More input needed on mini-roundabouts

I am one of the newer residents of Elizabethtown, having lived here 3½ years. We started coming here about 30 years ago and we have seen many great improvements in traffic movement over these 30 years, namely Ring Road, the U.S. 31W Bypass, Patriot Parkway and Veterans Way.

I love roundabouts and have driven the two mentioned in today’s editorial. These two are totally different from the intersection at Brown-Pusey House.

You made an excellent suggestion in the editorial Sunday about using another of the locations for one of the first two mini-roundabouts. There should be no problem to delay this location.

It concerns me very much for safety of people, particularly seniorcitizens and people on walkers, attending functions at Brown-Pusey if a mini-roundabout is installed at this location. As a concerned citizen, I think more comment from the public is in order.

Ken McElhaney


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I would consider the roundabout an improvement. Traveling thru the E-W Poplar, N Main intersection daily, I've lost count how many drivers on Main run the stop sign. Main is 35 MPH coming from the north which seems high, especically with parking along one side. It contrast, Robinbrooke Blvd as an example, is a divided roadway with bike lines, turn lanes, limited access and separated sidewalks but is only 25 MPH. Currently there are no marked pedistrian crossings on any city maintained streets downtown. I would presume that pedistrian markings and signage would be part of these improvements. Also the separation island in the circle allows pedistrians to only have to cross one lane at a time. I submit going forward and giving it a chance

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