Compromise, common ground are lost

I would like to comment on the Jan. 27 letter submitted by Jim Weise. He seems to classify all Democrats as liars, cheaters, socialists and communists. He also appears to be against any Democrat just because they are a Democrat.

Mr. Weise and all those like him, be it Republican or Democrat, are exactly the reason the country is as divided as it is. People don’t want to listen to anyone because their opinion is right and everyone else is wrong.

At one point, politicians used to work together to do what was best for the state/country. Now working together or compromise is taboo. This attitude prevents so many good ideas from becoming good laws for the good of the people.

Neither side is 100 percent right nor 100 percent wrong. At some point, we need to find common ground.

I’m a registered independent and refuse to be told what to think by a political party. I look at both sides and determine the best idea or candidate from my perspective, not from the DNC or RNC.

I do, however, have some issues with his letter.

He said he doesn’t want a liar or cheat in office. Hasn’t Donald Trump proven to be both?

He talks about liberalism destroying honesty and integrity. Hasn’t Trump done that since being elected? Hasn’t the Republicans in the House and Senate done that thus far by supporting and defending Trump in defiance of the facts?

Finally, he likes to call Democrats socialists/communists. If I remember correctly in socialist/communist countries the following applies: 1. You can’t question the president without fear of reprisal. (Look at Twitter.) 2. The state controls the media, no free press. (Fake news.) 3. You can’t vote out the president because elections are rigged. 4. The president can’t be ousted for breaking the law because the House and Senate fear him or protect him. 5. The president does things to fatten his pockets and those of his friends at the country’s expense.

Looking at the events of the last three years, which party actually looks more like the party for communists/socialists? That’s for you to decide.

Charles Adkins

Vine Grove

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Jim Weiss is a propaganda specialist who cares nothing for discussing any point of view. I have repeatedly challenged him and other Right-Wing Conservative cultists of Trump and they will not respond. Defending their views in public is not in their character. Pure propaganda is their goals.

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