Harris/AOC agenda will advance quickly

You voted for Kamala Harris for president? You hate President Donald Trump and America so much, you’d rather go into the cesspool of socialism? I assume you want more taxes, higher costs along with more regulations. That’s really what you want for your children and their children?

The Democrats knew the radical element would vote for Harris and knew they’d get votes because Harris was female and black. Also, knew they’d get votes from whites ashamed they were white. However, they knew that would not be enough to get Harris and the Democrat’s extreme platform into the White House. They needed a moderate and looking at the dozens of people that had entered the race, they found the one.

Enter Joe Biden. Viewed as a harmless moderate by most Americans, the party knew that Biden was the Trojan horse they could ride to victory.

Many older Americans that began voting in the ’70s or ’80s do not realize the party they joined ceased to exist in 2009 when Barack Obama brought his ideology into the White House that was influenced by the likes of Saul Alinsky, Frank Marshall Davis and William Ayers and even today are influencing the AOCs of the party.

Another issue is if the Senate ends up split 50-50, that will not be good for the country. If there is a 50-50 tie, the sitting vice president casts the deciding vote.

Why did I start out stating Harris as president? Look at what is happening within the Democrats today. AOC is running the show in the House, not Nancy Pelosi. The Democrats want to radically and fundamentally change the country and Biden is not radical enough and besides, he is damaged goods because of his son. I doubt he still will be president 100 days into his term.

Then it will be a Harris/AOC administration. If that doesn’t scare you, then I’m not sure what will.

Before I forget. Debbie Donnelly, when you send the list of Trump voters to AOC, please ensure my name is on the list and spelled correctly. I want her to know.

Don Richerson


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The ruling rich would like us to believe that there's a difference in the agendas of the Democrats and Republicans. But the only difference is the political posturing -- both parties are employed by the rich to work for the rich to benefit the rich. If enough people can be persuaded that the Democrats are socialists, there's no chance for any real change.

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