Applying guilt-by-accusation standard

I read with interest Paul Whiteley’s letter published on May 28. Perhaps he was so inspired by Joe Biden telling Charlamagne Tha God on May 22, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black” that he chose to question the Christianity of those who support President Trump.

I am not shocked, offended or surprised by his remarks. This tactic is right out of Saul Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Radcials.” Alinsky’s Fourth Rule is “Hold your enemy to his own book of rules.” Given that, it is only fair to apply that rule to Tara Reade’s recent sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden.

Former staff member Tara Reade claimed a then-50-year-old Sen. Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993. While this was from almost 30 years ago, according to a June 7 article in The National Interest at least eight friends and family members had been told by Ms. Reade about this well before she came forward. The response by Democrats and their mainstream media allies has been either mute or in support of Biden.

When Linda Hirshman stated in a New York Times opinion piece, “I believe Tara Reade, I’m voting for Joe Biden anyway,” she summed things up beautifully. So, what happened to the “Women must be believed” mantra of the #MeToo movement?

How can these same Democrats who judged Clare­nce Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh or any male college freshman guilty by simple accusation now turn a blind eye to this? Why would Christine Balsey Ford’s unsubstantiated claim of what allegedly happened at a high school party be enough to bar Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court, yet Tara Reade’s accusation would not justify keeping Joe Biden out of the Oval Office?

Could it be these Democrats really don’t care about this issue? Isn’t this just another case of their using identity politics?

Maybe Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey or Juanita Broaddrick can answer that question. I have heard they have some experience in this area as well.

Kenneth L. Randall


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DONO, I disagree. My comments are fact based and not republican propaganda. You of all people know how to spread the negative propaganda in the face of facts. That is truly a republican tactic that you all use so well in the face of facts. You lie, deny, deflect, deceive and in the end you attack the writer as you have me. My point is so obviously proven with Linda's first response. She attempts deflection by bringing up things unrelated to Mr Randal's letter. 1) play the race 2) play the sex card 3) bringing up Illegal immigrants. None of which were being discussed in Randal's letter. The only only thing related to sex was Tara Ried's allegations against Biden. If you read my responses i said the allegations should be investigated and Biden has also called for an investigation and release of senate records -vs- trump who has done everything in his power to prevent investigations into his various affairs and sexual assaults. MR Randall trying to say that Biden should be disqualified for the allegations against him while still defending trump is not only disingenuous but it is also a purely partisan attack. So typical of republicans these days. So, you see you both are incorrect in your assumptions and using opinions instead of facts. Facts matter and opinions like yours just get washed away.


Here's some more facts for you. Looks like your Democrat friends are vandalizing the same church, again.


NO friends of mine, and they are not peaceful protesters. they should be arrested. They did try to set up the BHAZ but they were stopped by the police twice. As i have said before, peaceful protesters are legal and ok, However once you start vandalizing, rioting. looting, Carrying guns, burning people in effigy you need to be stopped and arrested. No argument from me on that point. But having peaceful protesters gassed and cleared for a photo op is wrong as well.


Linda Duv I’ve read this string of comments for the last few days and I’ll say something that I think you know is overtly obvious. It is useless to debate CharlesA. There is no effort here for critical thinking on his part. His focus is to protect the democrat party at all costs no matter how silly the argument. Mr. Randall’s article points to the incredible hypocrisy of the democrats position when it comes to sexual harassment/assault and provides a wee bit of historical context. The lack of consistency displays the probable true direction of the democrat and the mainstream media’s effort which is to play identity politics, to smear, and to deflect from the issues. Linda Duv your comments are accurate and important but are lost on CharlesA.


Thank you.


Linda nothing you said is a "Fact" just opinions. Which by the way took you 3 responses in 20 minutes to try to come up with something to say.. I think not to long ago you called me arrogant for posting twice in 10 minutes. I guess you are extra arrogant then. I did not respond to Number 2 because it was a rambling statement that really had nothing to say. 2) play the sex card... then your description was a rambling non coherent rant. Republicans have no moral high ground or right to call Joe Biden out for sexual misconduct when they support trump after all he did and it has been proven. As I said in my first response, Biden has called for a full investigation of the incident and requested records to be produced if there are any. Where as trump has denied, obstructed, paid hush money and taken people to court to protect his hide. So please bring facts the next time, not ramblings of a mad republican woman.


Read it and weep. Everything that I stated was facts.


Facts Linda, facts Matter... Novel Corona Virus, NOT Wuhan flu. There you go bringing up non relevant stuff again as well. I don't recall ever hearing Jeff Foxworthy say anything like that, what show was that from? You're comment #3 is also non relevant to Mr Randal's letter. Of course that is a standard republican ploy when unable to produce facts - deny and deflect with unrelated unproven propaganda. Trump is out in November. so start whining now.


You didn't say much about #2. Let's hear it. I'm waiting.


Yea, you said the same thing about Crooked Hillary winning in 2016 too. Big old LOL!


Another outstanding letter, Mr. Randall. The Democratic Party has a 3 prong strategy. 1) Play the race card. As Jeff Foxworth would say, "If someone is beating you in an argument and you lash out and call them a racist, you must be a Democrat." 2) Play the sex card and 3) Let as many illegals into the country as they can, put them on all types of government assistance and they've got a Democrat for life.

But let's go back to number 2. Remember Diane Feinstein's created lies and hoax that Christine Blasey Ford put out while all the Democrats were loving it. Chuck Schumer saying that the Democrats would do everything possible to keep Kavanaugh from being confirmed. Oh, my God, We Support Survivors? But let's go back to Ford and her whinny voice and lies. "Oh, I can't remember where it happened or how I got there or how I got home or even what year it happened and my 4 witnesses, one of them my friend, is disavowing that it happened but I only had 1 beer and Brett Kavanaugh assaulted me." After all the lies, there was only one Democrat Senator that voted to confirm Kavanaugh; Joe Manchin. This is what we have now in the Pro-Communist/Marxist Democratic Party but now its OK if Joe Biden did it. Joe was just being Joe. That' OK though because between Biden and Jesse Jackson they can't put 5 words together without forgetting something with their Alzheimer's Disease. Joe couldn't remember what year it is. The Democrats are already saying, that with the Wuhan flu, that Joe doesn't want to take a chance on debating Trump. He will make a good candidate for President Trump to beat. Bring him on.


I believe that Tara Reid's allegations need to be investigated fully. Seems to me that although Biden has denied them, he has still called for and welcomes a full investigation. Didn't he even request the senate archives release anything they had on this matter on him? UN like you're precious trump who has denied, lied, paid hush money and gone to court to prevent any kind of investigation. When you ask how they could vote for Biden anyway, consider that question for yourself and all republicans. How could you have voted for trump when this all came out before the election and you still continue to support and defend him even after more and worse stuff has come out and been proven since his election ???? You don't think Biden is fit for this reason yet trump is? How pathetic.

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