Take pride when wearing mask in public

More than 100 leading medical and scientific experts recently sent a letter all U.S. governors asking them to require cloth masks in public because they appear to stop more than 90 percent of the droplets which transmit the virus.

They said research suggests nearly half of infections are spread by people who don’t show symptoms and inadvertently spread the virus.

“But to be truly effective, they need to be worn by almost everyone. Recent modeling suggests that we need at least 80 percent of the population wearing masks to stop the spread of the virus,” several of the signatories wrote in a USA Today opinion article.

Can’t we do this, folks? I saw less than 50 percent participation Saturday in the E’town big box store I was in. I was glad to see the number of people allowed in the store at one time was limited. It’s got me wondering why we bother trying to educate our citizens or is it a more of a failure of leadership?

If we want the freedom we are used to without killing a lot more folks, then masks will allow us to move forward until testing and contact tracing can catch up. And masks will make it realistically possible for testing and tracing to able to be accomplished. Let’s work together to get back to something like the life we enjoyed before COVID-19.

Otherwise it will be like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day” only without some of the people who we always say are important: precious family members and neighbors and now essential workers. We’ve lost some wonderful people – both well-known and everyday ordinary folks. Be proud to wear a mask; its patriotic for your country, your community and will save a new doctor out of med school, someone’s mother or maybe someone who has done a great service for our country. I can live with that on my conscience. Will your conscience allow you to live another way?

Scott Stanley


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Its been proven that unless you sneeze right into someone's face, a mask is useless. More scare tactics.


Excellent letter and right on target Mr Stanley

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