path all the way to where it ends: to America’s unmarked grave of discarded lies.

Matt Wyatt


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"I have one question for you. If Obama had done any one of the things that trump has done (lying, Russian interference, Ukraine, Impeached, emoluments violations, etc.) Would it have been as ok for him as it has been for trump?"

More lies.

Lying-"If you like your health insurance, you can keep it."

Russian interference-The Russian Collusion Delusion never happened. In fact, the only proof that a political party worked with the Russians was the DNC and the Clinton campaign paying for the Steele Dosier.

Impeached-Yea. By the radical, pro-Communist, Marxist Democrats in the House. Pelosi and the Muslim Squad.

Emoluents violations: There have been none. Where's your convictions? None

Again, you've got nothing.


Dono, I merely pointed out the discrepancies and shortcomings of your statements. However your summaries of me couldn’t be more wrong and off base. I am a proud American, probably more so than you. I do know about the constitution and that we have laws to be followed. Unlike today’s Republican Party, I believe that the constitution and the laws should apply equally to all. Regardless of race, creed, sex, sexual orientation, and national origin. Today’s Republican Party is primarily focused on American born white people as evidenced by trump’s tweets showing and supporting chants of white power and confederate flags. They marginalize people of color regardless of where they were born. Many 100% American citizens have Hispanic, Latino, Cuban, African and other non-white heritages yet many times they are labeled illegal immigrants based on skin color or language they speak.

Let’s look at your false assumption of my belief on immigration. First we need to return to a civil humane immigration system. The immigration laws are in place and should be followed. Immigration is a big election year issue for republicans to fire up the base. One big question for you on immigration. IF immigration is such a big problem for the country and was such a big issue for the republicans to fix, why didn’t they fix it the first two years of trumps presidency when they held majorities in the house and senate? I’ll tell you why, they were more concerned about trying to undo the affordable care act, give big tax breaks to the rich, and load up the courts with unqualified judges. Plus the fact that the immigration issue isn’t as easily solved as one thinks. Those very immigrants are most of the migrant workers that the large mega farms need to pick crops, many work in low paying jobs that “Americans” deem to be beneath them. There isn’t a single job “taken” from an American that wants to work. Trump himself hired illegal immigrants to work on his buildings, and several members of the house and senate have been caught hiring illegal maids, nanny’s etc. The people who hire the immigrants are as bad as the ones that come across the border illegally. Both are breaking the law. However those big mega farmers have the lobbyists that keep the migrant workers flowing to their farms. Growing up in Indiana many of the bigger farms actually had villages set up for the migrant workers to use while working their farm. Once done they would move to the next migrant village and farm.That was happening in the 60's and 70's and is probably still the case in many areas of the country with mega farms. They could just round then up there, but again, they don't for a reason.

The dreamers were brought here as children and have grown up as Americans, gone to school here work here and pay taxes here. Some have served in the military and fought in the Afghan and Iraq wars, now they are being threatened with deportation. How right is that? The ones that have dreamer status deserve to have the same things we have.

Immigrants caught at the border trying to cross should be turned away at that time. They should not have their children forcibly taken and put in detention centers while the parents are arrested or sent back. That is humanely wrong, either hold them all together or send them back all together. Trump has turned the immigration system at the southern border into a mockery and a threat more than a constructive immigration system. While trump and the republican’s were railing against “Chain Migration” as he called it on the southern border, he was allowing Melania’s parents from Yugoslavia to do that very thing. Where was the outcry there?

Trump banned migration from Muslim countries and put limits on immigration from countries he deems to be undesirable, yet he placed no barriers on European countries to include Russia, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, etc. Why is that I wonder? His ties to the Russian area or the way they look?

Your assumptions about my view of the police are way off as well. I support the police 100 percent. They do a great job at doing a very difficult job. I do believe however that when they do something wrong as in the case of George Floyd then they should be held accountable. The local cases of Breona Taylor and the barbecue owner in Louisville I believe were justified. Both times the police were fired at first, they have the right to defend themselves. I do not agree with the whole defunding of the police and neither does anyone with common sense. It too is just a rallying cry for the far left and I’m not sure that they really don’t believe it as well but it sounds good to the protesters. Like the wall does to republicans. I see nothing wrong with trying to prevent people from going to prison through diversion, education employment etc. However if someone commits a crime that is deemed serious enough for prison then they should serve the time. The housing program for felons leaving jail is already there, so why not use it to try to keep them out of prison. I would rather our tax money be used to try to prevent sending people to prison, than paying for their housing, food, education, recreation etc. while in jail. I am for the death penalty as long as it is used and not just say it’s there. I hate it when someone is given the death penalty for something yet they sit on death row for the next 50 years sucking up resources. If someone does a hideous crime and deserves the death penalty, give them one mandatory appeal. If they lose, then carry out the sentence. Criminal justice should be fair to all regardless of race, sex etc. Too many time you can see comparisons of a middle income white person receiving a lesser sentence than a poor black person when everything is the same but color. If a drug offense calls for 5 years, they both should receive 5 years, not 1 year for one guy and 5 years for the other.

As far as my view on trump, I’m actually an independent and have voted for several republican candidates in past elections. I would have preferred John Kasich over Hillary or trump but that’s not how it worked out. So it’s not purely partisan. Trump has been a failure and liar since day one. He lied about the inauguration crowd since and held on to that lie despite proof and he has been that way. We can start with the Russian interference that both the house and senate found, the Mueller investigation, the “Sharpie gate” over the hurricane path, the Ukraine Scandal, his impeachment and his failed corona virus response. All of these things supported and defended by presumably intelligent republicans both elected and not.

I want to see America back to American Values and pride. The America that has been trusted respected worldwide. The America that does the right thing even when no one is watching. The America we had before the era of Trump and his regime. The regime that turns their head to his blatant disregard for the laws of the land and the constitution. We need to get back to and fair and honest government and it surely isn’t with the trump republicans currently in power.

I have one question for you. If Obama had done any one of the things that trump has done (lying, Russian interference, Ukraine, Impeached, emoluments violations, etc.) Would it have been as ok for him as it has been for trump?


Dono: Adkins' list looks something right out of a Communist AOC/Muslim mob nightmare. Thanks to Adkins for making this apparent.


Well Dono, that’s why I asked where you got your information. I looked at the Joe Biden website as you’re first letter said and really didn’t see the things you claimed but now you say you got it from the biden-sanders task force. You either intentionally or negligently left out important explanations of the things you identified. I have looked at Biden’s platform and the biden-sanders task-force and here is what I found for the ten items you picked out but didn’t explain.

As far as immigration goes Biden will take urgent action to undo Trump’s damage and reclaim America’s values

1. Stop all deportation. - Actually he calls for deportations to be halted for 100 days while a "full-scale" audit of ICE and CBP practices is conducted

2. End prosecution of illegal border crossers. - ending the prosecution of parents for minor immigration violations as an intimidation tactic, and prioritize the reunification of any children still separated from their families.

3. Illegal immigrants to receive welfare immediately. - work to expand access to health care for people living and working across the United States by extending Affordable Care Act coverage to Dreamers, and working with Congress to lift the five-year waiting period for Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program eligibility for low-income, lawfully present immigrants (note the words Lawfully present immigrants)

4. Grant mass amnesty. - Creates a roadmap to citizenship for the nearly 11 million people who have been living in and strengthening our country for years. (these would be those migrant workers that farmers keep hiring, restaurant workers. etc)

5. Federal student aid and free community college for illegal aliens. - For the DACA recipients

6. End cash bail. - Cash bail is the modern-day debtors’ prison. The cash bail system incarcerates people who cannot pay the bail, But who are presumed innocent

7. Abolish law enforcement as we know it. - There is no mention of defunding the police, it does call for various reforms such as banning choke holds etc. too many to list

8. Free federal housing for former inmates. - Ensure 100% of formerly incarcerated individuals have housing upon reentry. Begin by expanding funding for transitional housing and directing HUD to only contract with entities open to housing reentrants. (Note here that it calls for expanding funding, so the program is already in place but was drastically cut by trump)

9. Incentivize prison closures. - Create a new $20 billion competitive grant program to spur states to shift from incarceration to prevention

10. Abolish the death penalty. - Yes he wants to abolish the death penalty. I personally do disagree with this one.

All of these items have longer explanations that would be too long to list here. The biden-sanders task-force is 100 pages long. In short Biden will reverse the terrible and divisive policies of trump and try to repair this country. Weather it’s immigration, racism, Coronavirus education, housing, on any issue, trump has failed and damaged the country.


Everything that you've stated here is right out of Bernie Sanders Communist playbook that he received while training in Cuba and Russia. You've made our point, Adkins.


Charles A,

Yes sir you read the exact same items I did and provided further explanation. Interestingly you appear to agree with all of these items which, honestly, is what I expected.

My summary of your position on these issues follows. You could care less about enforcing our immigration laws and the subsequent negative impact to our economy, our schools, and to our security. I assume you are aware that there are legal methods for immigrating to our country. These methods are codified into law and by ignoring them, you are an advocate for breaking the law.

My summary of your position on the law enforcement and prison issues are that you are willing to put this country at risk of chaos and lawlessness. You would abolish law enforcement as we know it to replace it with something that is unknown, untested, and unfathomable. I expected this but it is still a bit of a shock.

I know that you’re not an advocate for anything President Trump supports. Your answers provided me with critical insight into your thought processes. I understand the nature of partisan politics but it always surprises me that people will reject our laws, fail to enforce those laws, and the reject basic common sense approaches to critical topics such as immigration and law enforcement.

My question is to what end. Charles A do you really want to fundamentally change America into something other than a republic? Do you really need to win an election with this kind of radical departure from our way of life? Suffice to say, failure to enforce our immigration laws and failure to respect and support law enforcement will ultimately destroy this country. Why would advocate much less vote for such insanity?


Dono I have replied to you 2 times and it still hasn't been printed. It appears my reply to you is being censored. Not sure why except i dispute your assumptions of me and i point out the shortcomings of today's republican party. I will try once again to see if it gets posted


Dono I haven't seen these "ideas" from Biden that you claim he has. Please provide you're source so that I can read and research them.


Charles A,

I went to the partisan political hack site to gather the initial information then further reviewed additional various sites that discussed his platform. The site I've listed below is completely aligned with the Democratic party so I figured it was somewhat truthful when it came to discussing Biden's platform.



Well Duvall how about his tweet of the Florida golf cart parade with his followers yelling white power and then there his his retweets of the 1 percenters and the boogaloo boys. That's a pretty good documentation of his stance. Let's also not forget the occasional retweet of Qanon stuff


You've got nothing. Why is saying "white power" racist. If the tables were turned and someone yelled "Black Power" when Barry Soetoro was president, I'm sure that you or the Fake News media would not have considered that racist.


Mr. Wyatt,

Very well written introductory paragraph however there really doesn’t appear to be a cogent thesis other than “I hate Trump.” I offer that you’re too high level but maybe your focus is not on intellectual discourse and exchange. If that is the case then you must be targeting an audience of mindless followers of minimal capacity. I found your tirade easy to ignore but I’m trying to give you an opportunity.

I read Joe Biden’s Platform at his campaign website. Very ambitious with nearly 50 main platform issues. This is Joe Biden’s vision for America!

I ask you that you provide your opinions to just a few of his notable goals:

1. Stop all deportation.

2. End prosecution of illegal border crossers.

3. Illegal immigrants to receive welfare immediately.

4. Grant mass amnesty.

5. Federal student aid and free community college for illegal aliens.

6. End cash bail.

7. Abolish law enforcement as we know it.

8. Free federal housing for former inmates.

9. Incentivize prison closures.

10. Abolish the death penalty.

I picked ten which were interesting to me. There are many others which I would love to receive your comments. Please respond and inform us all how these ten visionary points can help promote economic prosperity and enhance America’s security.


Look at all the Democrat talking points, as Adkins would say. Where's evidence that Trump is a white supremacist? Nothing. Where's any evidence that President Trump is anything that the writer accuses him of? Nothing. The fact of the matter is that this writer is a long time far left Democrat who has ran for political office more than once and failed miserably. Sour grapes.


Excellent letter and right on point Mr Wyatt


Well said, Matt Wyatt.


According to worldometers.info, the US and Brazil are 1 and 2 in the deaths from COVID19. Both Trump and Bolsonaro have downplayed the pandemic, refused to wear a mask, and both are fascist leaders. Coincidence?

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