Issues range from hatred to fraud

The election is over and I never will get involved in another election in America. There is too much lying, hate, division and, yes, cheating, stealing and fraud.

The Democrats, Joe Biden and the media have been unjustly attacking and slandering Donald Trump with fake news and false claims since he was elected in 2016. He has been falsely accused of being racist, Nazi, lazy and Russian stooge. The left has failed twice in attempts to impeach him, costing taxpayers billions of dollars.

Democrats would rather see Trump fail than have America succeed. That is why Washington, D.C., has gotten so ugly.

Now Biden says they want to work to unite the American people. What hypocrites these Democrats are. After working so hard to divide us, they now claim they want to unite us.

This clearly hasn’t been a fair election. You cannot change the rules in the middle of the game. Mail-in ballots with no ID because of a virus never has been done in the history of this country – until now. It is illegal and counting votes after the deadline is illegal.

The Democrats did not fairly win this election. I believe they stole this election and I’m praying that the Republicans can stop the steal.

This is my opinion and it is shared by 70 million people who voted for Trump.

Jerry M. Cooke Sr.


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Lanny Vincent

I’ll agree that people do have behavioral patterns whenever they go to vent their opinions. For example, Democrats usually portray the following traits whenever they have a discussion with anyone, especially a Republican. 1) Play the race card and name call, especially when they are losing the argument. How many times have you seen statements such as “He is a racist based on his open support of far right racist groups like the proud boys and KKK.” Trump at no time ever supported the KKK or the Proud Boys, period. Other name calling from Democrats that have been written in this paper: “That is why we have the Trump cult.” “Children of the beast who believes political lies and deceptions do not count.” “Moscow Mitch McConnell has avoided doing this for decades.” “You must have drunk a lake full of conservative Trump kool-aide” I could go on but I think a rational person should see my point.

2) Democrats continually quote the same old Fake News vehicles such as CCN, WAPO, NY Times, MSNBC, etc., with the same radical left wing Marxist narrative. WAPO called for Trump’s Impeachment the day he took office. On Sept. 11, 2017 WAPO blamed him for a hurricane. Fake news all the way. CNN is now for sale but they can’t find anyone to buy it because no one wants the rag. It looks like Fake News himself, Jeff Bezos, may buy it. That figures. See links blow.

3) When the previous two strategies fail, Democrats tend to babble incoherently their fake narrative that they’ve been trained to babble by the radical left. “They bring up Hillary and Benghazi or her emails. (all of which have been investigated and no charges could be filed)” No charges were filed because the Deep State Democrat DOJ led by James Comey wouldn’t file them. See the link below (Not Fox News or Breitbart) where she illegally erased over 33,000 e-mails and had her aides destroy at least 11 cell phones. The bottom line is that Comey should have filed charges but didn’t.

Next “They bring up Hunter Biden and the whole Ukraine scandal thing. (This conspiracy theory has been debunked several times as well.)” Nothing debunked here. This is not even in doubt anymore by rational people. The Biden family is one of the most corrupt political families in American history. See the links below. I could have easily listed another 10. :

Last but not least, “The links below are about the Dallas shooter and the Baton Rouge shooter. Neither had anything to do with the BLM movement.” Both links again from Fake News media narratives. (See Democrat strategy #2 above) This statement is absolutely ridiculous. I can’t believe that any rational adult human being could make such a statement. If the KKK had a rally and someone attending that rally killed 5 policemen, the radical left lap dog news media would have jumped all over that with both feet, and justifiably so. This is a good example of CNN and WAPO fake news. As far as Obama’s comments at a memorial for the slain officers, he totally insulted family members of the massacre by mentioning Alton Sterling at the memorial. Sterling was the armed ex-con shot by police in Baton Rouge while attempting to pull his pistol on the police. You probably didn’t see criticism of Obama’s remarks on any major networks, they were afraid to be called racist for criticizing Obama. (See Democrat Strategy #1)

My comments and “facts” I documented and can stand on their own and need no other explanations. Everything I wrote is verifiable on multiple reputable news organizations. I’ve made my points and provided verifiable sources so I consider this discussion closed.


My comments and “facts” I documented can stand on their own and need no other explanations. Everything I wrote is verifiable on multiple reputable news organizations. I did want to mention a couple of things though. When having a discussion with a hardcore trump supporter you know when you have struck a nerve and told them facts they can’t dispute by their actions. They do one or all of the following. 1. They bring up Hillary and Benghazi or her emails. (all of which have been investigated and no charges could be filed) 2. They bring up Hunter Biden and the whole Ukraine scandal thing. (This conspiracy theory has been debunked several times as well.) Trump was impeached for trying to force the Ukrainian government into lying or producing false evidence to support it.3. They blame Obama for some off the wall thing. 4. They attack the writer or source of the information. I can understand why you’re against the Hill and the WAPO. The Hill is seen as moderate but right leaning but for the most part truthful and avoids conspiracy theories. The WAPO is one of the most widely read papers around the Washington area and has earned 69 Pulitzer prizes for reporting. I’m guessing you don’t like it because it is owned by a frequent trump target Jeff Bezos. Both seem to be pretty truthful and equal in reporting versus fox and brietbart. The links below are about the Dallas shooter and the Baton Rouge shooter. Neither had anything to do with the BLM movement. The Dallas shooter turned a peaceful protest into a terror scene because has was angry and wanted to kill white police officers. He had no connection to the BLM movement but did mention the new Black Panther party. The Baton Rouge shooter again had no links to BLM he too was angry and felt peaceful protests we not getting anywhere. His social media page had all kinds of weird sites, groups etc listed, some of which couldn’t be verified. So I would say he was probably mentally ill in some way. That being said President Obama immediately addressed the shootings as wrong and we need to do better as Americans. This is what happens when you get mentally ill, angry people that have a cause in their head and have access to assault type weapons with large capacity magazines. Much like the Las Vegas shooter. No, I’m not for gun control, just stating the obvious facts.

I’ve made my points and provided my sources so I consider this discussion closed

Lanny Vincent Tell us something that we don't know. Concerning the Proud Boys comment, Trump simply repeated what Chris Wallace had asked Trump to confirm concerning that organization. As far as attacking Antifa and BLM, that's to be understood considering that BLM terrorists, dog whistled by Obama, killed 5 police officers in Dallas, Texas and 3 more in Baton Rouge while he was president. The Mueller report is fake from the word go. The entire investigation was based upon a fake investigation concocted by Clinton and the DNC. As fake as it was, even they admitted no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. And oh, BTW, please don't post anything from The Hill, WAPO, As far as tear gassing peaceful protesters, they had just burned out the church the night before.

Lanny Vincent

Here's video of Biden lying to the American people about the Wuhan virus.

Lanny Vincent Slander?


I stand corrected it's not the bad boys it's the proud boys. Here is President trump not denouncing but rather telling the proud boys to stand back and stand by during the first debate. In the mean time attacking BLM and Antifa.

Mueller report found Russia helped trump in 2016 election. Here is a link to that report In April 2020 the Republican led senate intel committee also concluded that Russia interfered with the the 2016 election to benefit trump. See the attached link As far as using force and tear gas to disperse a legal peaceful protest see links attached. and Those are just a few of the places to find the facts. One only needs to break out of the trump fantasy land and open their eyes and do some independent research on real news sites, Thankfully the intelligent people of the country voted out a blundering idiot and voted in a man that is presidential and will restore civility to the office and restore our standing around the world.


So let the whining begin. Let’s start with what we know from Trumps actions. He is a racist based on his open support of far right racist groups like the proud boys and KKK. He is a Russian stooge based on the Russians helping him in the 2016 election (proven by the Mueller investigation and most recently the republican led Senate intelligence committee investigation.) That’s why he has let the Russians move into Afghanistan against the Kurds, and he has done nothing about the Russians putting bounties on American soldier’s heads or aggressively trying to ram them with vehicles. Trump WAS impeached for trying to force Ukraine to create false stories against Joe and Hunter Biden once Joe Biden became the democrat nominee. Trump was the one slandering Biden for the last 9 months before the election and then he started on Kamala Harris once she was selected. Biden has pointed out trump’s failures as a president; failed response to the COVID outbreak, using tear gas against peaceful protestors to get a photo op with his bible and stoking racial tensions. Trump was the one trying to influence the election by saying for months the only way he would lose is if the democrats cheated. Apparently his followers heard that enough that they were brainwashed into believing it.

As far as the election goes it was a fair election with no proof of widespread fraud.(Lots of allegations, but no proof) Mail in balloting was more widely used this election due to the COVID virus surge. Mail in ballots have been used successfully for years without fraud. This year it was more wide spread yes, but nothing illegal about it. Even trump mailed in his ballot. Trump railed against mail in ballots because he knew that a lot of people would do that over going to the polls waiting in line for hours. Once trump lost the battle over mail in ballots, he suddenly hired a crony for postmaster general who instantly instituted policies to slow mail delivery. Each state had its own election rules as far as mail in ballots. Here in Kentucky as long as they were post marked before Election Day they could come in 3 days after and be counted. Other states had different laws that they followed. Trump urged his voters to go to the polls and vote, he even urged them to vote twice, once by mail and then on Election Day. Democrats on the other hand encouraged COVID safe mail in ballots to help stop the spread of the infection and stay safe. Many states like Pennsylvania wouldn’t allow workers to start counting mail in ballots until Election Day. That’s why in many cases trump was ahead and then lost that lead once mail in ballots were counted. Nothing illegal or wrong about it. Trump has lost every court challenge because he has no proof only accusations. He’s acting like a spoiled child who didn’t get his way. He is the loser in this case.

False accusations can’t change the facts. Biden won the Electoral College and is president elect so get used to it. 70 million people may have voted for trump and believe he won, but 76 million voted for Biden and know that he won fair and square.

Lanny Vincent

Yea. Let the whining begin. 1) Trump never supported the Bad Boys or the KKK. Gert me proof. You got nothing. 2) No Russian stooge. No Trump collusion per the Mueller report. 3) Russian bounties was a lie. Never happened. 4) You mean using teargas against BLM thugs. 5) Your postmaster general daydream is just that. Another Democrat fantasy. 6) Now Joe has his chance and his fake dream that facemasks are going to save him is just that, a fake dream. Here in Kentucky the positivity rate has doubled since Beshear ordered his mandate. The virus has gone wild in Kentucky since Beshear's mandate. The only thing that can stop the virus is a vaccine. It would be Biden's luck to get a vaccine that Trump helped get created. Let's hope so. So in the end, Biden gets the credit while he did absolutely nothing for it. But Republicans can rest assured that the Democrats will fall apart due to Joe's Alzheimer's and Kamala's stupidity. Republican's can also take faith in the fact that we now have 6 intelligent judges on the Supreme Court and Mitch McConnell and the Republicans will still control the Senate cutting off any Pro-Communist bills out of the House. (Where's Amy McGraff?) In fact, with the Big Red Wave that we had here in Kentucky, I'm looking forward to the next 4 years.


The main stream media has been diligent in exposing Trump's childish and vindictive behavior. It has become obvious that Trump is unfit to be President because of his massive ego and tiny brain. But the media is controlled by the ruling rich, so why do they want to get rid of Trump? In my opinion, they want Trump gone because he has given US imperialism a bad name. Whereas Barack Obama could slick talk his way to a Nobel Peace prize, Trump is rude, crude, and vindictive -- a public relations disaster.

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