Heed mother’s advice instead of mask rules

In his recent opinion piece in the Courier Journal, “Kentucky’s Errant Special Session Leaves Us At Risk of More COVID Deaths,” Joseph Gerth is entirely wrong in his assertion. He seems to think that any laws removing mask mandates or forbidding lockdowns will cause Kentucky to experience a higher death toll.

He claims it will make us a Texas or Florida. Would we prefer to be a New York or a New Jersey? I think not, they have a much higher death rate than does Florida or Texas and they implemented masking and lockdowns to the utmost. There is little evidence or scientific data that shows masks or lockdowns slow the spread of the virus and far more scientific data that says masks are not effective. Additionally, there is scientific evidence of psychological harm, particularly to children, due to excessive mask wearing and there is tons of data, not to mention common sense, which says lockdowns hurt everyone.

Mr. Gerth is also against monoclonal antibody treatments because the hospitals are at capacity. What he does not seem to understand is that monoclonal antibodies are an outpatient treatment most of the time and would decrease the number of patients needing to be hospitalized, particularly if treated early.

Let us not delve into insanity and do the same thing again and expect different results. Instead, let us embrace more up-to-date treatments as well as tried and tested prevention such as hand washing, keep your hands away from your face and stay home if you are sick. Every mother has told their children those things and they work, regardless of age.

William Huber


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"There is ... far more scientific data that says masks are not effective."

I'm guessing that the evidence came from a certain very stable genius?

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