Country consumed by hate will fall

The letter from Carl Cauch published Wednesday left me outraged. Now he wants ICE to go to schools and remove innocent illegal children from the classrooms? Doesn’t it matter to him that children are not responsible for what their parents have done? Now it is OK to terrorize children? Now it is OK for them to live in fear?

School should be a safe haven for any child. Have we lost all shame and decency? What this proposes reminds me of Nazi Germany where their citizens were required to report hiding Jews.

The claim that illegals do not assimilate is absolutely false. They are hard working people who do jobs that we are not willing to do. Agribusinesses could not survive without them. Who do you think picks our strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce, etc? Illegals are doing back-breaking work for a pittance, all for a chance to make a better life.

Quit spreading the lie that they are entitled to welfare assistance and housing. They are not, and besides, their fear of being deported keeps them from applying.

It is heartless to say illegals do not count. All humans count. I do not know what gets taught in his church, but these views certainly do not mesh with the Gospel.

No doubt we need comprehensive immigration reform. A guest worker program for our agriculture businesses makes sense.

I agree with one thing he wrote: America is going down the toilet because of the hateful division that is preached. Our country used to be better than this. We lost our moral compass.

Republicans controlled three branches of government for two years and immigration reform didn’t even make it to the floor. Nothing got done.

We are not making America great again. A country so consumed by hate will fall. I pray we are able to come together again and show the world that we have compassion and are decent people, because the world has lost faith in us, too.

Birgit Polston


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You're right. I'm extremely proud of him. Speaking of hurricane, the National Weather Service yesterday verified what Trump was saying about the hurricane path. Simply more fake news criticizing our President. And oh by the way, I love how you keep playing the race card. Everyone who disagrees with you and is a racist or some other of your idiotic names. By the way, I'll bet you've recently sent a couple of friends out to Ace Hardware to buy some red hats, bleach and a rope. Your verbal, ignorant, hate filled verbal vomit sickens everyone.


Blah, blah, blah Trump's cabinet post people silenced the people in the National Weather Service. Threatening to fire anyone who disagreed with Weatherman Trump and his ignorant forecast that never happened. Trump kept saying the same thing about Alabama after the storm changed course. Meet me at the News-Enterprise for pictures and a discussion about our post and see who gets sickened. You won't even respond because you're a coward who would rather hide and post ignorant lies and propaganda. You are a totally useless American who refuses to defend their position in a public forum. Typical Trump cultist. Hide and call names and post lies just like Trump the Liar in Chief.


So stupid that this doesn't deserve a response.


“...innocent illegal children...”????

Innocent of what?

If you did not enter this country legally, regardless of age, and regardless of how long ago, you are not innocent. You are here illegally.


Exactly, LoneVoice. One thing that can't be questioned is that 100% of all illegals, regardless of age, are criminals. They're breaking the law. Period.


What are you? An American who hides on websites and makes up rants to show your rascism and political hatred.


So your another annomynous person hiding and posting ignorance of illegal immigration and immigration history and reality. Conservative Republicans have caused the illegal and legal immigration crisis. Rascism and White Nationalism is the principle cause. Too many white people are scared to death of becoming a minority in America and they have been trying for over 50 years to slow that event. By establishing artificial immigration quotas and tougher and often illegal immigration rules. South Carolina racist in the U.S government in the early 1900s gave speeches to create ports of entries along our southern border to curtail Mexicans and South Americans from coming into America. Immigrants suffered strip searches, illegal fines, literacy test, gasoline and kerosene baths and other atrocities. These were originally people who worked our farms. During World War Two these immigrants saved America by working the farms while we fought overseas. As a reward immigration laws were deemed suspended until the 1960s and 1970s when the racists again turned there attention for political gain by demonizing an entire race of people. Half of all illegal immigrants in the United States are from South America and Mexico. The other half is from every where else in the world but Trump cultist only want to focus on the southern border. If you would like to debate I will challenge you to meet me at the News Enterprise so we can be interviewed over the issues facing America. As you will notice no Cultist of Trump have accepted my challenge but continue to rant and promote propaganda. Stating the obvious about illegal immigrants breaking American law is useless and will never solve the illegal immigration problems facing America. One problem is that major American businesses are breaking the law by hiring illegal immigrants they deport the illegals and fine the companies. Very few go to jail. Recently two major companies were raided and hundreds of illegals caught. The company owners are billionaires still no word of any charges against anyone in these companies. Donald Trump's own properties have used illegal immigrant workers. No charges against anyone. When are people like you going to stop blaming illegal immigrants and start blaming those employing these illegal immigrants.


Ms. Polston,

I too read the letter from Carl Cauch the other day and was quite literally disturbed by his outlandish statements. Thank you for taking the time to respond, I think you're spot on.




I offer the following definition for illegal (source Oxford dictionary)

Illegal (source Oxford dictionary) – contrary to or forbidden by law.

Someone who has come into this country illegally has broken the law. If that occurs then there are or there should be consequences.

People who are here illegally can receive low cost or free healthcare, free education for K – 12, driver’s licenses, and, by extension, an ability to vote.

Why this does not enrage or at a minimum generate extreme concern from all U.S. citizens is beyond me.

Mr. Cauch’s article is an expression of outrage by a U.S. citizen and taxpayer whose taxes are going to programs for people who broke our nation’s laws. How can you not join him in his outrage? Every one of the illegal children are costing you and me money for every single day they are in school. This in essence becomes a reward for breaking the law.

There is no hate in this argument. We need to enforce our laws and stop all the incentives that are driving illegals to this country. Compassion for lawbreakers and a lack of consequences will result in a loss of our national sovereignty and lead to chaos.


Wow, another rant by Mr. Law and order. The Conservative Republicans have failed to establish a fair immigration policy since before Ronald Reagan. Absolutely nothing has come from them. If you know of an immigration plan from a conservative republican please show us all. Your tax dollars are being spent more on corporate welfare then any other program you feel cheated on. If you want to complain about illegal immigration and legal immigration then try complaining to your Conservative Republican representatives. Your attitude is the very definition of hate. You blame everything on the illegals but not your Conservative Republican party that has done nothing but create hateful immigration reduction quotas. They, and by association you and your fellow Conservative Republicans voters, are responsible for the growth in illegal immigration. The Conservative Republican failed policies in destabilizing policies in South America created the drug lords and gangs of South America. The current policies you complain about, like an ignorant cultist, are to help America deal with it's failed policies of the last 50 years. Just like the social engineering policies of the 1970s the immigration policies of the last three decades have been designed to give illegal immigrants a chance to survive in America. It seems you Conservative Republican cultist have forgotten history and the riots of the 1970s. Those who learned from those mistakes did not want history to repeat itself. You can blah, blah, blah about national sovereignty but the truth is that only a National immigration policy that is fair will solve your complaints. A pathway to citizenship and fair immigration quotas.


Michael, my favorite Troll!

Literary Vomit of the highest quality. I see your back at it blaming everything on racism and obstucating every arguement. I know you need to do this because our president is Making America Great Again!

Welcome back dude.


Outstanding truth and logic, as always, Dono.


I agree with you whole heartedly. The hate shown by the radical left Democrats and the Fake News Media towards President Trump is unbelievable. A good example is the conspiracy theorists Democrats and the media of the Russian Collusion Delusion is a good example. They had nothing and still have nothing but the hate continues by the left.


Your still ranting and hiding. Your constant hate filled propaganda is truly pathetic. Conservative Republican White Nationalist Cultist of King Donald Trump. Your cultist leader can not even follow a hurrican. He is still tweeting about Alabama. How proud you must be of him.

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