Police are losing element of surprise

Eliminating no-knock warrants by the LMPD is one the dumbest thing I’m heard of in a long time.

Consider this scenario:

POLICE: “This is the police. Open up! I have a search warrant!”

OCCUPANT: “Uh-h-h, one moment officer. I’ll open the door after I’ve flushed all the evidence down the toilet.”

Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

Jon Wiseman


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I agree it doesn't make much sense to ban no-knock warrants. It does give the criminals the upper hand or at least time to grab a gun or destroy evidence. We will however continue to have the occasional "Issue" like the Brianna Taylor case. On that note do you realize that our senator Rand Paul has introduced the Brianna Taylor Act in the senate? It's a bill to ban no-knock warrants across the country. Yet he claims to be for law and order. We need to vote him out next cycle for supporting such craziness


Isn't this the truth. It's either flush drugs down the toilet or get a gun and shoot some cops.

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