Bill of Rights addresses ‘red flag’ laws

Proposed “red flag” laws are unconstitutional. The Fourth Amendment of the Bill of Rights prohibits citizens from either being searched without reasonable suspicion or having property seized without due process of law. Anonymous complaints aren’t sufficient to set anything like that into motion.

Such laws have been used by dictators to intimidate political opponents just to make them vulnerable to criminal violence. Hitler’s S.A. “brown shirt” thugs and S.S.”Protection Squadron” ran rampant through Germany during World War II largely because their political opponents were disarmed. Ignore that history and you’ll repeat it.

I’m one of thousands of honorably discharged armed forces combat veterans proficient in improvised explosive devices and incendiaries. Will I and my fellow veterans be put under a microscope because of what we had to learn in order to win wars? Once anyone learns how to make weapons out of inanimate but otherwise legal objects, their mind also becomes a deadly weapon which can’t be either disarmed or seized. No “red flag” laws will stop or prevent any tragedies such as the 2013 Boston Marathon pressure-cooker bombings.

Politicians who propose “red flag” laws are using emotional media-fueled ignorance in pursuit of “face time.” You can’t legislate around evil.

Harry M. Braxton Jr.


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So based on your peculiar view of the Fourth Amendment then all tip lines for police crime stoppers are illegal and unconstitutional. Your comment only benefits criminals. So if you are a legal gun owner and you stand in your yard ranting about killing jews in a mosque and your neighbor hears you and reports you to the police. You consider it illegal for them to ban and revoke your gun ownership ability? So you are saying legal gun ownership overrides all laws governing our society until that legal gun owner breaks the law.

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