New member immediately voted to tax

What a joke! John Emary was sworn in Wednesday, Aug. 28, as a member of the Hardin County School Board. The next day he voted on a property tax increase by the board that is expected to generate $40 million in revenue.

Deducting the time he slept on Wednesday, let’s say eight hours, not even taking into consideration the time he spent eating, watching the news, maybe reading the newspaper, time spent for personal hygiene, everyday chores or time maybe spent at a job or with his family, that left very little time for him or anyone to possibly accumulate the necessary knowledge to make a fair and impartial decision on a vote such as this which personally affects so many Hardin County taxpayers and property owners.

The fact he voted “no” on the tax increase which actually passed is irrelevant. He actually wanted the tax increase to be the maximum amount allowed by law without residents being allowed to vote on the issue. The bottom line is he shouldn’t have been allowed to vote at all after being on the board for less than 24 hours on an issue of such magnitude.

Doesn’t the school board have any rules or do they just make things up as they go? That’s the way it seems.

As a prior board member, Mr. Emary should have had the personal integrity to voluntarily withdraw himself from what amounted to a $40 million vote.

There is no way he or anyone could have the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision after being a board member for less than 24 hours and School Board rules should have not permitted him to vote.

Could the school board possibly have violated some law by allowing him to vote? How and when did the board get the authority to appoint its own board member? I thought the governor had to do that. Is it a power grab to consolidate more power with the school board?

I can’t be the only resident of Hardin County who feels the school board has too much power already. Isn’t it time to hold the school board accountable?

Paul Rose


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