Don’t be so quick to claim victory

The American public is being deliberately deceived by both the mainstream media and high level political personalities from both major parties pertaining to the current election status of Joe Biden.

Regardless of what is currently being portrayed on our television screens and in our videos, Joe Biden is not our current president-elect and news media organizations don’t have the legal authority to bestow that status. It is disgusting to me the ignorance of a vast part of the American public is being stoked and harnessed for a political “back up” option of violence in the streets should proper authority; in the end, award the election victory to President Trump.

One of two things needs to happen before Joe Biden can claim the title of President Elect of the United States. It is unlikely that President Donald J. Trump will concede defeat. He has numerous law suits in process with reference to possible fraud and other recent irregularities and likely will fight in the courts until proper legal authority decides who wins the election. Pam Bondi; the former Florida Attorney General who was involved in the 2000 Al Gore Presidential Election dispute in Florida is part of his legal team. Gore’s lawsuit took 37 days. Why are so many people trying to get President Trump to concede so quickly?

The second situation will occur not later than Dec. 14 when the Electoral College convenes and decides which candidate officially wins how many of the Electoral College votes. Court rulings; to include the U.S. Supreme Court, may change how races were called by the media. That is the “High Noon” decision which President Trump is waiting for. Anyone knowledgeable of American politics knows it.

Joe Biden should be ashamed of himself for allowing thousands of people to prematurely celebrate a presidential election victory and after his 2000 contest with Al Gore, former President George W. Bush shouldn’t have congratulated him yet.

Harry M. Braxton Jr.


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"deny the will of the people and destroy democracy along the way. In the meantime his mindless supporters are following him step by step in trying to ruin our democracy and our election system."

What an embarrassing comment. We just saw 4 years of that when the Democrats and their lap dog media tried to invalidate a duly elected president. First of all it started with the Russian Collusion Delusion where the Obama administration ordered a member of an opposing party's campaign surveilled not only before the 2016 election but after Trump was elected. All upon the basis of a fake dossier bought and paid for by the Clinton Campaign campaign and the DNC. The Deep State FBI went so far as to have an Asian Indian prostitute try to set up Carter Page to get him to incriminate himself. The ruse failed. Them came the Impeachment Hoax for 2 more years. That's when the radical left Democrats tried to undermine our election and our democracy by impeaching a president elected by the people for doing exactly the same thing that the corrupt Biden did a few years earlier. I could go on and on with examples. The entire Trump administration was nothing more than 4 years of the Marxist Democrats and their lap dog news media of trying to undermine our democracy.


Contrary to the belief of trump supporters he has lost the election and Joe Biden IS the president elect. This election was called the same way they have been called by the networks as far back as I can remember. You can have your opinion but the facts are the facts. Yes, the 2000 election has been the only one disputed that I can think of and that was 1 state and a little over 500 votes. By trumps own language he lost this one by a landslide. At least that's what he called it when he beat Hillary by the same electoral college margin in 2016. Yes trump will never concede the election. His Narcissistic personality won't won't accept that he is a loser. His followers are just as bad by not accepting the results of the election. He is still currently trying to steal the election and deny the will of the people and destroy democracy along the way. In the meantime his mindless supporters are following him step by step in trying to ruin our democracy and our election system. Trump has tried 31 lawsuits and most have been thrown out of court. They cannot prove any widespread fraud and or conspiracy's so they have to look at other avenues to try to cheat to win. Sen. Lindsey Graham calling the Georgia Sec of State to try and get him to throw out legally cast ballots, He also called Nevada and Arizona. Presumably to try the same thing. The two Georgia republican senators trying to get the sec of state to resign because they didn't win and have to go to a run off. Trump calling 2 Michigan republican state legislators to the white house to "talk." Republican Sec of States where trump lost are getting threats. These are all types of election interference and should be dealt with. I admit it's fun to see republicans go after republican, however enough is enough. The futile attempts make us look weak in the eyes of the world and make our democracy a laughing stock instead of the proud shinning beacon it was before the age of trump. President elect Biden has received more congratulations from world leaders than he has republican leaders of his own country. Even McConnell said this was a secure election but wouldn't congratulate Biden. The chief of CISA said this was a secure, free and fair election with no evidence of foreign interference, fraud, voting machine miscounts or changing ballots. He was backed up by the Pentagon's Cyber security commander in his assessment of the election as well. So it's time for trump and his followers to admit defeat and move on. Biden is the next president and will be sworn in on Jan 20, 2021. Trump is is loser and needs to just admit it and be gone.

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