Not a fan of today’s Republican Party

As someone who has voted Republican for most of my life, I am appalled at what the party has become. It’s not my grandfather’s party.

Donald Trump has hijacked the Republican Party and made it the Party of Trump. Republicans are drunk with power and will do anything to keep it. Never mind they are supporting a monster in the White House. Here is a man that bragged about grabbing women by the genitals. You heard it on national TV. He has told more than 20,000 lies. They are documented on video and Twitter. Trump paid off Stormy Daniels, a porn star, after an affair with her. Trump is a fornicator and adulterer. The Party of Trump supports him anyway.

To white evangelicals, he is their savior. They, with his help, would like to take America back to the ’50s when whites had all the power and minorities had none, especially blacks. They deny that racism exists in America and condemn protesters for fighting systemic racism in our police departments.

Trump has divided this country like it has not been since the Civil War. He has made everything political, from wearing a mask, to funding the post office, to testing for the COVID virus and disputing the death figures for the virus. Now that the White House is controlling the reporting of the virus figures we have reason to believe they are massaging the numbers to make it look less severe. The fox is guarding the hen house.

Joe Biden may not have been the best choice for president, but he is the only reasonable choice. The damage that Trump and his minions have done to our country must be fixed. This country has to be reunited and the damage Trump has done healed. Biden and Kamala Harris will do that. The Republican Party must be restored or broken down and replaced. I have only scratched the surface, but my space is up. I already can hear the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Gary Richardson


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I agree somewhat with Mr. Richardson but in a different way. I've been a lifelong Democrat all my life. FDR, John Kennedy and other Democrats would be ashamed at the way the Democrats are today. Killing babies, taking away our 2nd Amendment Rights, Open Borders letting all the trash into our country and making me pay for their health care, food stamps and everything else, Democrats supporting looting, rioting and their destruction of personal property and rights goes on and on. Democrats creating cesspool cities like Chicago, Baltimore, Atlanta, LA, Portland with the list going on forever is an embarrassment to our country. Like Fischer in Louisville, they don't want to make any of their rioters mad because they would be

running off their voters. Yep. My Daddy's Democrat Party has certainly changed.


Mr. Richardson,

Thank you. You've made me laugh out loud this morning after reading your second line. I do not believe you have ever voted Republican in your life. Try harder next time because after this tirade I am positive that you are a devout liberal.

Have a nice day,


Dono, for what it’s worth I completely believe Mr. Richardson because I could have written his letter. I’ve been a conservative and have voted Republican in every national election since 1976. I will die a conservative but will never be a member of Trump’s Republican Party.


Steve, interesting comment. I could care less about membership to a party or fealty towards our President. As long as you believe that less government in our lives is better and for a conservative fiscal environment then I would get along with you just fine. One question though, since you don't like President Trump would you actually vote for Joe Biden?


Completely agree. Funny thing is I used to consider myself more of a conservative. That is until Trump came on the scene. When his supporters hear that I think he’s a moron, they call me a liberal 😂. What they don’t know is that so much of what Trump yaps about has got nothing to do with being a Republican or conservative. He lies and spreads conspiracy theories. What has that got to do with political affiliation? I find myself insulted that so many of the silly things that come out of his mouth have come to be associated with Republicans/conservatives. He doesn’t speak for me and I’ll be voting for Biden come November....probably won’t make any difference in Kentucky though 😂


I'll vote Biden as well. For some insight into Donald Trump's psychology check out this book

'Authoritarian Nightmare: Trump and His Followers'

by John Dean

Very entertaining and scary.

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