COVID response is about control

This is the first time in my life I ever have seen our Commonwealth and nation shut down over a virus. People claiming the mantle of expert and our politicians have clamped down on our rights and our ability to make a living claiming it is for our own good.

I have a few simple questions about the tactics which seems to hurt us while leaving Gov. Andy Beshear and his inner circle unscathed.

If this is truly about health then why:

Are most small businesses shut down statewide yet no one government employee has been laid off?

Are barber shops and hair salons shut down, yet Gov. Beshear shows up for his daily briefing primped and powdered for all to see?

Are doctors and dentists told not to treat people for elective procedures while the doors to the abortion clinic are kept wide open?

Are citizens threatened with fines and jail for ignoring executive orders while real criminals are being set loose?

Are we being told to mail in our votes when we can go to the grocery or hardware store?

Are we being told that starting May 11 we have to wear a mask in public when there is little or no evidence that masks prevent the spread of the Wuhan virus.

Are we being told that churches must close while the liquor stores remain open?

So, is this really about public health or just a power grab by those who don’t want a perceived crisis to go to waste?

Sharon Jern


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You're right about one thing. There is a big difference between the way Republicans handle the Wuhan flu and how Democrats handle it. As far as you stating facts, you never do. It’s all your opinion. Show me in the Constitution where a governor has the right to tell groups of 10 or more that they can't attend church. Oh, BTW, I'm not sure if you read it since you're a low information individual, but an appeals court judge ruled last week that Beshear was wrong. No case closed here. Beshear has received his marching orders from the Democrats. Keep the economy closed as long as possible until election time.


Linda you are the one that is a low information individual. If you notice in my response I did in fact mention tn hat the church issue was in fact null now since it was rescinded. Please read before responding. But as usual you still cry the same old stuff. Just republican talking points. Trump has failed this country and failed in his response to the Novel Corona Virus( fact name - not opinion name)


Charles, your arrogance offends me. You have the unmitigated gall to make 2 posts 10 minutes apart, apparently to convince yourself that you're right. Nothing that I or Dono has stated is opinion. Tell me what is NOT factual that either of us has written. You can't. You can practice your faith any way you want to. I could care less. I'm just asking that you nor Lil' Andy tell me how to practice mine. Have you ever read the Constitution? Apparently not. Oh, BTW, I still call it the Wuhan virus. With that, I'll close.


Linda it's not my arrogance (your opinion) It's the facts that offend you. Fact 1- It is officially the Novel Corona Virus. Calling it Wuhan virus - opinion. Fact 2 - you can practice your religion in any way you wish by yourself. You just cannot gather in groups of more then 10.. But that has been rescinded now as it applies to churches. So your second argument is null and void. It's a shame that those selfish and arrogant people sued to be able to mass gather and risk further spread of the disease. That Linda is the epitome of arrogance. That something that you want makes you feel better than the rest of the state and are willing to risk the spread to get you're way.. Yes I have read the constitution and understand our rights. But you apparently don't realize that your rights end when they start infringing on mine or anyone else's. Those are the facts. So in response to you're comment about nothing you or Dono stated is opinion I beg to differ and have proven my case beyond question. It is NOT factual that the virus is called the Wuhan virus. and it is not factual that you could not practice you're religion. Period. Case Closed


Apparently you have never read the Constitution. Its the 1st Amendment, plain and simple, among other things that the Freedom of Religion shall not be infringed. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" Period. It doesn't say its OK to prohibit the Freedom of Religion due to ANY condition. Not even mumps outbreaks, measles, malaria or any other scamdemic. BTW, regardless of what you or Adolph Beshear thinks, I still have the Freedom of Speech. I'll call it the Wuhan virus if I want to. That's where it originated. I'm also offended at your off hand slur concerning how I or anyone else honors our Faith. That's what's good about our Constitution. It allows people to honor their God anyway they want to, in spite of what you or Adolph Beshear thinks.



Awesome response. It is beyond my understanding why liberals actually will promote the destruction of our basic fundamental rights. Why any group of people would actually work towards promoting a destructive socialist society other than attempting to grab power is beyond me. Frankly there is no way to discuss this with the die hard liberals. I believe that the WUHAN virus (did I spell that right?) is an event they crave, a crisis to not waste. Our governor will slow roll our reopening. Why not. He's hoping the federal government will provide him with a bail out of our pension deficit.

Again, Linda that was a great post which I thoroughly enjoyed.


Dono, the Governor will slow the reopening to save as many people as possible. Do you not understand that? Look at the states run by republican governors that have rushed to reopen. Georgia is currently seeing an increase in their covid cases, North Carolina in the Charlotte area saw a 269% increase in the last week. The numbers for Kentucky are far far less than the states around us because of the actions of Gov Beshear. These restrictions are not violations of ours rights no matter how you see it. They are inconveniences I admit, but not violations of our rights. But, it is hard to get closed minded people to see the truth due to their hate or unwillingness to see the truth.They are being eased now so i'm sure you will find other reasons to attack our great governor soon.


Great letter, Dono but I knew that Charles would attack you with his distortions. Sure Georgia's numbers have gone up slightly but that's due to more testing. What he won't tell you is about the Democrat states like Michigan where they have a Democrat governor a lot like Adolph Beshear. In Michigan they've had over 50,000 cases with 4,825 deaths. Even after tightening her stranglehold on her people, the Democrat Governor Whitmer's numbers went from approximately 350 cases per day on May 1 to about 1,200 a day on May 12. A big help her dictatorial policies were. Charles reminds me a lot like reading an AP article. While it may not be a lie, half truths and untruths are still not the truth.


Linda, Again it is just your opinion of what the virus is called. Calling it the Wuhan virus is like calling Governor Beshear Adolph. It's name calling to invoke a negative response from close minded individuals. Why do you not call your man trump Adolph Trump? He and his regime have advised and supported all of the came things Governor Beshear has. You are so fond of facts.. The FACT does remain it is not the Wuhan virus. As far as impeding on your religion. The fact remains that you can and have always been able to practice your religion as you see fit. You cannot however gather in groups of more than 10 due to the Novel Corona Virus. What's so hard to understand about that? If you so proudly speak to the facts, let's do so in all of our postings, no just the ones where you think it benefits your cause.


You just cannot face the FACT that you are wrong and keep repeating yourself. You can practice your religion, you just can't gather in groups of more than 10. Nobody can, or rather they are not supposed to. However some selfish and arrogant people believe they are above the law and risk the health of others out of their arrogance. That's the facts, not your opinion posing as facts. so I rest my case on my facts


You call it what you want to call it but its the Wuhan virus to most Americans. Its all about power. The churches are shutdown. We have State Troopers harassing legal church goers.


If you are so fond of facts the Fact is, it's the Novel Corona Virus. Only the blind trump followers call it the Wuhan or China virus. Churches ARE NOT shut down, they just have to gather differently for a few months. Drive in services, online services etc. It's an inconvenience yes, violation of their rights - No.

Just my opinion here, but if you feel that you have to go to a building(church) to practice you're religion or be a good christian or believe in God, then I think you probably need to re look at what being a christian really is all about. Again, just my humble opinion. The restrictions were the same or close to the same as all the other states, and even the federal guidelines by king trump himself.


First things first, it's the Novel Corona Virus, NOT the Wuhan virus. Secondly Gov Beshear hasn't done anything that every other governor in the country hasn't done. Even your beloved trump has encouraged and supported these measures. It is not a power grab, it is controlling the spread of the virus. Look around to our neighboring states, Our numbers are far lower than theirs because of the swift decisive actions of our Governor. Church is not closed, it's just practiced in a different way temporarily. Yes, liquor stores are open because alcoholics need alcohol or they will go into withdrawal / DTs and possibly die. Abortion is a valid legal medical procedure that happens to have very strict time deadlines which in many cases cannot wait until the quarantine is over. For women who need/want it done, it is a necessity during this time of restrictions. Why is it people yell about right when in reality it is an inconvenience more than anything else. As an active cancer patient and in the vulnerable group i'm glad these precautions are in place. I really don't need the corona virus on top of my cancer.

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