Reflecting on country’s tipping point

Thank you, Tim Scott. I listened to his rebuttal of Joe Biden’s “folly” and he was brilliant – as is evident by the outrage from the left.

Those tolerant liberals had all their cancerous lesions laid bare by his systematic destruction of their harmful, pathetic rhetoric. Twitter, true to form, allowed vicious, racist vitriol to stay up for 11 hours – contrasting sharply with their erasing of President Donald Trump from its platform.

Tim’s a national treasure, and I hope, and pray, his incredible honesty and integrity will open the eyes of people of color, who heretofore have been blinded by totally fabricated propaganda.

Everybody needs to read Newt Gingrich’s letter, where he explains how he’ll never accept the 2020 election results. Every point he makes is beyond question, but it’s too long for this format.

The image of Biden speaking, with Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi behind him, is indicative of how far we’ve fallen from God’s grace. I think Harris was an inept California attorney general, Pelosi the worst speaker in history and Biden most assuredly will move Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter down to second and third worst presidents ever.

I also watched the Kentucky Derby and again was dismayed that the beautiful, traditional song ‘ My Old Kentucky Home”, was music only. “Snowflakes” have decided it was racist. The left continues its “cancel culture” mission, trampling everything good and beloved from our past, protecting their fragile sensibilities. Major corporations are siding with them, leading Newt to declare this country is at a tipping point – our noble history buried by relentless social anarchy.

We’re here because the DNC has a diabolical thirst for power, there being no limits on how to get it. Throw morals, ethics, civility, compassion and honesty in the gutter. They’ll create their own Godless values. It’s incalculable how many young black lives have been destroyed under the guise of “social justice.”

President Trump was well on his way to resurrecting Black communities, and lives, with multiple policies raising their quality of life. The DNC had to end that party-killing threat, by any means necessary and it did.

Scott Kennedy


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