When safe at home, criticizing is easy

There is an old story about the “preacher’s wife.” If she dresses plain, the parishioners criticize her for being too plain, “after all she is a preacher’s wife.” If she dresses real nice they say, “what’s wrong with her she’s a preacher’s wife?”

Same can be said for our governor, Andy Beshear. If he had been lax on us during the pandemic, they would have said, “what’s wrong with him, people are dying?” Since he has been more strict, they are criticizing him for being too strict. The poor guy can’t win.

Rand Paul has accused him of being drunk with power. I would say Rand Paul is the one drunk with power, but that’s another story.

Whatever you may think of Andy, I am convinced he is sincere. I may not agree with everything he has done, but I believe he is convinced he is doing the right thing. He has our health and well being at heart. He probably has sacrificed his political career in doing the right thing.

Then there are some of the Christians that are whining and crying that they can’t go to church. When Christians should have set the example and been the most understanding and cooperative they have protested the loudest and been the most rebellious.

Not exactly the shining example Jesus said we were to be, when he said, “let your light shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

I stopped going to church when the flu got bad. Why? Because I didn’t want to get sick. Nobody had to tell me. I don’t go now and won’t until this is over. Why? Because I don’t want to get sick and possibly die. Common sense. You see, I was saved at an old-fashioned Methodist altar in 1958 and I’m still saved. I will go to heaven whether I go to church or not.

In closing, one more thing, you don’t have the right to make me sick. I have to go to the grocery and the pharmacy and I wear my mask. Wear your masks.

Gary Richardson


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Mr. Richardson must have forgotten to include this one. The Kentucky Democratic Party corruption continues. Beshear gives a $7 million dollar no bid contract to put up a tent in Lexington as a field hospital. A $7 million dollar tent? But it gets better. He awards the contract to his long time Democrat crony Allison Lundergan Grimes, former Democrat Kentucky Sec. of State. Who, by the way, is still under investigation for using the voter rolls to gather dirt on political enemies, both Democrat and Republican. Now if you'll remember, her daddy was CONVICTED on Federal campaign finance violations. He is out on appeal looking at a 20-25 year prison sentence and this is all for an alleged field hospital that WILL NEVER BE USED, NOT THE FIRST PATIENT. Talk about corrupt. Even Hollywood couldn't make this up.


I'll agree with Mr. Richardson's point about whatever Beshear would have done would have been criticized. We see the same attitudes with President Trump.


Excellent letter and right on target Mr Richardson

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