Express sympathy with your wallet

NPR stated 26 million people have lost their jobs because of the coronavirus. Other news outlets say 22 million. That’s a lot of people without paychecks. But none of them are Gov. Andy Beshear and staff working for him. I suggest governors who have locked down our states and cost people jobs, businesses and possibly homes give up their paychecks so they can understand what many Americans in Kentucky and throughout the nation are going through.

MSN reports President Donald Trump has donated his $400,000 a year salary since he became president to STEM for children, the National Park Service and last quarter to the coronavirus effort. Yes, he won’t starve and all his transportation everywhere is paid for somehow because he’s the president but I would say the same for Gov. Beshear and his staff.

Why would some of these governors be concerned with other people’s income when they have theirs coming? If they are, prove it and give up your salary.

Governors could allow the states to open and free American citizens can decide if they want to visit those businesses and take the risk. If the employees don’t want to go back to work, they don’t have to. They can continue to stay on unemployment. If people don’t want to shop or go to restaurants or shops, they don’t have to. If they want to stay home, they can choose to.

While I’m at it I’d like to know how many Kentucky state employees are considered essential? Also why is it the press seems to be able to come and go anywhere they please? How many state and national members of the press have been sent home to protect them from dying? I’ll be waiting awhile I think for any answers or to see our governor step up and experience real empathy and suffering with Kentuckians.

Debbie Bayles


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How could my comment be unrelated? You need to read what you write. There is absolutely no rationale to it.


Vice President Biden has nothing to do with this discussion, that's what i'm talking about.


What's shameful and disingenuous is the giggling and glee that the Democrats in Washington are just tickled pink that this Wuhan virus has gotten to the U.S. because these politicians believe that it will hurt President Trump. Admit it, they've got nothing else. Biden's got Alzheimer's so bad that some of his people are telling him not to debate Trump using the virus as an excuse. He can't even say "Where's all the Ukrainian money that my son imbezzled?"


There you go again bringing up something that's totally unrelated to the conversation in order to distract and deflect from having to face the truth. I haven't seen or heard any politician democrat or republican getting glee from the Corona Virus. Just for the record it's the Novel Corona Virus - NOT the Wuhan Virus. Again you are mixing opinion with facts, in this case to further trumps attempt to blame China for his failures.


Why are you participating in a partisan attack on our governor in the middle of a pandemic? He has done an outstanding job at protecting the state as best he can. Look at the sates all around us, Their numbers are at least 4 - 5 times higher than ours are. That's thanks to our governor and his common sense measures that he implemented early on. Why didn't you call out the state legislatures both republican and democrat to donate their salaries, why did you not call out Sen McConnell or Sen Paul to donate their salaries as well? Why, because it's a blatant attack on Gov Beshear. You should be ashamed to play partisan politics like this during the pandemic. But wait, that's what the republicans like doing. From trump blaming democrats for the response failure to McConnell not wanting to help "blue" states, to the state legislators trying to push through frivolous anti abortion bills at the last minute. It's shameful and disingenuous to act this way when so many people republican and democrat alike are suffering


Outstanding letter, Debbie. You'll have the radical left whining like a bunch of whipped pups.

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